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Point of Surrender (Nordic Lords MC, #4) [PDF] ✅ Point of Surrender (Nordic Lords MC, #4) Author Stacey Lynn – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Debt Guilt Death Finn Walker has spent years carrying the weight of his regret and guilt with him wherever he went When he found his home with the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, he quickly learned thei Debt Guilt Death Finn Walker has spent years carrying the weight of his regret and guilt with him wherever he went When he found his home with the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, he quickly learned their outlaw lifestyle allowed him to banish his guilt with his fists and guns and no one would stop him It was freeing, and now, he fits right in Friends with Ryker Point of MOBI :Ê Knight for years, Meg McNeery turns to the one place she knows is safe when she needs safety than her next paycheck On the run from a man determined to receive payment for a debt he believes Meg owes, she knows the Nordic Lords Clubhouse in Minnesota is the only place where she and her five year old son, Brayden, will be safe What Meg doesn t expect is her instant, magnetic attraction to Finn And when her running ends with the three of them trapped together it not only tests Meg s physical self control, but it also causes Finn to face his demons Finn has sworn he d never get involved with another woman again, much less a woman with a child, but he can t stop thinking about Meg, the blue eyed angel who silences his nightmares When Finn s past fears and present threats collide will he finally be able to save the woman who needs him Or will Meg end up like his ex, Piper Buried six feet under.

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  1. ✿kawehi.reviews ✿kawehi.reviews says:

    I received an ARC from LBTS PR in exchange for an honest review Thank you 3 3.5 contemplative stars Point of Surrender was a hot and cold read for me It follows mysterious biker Aussie, Finn, and Ryker s friend Meg and her son, Brayden.Meg and Finn s story is kind of a toss up in my opinion, full of loose ups and downs, Finn letting go and coming to terms of his dark past and his budding feelings for Meg and her son, and a tumultuous deadly target on Meg s back.I mean, as for the story in general, I did like it But, in hindsight it was kind of a slight miss for me as Finn s inner monologue just felt like many tortured or broken characters I ve read in a lot of other reads I can t let her in and yet I want her I want to break her make her mine claim her yada yada.So over all, I liked the characters and was super excited for their love match, but I am a bit in the middle about my honest reception of it all.Still, a MUST READ within the Nordic Lords MC series

  2. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    Finally, Finn s story Oh, poor sexy, blonde haired, tattooed bad boy Australian biker, Finn What girl wouldn t like to swoop in and lick his..wounds from a terrible childhood Finn is the mysterious character that I remember from earlier in this series and was hoping to learn about him And in this book, we learn everything He has been through the ringer and is just laying low in the clubhouse trying to make it from day to day Then, he meets Meg..who isn t the only one who notices Finn For the love of all American women who crave a man with a sexy accent, you have to sleep with him and let me know what it s like Another amazing Nordic Lords book from Stacey Lynn She provides just the right amount of biker life with real emotions and real characters And a large dose of heavy breathing scenes You give me a few hours, and I will have you forgetting everything you re worried about Have you screaming my name and then feeling so relaxed you ll be able to sleep like a baby for weeks Some books in a series lack the same effect as the first, but four books in and the Nordic Lords still have me wanting Krissy, 5 down under stars Meg just wanted to keep living her life and provide for her son, Brayden, since losing her husband, yet what she didn t realize was that he lived a secret life one that she now has to pay for Meg goes to the one person she knows that can help her, Ryker, who is with the Nordic Lords MC, and is someone that has always been there for her, no matter what As Ryker figures out how to handle Meg s situation, he has Finn stay and look out for her and Brayden s safety.Finn, sexy Aussie, is one tortured soul that has been to hell and back, but since being with the Nordic Lords MC he s been able to live his life however he wants and it s helped him to forget the past When told by Ryker that he would be looking after Meg and her kid, Finn knows it s going to be hell on him He has not shared with anyone what he s gone through but as I read about him I could tell it wasn t pretty, just raw and gritty.As Meg and Finn are forced to interact with each other there is lots of regular tension, as well as sexual tension that had me groaning, Don t fight it, just give into it They were both hard headed until one night they couldn t fight it any and my goodness, was it HOT The one person Finn has a big issue is with Brayden and as I continued reading, it all came out why and my heart went out to Finn Even though this is an MC story, I loved how we got to see the lighter, sweeter side of an MC I loved the epilogue and hope I get to read about Meg and Finn later, and maybe a little surprise as well Kara, 4.5 Stars

  3. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) says:

