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Inside Danger ➷ Inside Danger Free ➭ Author Ashley Claudy – Regan thought she had found a new lifeShe thought she d found something to love in the ringShe thought she d found someone to love outside those ropes Someone who loved herBut what she found was dange Regan thought she had found a new lifeShe thought she d found something to love in the ringShe thought she d found someone to love outside those ropes Someone who loved herBut what she found was dangerAnd there s no easy way out.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 406 pages
  • Inside Danger
  • Ashley Claudy
  • English
  • 07 September 2019

About the Author: Ashley Claudy

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10 thoughts on “Inside Danger

  1. Ashleyjo Ashleyjo says:

    Same two words for ya Plot And, again, like book one, this book was so not what I expected I expected typical second book shit where the author solves the mess, lulls around in hearts and flowers bliss, and then hurls some angsty problem at you to get you to pick up book three No, not even close This is merely an escalation of the mob, boxing, sex soap opera that started in book one Second book slump Phhhhst This book packs a harder punch than its mama book Yes, I realize that I haven t told you much, but I would be here for days trying to give you just a synopsis of this roller coaster from hell Characters Honestly, I hate each and every one of this mfing characters I want to bitch slap them and terminate their employment on the stupid train I HATE THEM I hate the decisions they make I hate the things they do to each other I hate the way they justify it all I hate their hypocrisy toward each other I hate what others are doing to them And, most of all I hate they lack mfing basic communication skills Yeah, a lot of hate Why, yes, I believe it was, and I worked because I Hate Is Fickle So, clearly I ve expressed that I hate these people Then, why am I Simple This is me reading I have literally walked around in a damn trance devouring every single word of this series for TWO DAYS, albeit cursing, throwing shit, and occasionally kicking something in utter frustration because I FUCKING HATE THESE PEOPLE All that said, I still want to pluck the MCs out of this f d up story and set them on an island to just be safe and happy for a minute I know it would only last a minute because they d find some way to start a damn typhoid fever outbreak, summon a tsunami, or burn the whole damn island down after that single happy minute passed Yes, seriously This book is like watching a forest fire up close You re so caught up as a spectator in the awe of nature the elemental chemistry, the beauty, the destruction that it s easy to forget the danger of it all until a flame licks you and you feel the heat singe your skin Likewise, you get so caught up and entangled in these character s lives and their story that you keep forgetting you fucking hate them Moving On Unlike book one, this book ends on a happy note Book three Omg I honestly don t know if I can read it My brain and heart are screaming that they just can t take no mo I may just keep the illusion from the end of book two and pretend book three doesn t exist I dont know Spoilers, Triggers, and Warnings Read At Will that s probably about the only subject safe in this series I shit you not If ow om are a deal breaker, then you should run fast and hard from this because you will be livid There are also drugs, beating on women, killing, violence of all shades and sorts, emotional and sexual blackmail, PTSD, mob shit, angst out the ass, drugs, alcohol, lies, near rape, heartbreak, and just about any other unsavory act you can possibly fathom before the two MCs get their heads out of their asses.

  2. Ashley Claudy Ashley Claudy says:

    This is the second book in the Outside The Ropes Series I am the author, but I can t even say I wrote this These character wrote this story They had control Half the time I