    Stop fighting the inevitable and start living itAnother incredible addition to the Nordic Lords MC series aka crack to my addiction Stacey Lynn has a way of telling a story that draws the reader in She s like a spider watching us get stuck in her web of irresistible sexy alpha badass bikers They are ruthless outlaws willing to do whatever is needed to maintain their club lifestyle and protect their brothers The club has become Finn s family, not a replacement, because there was no family to replace He left Australia behind and nobody knows what he walked away from, or what makes his eyes go dark when he remembers The only thing he brought with him was his nightmares and that sexy accent Meg is running from her past too She tried to do it alone, not willing to depend on anyone that might later disappoint her But she has an obligation to protect her son and she can t let her pride stand in the way of his safety So, she reaches out to the Nordic Lords MC for protection Of course it would be Finn that is given babysitting duty to watch out for her and her son Of course he is not thrilled with his assignment and treats them like they are nothing but a pain in the ass But there is no denying the chemistry between Finn Meg, the air is thick with sexual tension whenever they are in the same room together Real Finn is an asshole, but dream Finn is incredible Imagine Meg s embarrassment when she calls out his name during a dream and he hears it Hmmhave I got your attention now It only gets better page after page of sexy goodness and exciting suspense that wraps up nicely at the end without one of those dreaded cliffhangers.

  4. Doris Doris says:

    I really liked all of these books Everyone had a great plot to it, alpha bikers and strong female characters Each story had a different plot with all the characters in each one At the ending of this one it tells you what happens to all of them years later and I like that Recommend them all to everyone.

  5. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    I loved this book, it s probably my favorite out of the series Finn that boy has an attitude and he is something else, he shrugged Don t mind waking up in the middle of the night when my first view is a pair of legs like yours Ryker is whipped like all the other men who have women in this MC, Ryker rolled his eyes Yeah, but Faith wants Meg to meet everyone Whatever, he said, shaking his head If Faith wants to throw a damn party, who am I to argue She likes it Finn is well endowed and Meg doesn t hesitate to let him know her thoughts on that, you ll rip me apart, I said, and looked down at his thick d He was big And long And hell if him jacking himself off wasn t the sexiest thing I d ever seen Finn seems to get worked up at some of the worst times especially when Meg s boy comes around after he and Meg have been doing a little playing, but when I saw Finn turn and not so discreetly readjust his erection tenting his shorts, I snorted I enjoyed this book so, so much.

  6. Emma Allsop - Perusing Princesses Emma Allsop - Perusing Princesses says:

    5 Crowns Book 4 in the brilliant Nordic Lords MC series Each book can be read as a standalone as they each feature a different couple However to get the most out of this awesome series and for character development, I suggest you read the series as a whole.Finn Walker has been somewhat of an enigma in this series A strong, loyal and reliable member of the Nordic Lords MC Jasper Bay has become home after leaving Australia and his past behind him This is Finn s story, it isn t pretty and he is a difficult and damaged man It will take a special woman to break down his walls.Meg has had a tough few years Having lost her husband to an accident on an oil rig several years ago, Meg has been caring for her young son Brayden With the help of friends of her husband, she as learnt to adapt to life as a single mother To her shock though, Meg soon found out that her dead husband had been leading a double life Addicted to gambling, Byron owed A LOT of money to local New Orleans gangster Maurice Moscoe When the threats increase and threaten the safety of her son she knows it s time to seek help.Turning to Ryker, her best friend and VP of the Nordic Lords Meg finds herself fleeing to the safety of Minnesota What she doesn t expect is to have a grumpy biker as her personal bodyguard Finn Walker might be hot and he may have awakened something that she thought died alongside Byron, but her brain tells her he is definitely not the type of man that would be good for either her or Brayden If only she could convince her body of that.Finn Walker is not a happy man He is a biker not a damn babysitter Assigned to protect Meg and her son is not something he wants to do and it has nothing to do with the beautiful woman that has him tied up in knots Finn hides a tragic past that continues to haunt him, effecting his relationships and his self esteem Meg is too good for a man that destroys the people he should protect He feels unworthy of something so perfect and fights the feelings that she stirs in him because of the reminders her and her son give him of events that left him destroyed and a shell of a man.When Finn and Meg are thrown together will the lust and passion that lingers between them ignite Will Meg get Finn to open up to her and most importantly will Finn be able to protect and save her Or will he destined to fail like he did so many years ago.Point of Freedom 3 was such an amazing book, I was seriously worried that Stacey Lynn had set the bar too high, that she would struggle to create a book as emotionally touching as Jaden and Jule s story I would like to apologise wholeheartedly Stacey for doubting you Point of Surrender is a bloody triumph It has the perfect balance that I am coming to expect from Stacey s writing The grit you expect from an MC book is there but she also adds these 3 dimensional characters that have a real, honest depth to them The emotion Stacey has poured into the book washes over you throughout and it left me unable to put the book down.Finn was a real surprise Any fan of this series knows that beneath it all he is a good guy, just one that holds his cards close to his chest His back story is tragic and the effect it has had on his life is heartbreaking Meg is perfect for him The emotions she brings out in him are beautiful given his damaged past and he in turn gives her a future that she thought she would never have after the death of her beloved husband This is a beautiful story of 2 people who define themselves by the tragedies of the past but who ultimately fight to find a future together I believe this is the final book in this series and that makes me so sad I have enjoyed every single minute spent in Jasper Bay with the Nordic Lords Stacey has ensured it goes out with a bang though if indeed the ride stops here Another unmissable love story in a MUST READ series Just Brilliant

  7. Jodi Sonoff Jodi Sonoff says:

    I was given the honor of doing an arc on this wonderful book by an amazing talented author and this is my take on the story Meg was grieving over and over again, not necessarily over the loss of her husband, her soul mate but over the man she thought her husband to be The man she married had led a double life leaving her to pick up the pieces owing a very dangerous man money, money she did not have though she has been making payments monthly toward that debt, even giving the life insurance money as a down payment to keep the monster at bay Now though, that does not seem to be enough No, now the monster wanted her and was willing to go to any lengths to have her, even using scare tactics envolving her son Which now has her running scared to save her son and herself, she is running to the only friend she trust to save their lives Ryker is part of the Nordic Lords and she knows their MC is not always into legal things, but he is her friend, he and his wife Faith are the only people she trust and that is where the road is going to take her..safety.Finn is a broken man, left Australia after losing his girl and his son He killed the SOB resposible for ruining his life and he would do it again He reinvented himself the minute his plane landed in America, and he would take his family and secrets to the grave Never would he let anyone know the monsters that lurk inside of him That was his, and his alone Even his brothers knew something happened, but never what he only told Liv about his son to help her through her loss Not all of it only some and he was not going to open up those wounds they would stay in his dreams Then Finn is put on babysitting duty, he is to keep Meg and Braydon safe while the MC is trying to find the threat to her and her son and he is to keep them safe He doesn t know how he is suppose to keep them safe, apparently if the past has any merit that is not his thing He has not ever been able to protect, but for his brother he is going to do everything he can First time Meg and Finn see each other they an enad with each other and cannot seem to keep their eyes off of each other Then they are forced to spend time with each other, Finn has a hard time being around Brayden and doesn t try pretending at times to even like him Meg and he have dissagreements over it Spending time together is breaking their walls down a little at a time, but once Finn realizes it he puts it up as fast as he can Over time things happen that send the three into hiding keeping Meg and Brayden safe is top priority Finn slowly starts coming around with Brayden and he and Meg finally give in to temptation By day they work on the cabin, go fishing play with Brayden by night they become intimite and enjoy each other completely They do the dance of should we or shouldn t we, but keep telling each other it s just a fling Then it becomes an emotional roller coaster that has everyone riding thin rails One day a prospect goes behind everyones back with a plan and he fills Meg in on this plan, together they set out to bring down the man after her They tell nobody A bad idea that thankfully turns right at the last minute with some complications in the meantime When they make it home, they go their seperate ways missing each other Both being stubborn and hard headed not wanting to go to the other they go awhile without seeing each other until the old ladies step in and talke Meg into taking the first step She does, but im going to end there I do not want to give away all of the story because I could keep going Do not miss this amazing book by Stacey Lynn 5 stars.worth every wait and you could spend Thank you for sharing this book with me I hope I did you justice.

  8. Judy Judy says:

    I have read all of the books in this series and I would classify this one as my favorite I really enjoyed this book and really wanted to rate it 5 stars We met Finn in the previous books He s a hot, alpha, Aussie running from his past He deals with his past tragedies through anger and isolation All the women want him but he doesn t want any kind of attachments We finally learn the details of Finn s past and can understand why he has built such a barrier around his heart Meg is also a character from the previous books Meg turns to the Nordic Lords to protect her young son and herself from a bad man who wants Meg in repayment for her deceased husbands s gambling debts What I really liked I loved the romance between Finn and Meg The author slowly built the attraction between them and gave us some really hot sex scenes Finn is absolutely a walking, talking Aussie sex on a stick Meg is strong is some ways but she wants to lean on Finn to protect them I loved the slow build of the relationship between Finn and Meg s four year old son Braydon Anytime you give me a strong alpha male falling under the spell of a child, I m a sucker right there Finn tries to ignore Brayden because he s still not over the heartbreak of his past But he breaks down and I loved the interaction and possessiveness he showed with Braydon He didn t just fall in love with Meg, he fell for the child too.The romance was a 5 star for me.What bothered me Like I said I have read all of the books in this series Meg shows up in along with Ryker, a major character in this book Meg s deceased husband was a friend of Ryker s and when he died, Ryker took on the part of caring for Meg and the baby at that time No sexual relationship but Meg was so dependent and needy for Ryker that it caused problems with Ryker and Fiath s romance But in this book, 4 years later, we find that Meg was contacted by the bad guy when her husband died and told her that her husband owed lots of money for unpaid gambling debts Meg gets a low paying job, which the books says hardly pays her living expenses, and is paying the bad guy back a little money each month She never tells Ryker or anyone else about it Then, wham, four years later the bad guys says you ve got two weeks to give me 50k or I m taking you and using you like I want It was just hard to me to believe this went on for 4 years before the bad guy comes after her Like I said, the romance is 5 Most of the book is really focused on the romance and the time that Finn Meg Braydon spend together while Finn is protecting them I recommend the book to anyone looking for a good romance and characters Finn that will hurt your heart, make you smile and get you hot and bothered, then this one s for you.

  9. Laurie Laurie says:

    This Nordic Lords series has been up and down for me, like a road with a few places that were nice to drive on but kind of flat and boring and others that were a swoopy, swervy wild ride Point of Surrender had flat parts and swoopy parts There were things I liked, but several things I didn t and lots that were just okay It wasn t as gritty as it s predecessors which can be good, but I missed some of that darkness We also got a lot less of the club life since a good part of the book is spent with Finn, Meg, and Braydon hiding out while the club attempts to take care of the threat.I ve always wanted Finn s story He was the mysterious Aussie with a dark past and it is definitely a bad one He spent way too much time in his own head, great for getting the history through a bunch of flashbacks but I m just not a fan of that kind of storytelling He also had an I m too dangerous for her thing going on At first I couldn t tell if it was that his past could be a true danger to her, or if it was that I m not good enough for her angsty drivel that we seem to be seeing so much of lately in romance Unfortunately, it was the I m not good enough thing with a large dose of totally unjustified guilt, so if that s not your cup of tea you ve been warned.I liked Meg, although I didn t get why she never told Ryker about what she had hanging over her head with the crazy late husband s debts thing That kind of put her in the not the sharpest tool in the shed category, especially since gambling seemed extremely out of character for her late husband Even Ryker was unaware of a gambling problem and he was the guy s best friend.One thing I didn t get was Meg s decision to start banging a guy who didn t seem to like her son Just saying.having been a single parent once, being a jerk to my kid was a guarantee that no hanky panky would ever be in our future Probably a good thing it s a book and anything can happen because Meg and Finn did tear up the sheets in a good way The sex scenes were pretty hot and this went a long way towards getting me past questioning the whole relationship.There was a build up of the danger, which led Meg to do something that was somewhat stupid, but I understood her thought process In the end, the ending was so rushed it was almost like it was tacked on This was completely unlike the previous books and I was greatly disappointed.There were some good parts to this book When Finn wasn t being all whiny in his head of course , I really liked his alpha grumpy ways and putting a sexy Aussie accent to everything he said was kind of fun, especially when I envisioned his sex voice Unfortunately, it ended up being just an okay read for me.Spice s Rating 3 Ho hum StarsFor this review and like it, visit

  10. michelle Shelly michelle Shelly says:

    This is the fourth book in the Nordic Lords series, they are standalones but i recommend reading the first three first so you will know all the characters stories This book is Finn and Meg s story.Finn is a troubled man who can t let his rough past go By the age of seventeen he has fought for his life, lost the girl he swore to protect and lost his newborn son He left Austrialia to put all that behind him but the nightmares wouldn t go away He found his way to Jasper Bay and the Nordic Lords where he finally found a family but that still didn t help the pain he held.Meg is a friend of Ryker VP of the Nordic Lords When her and her sons life are threatened by someone her late husband owed money to she left New Orleans heading to Jasper Bay, knowing Ryker would keep them safe.While Ryker tries to figure out how to get the man responsible for the threat he assigns Finn to watch and protect Meg and Braydon her son.The probelm with this for Finn is he is very attracted to Meg but he feels he is to damaged for her, and being around her son reminds him of what he lost.Can Finn and Meg put the past behind them Can their attraction for each other and what they are starting to feel, help heal them I have been waiting on Finns s story Learning a little about his past from one of the other books, I was really excited for his book My heart hurt for this man, Stacey Lynn did a absolutely wonderful job with this book It is definetly a must read.

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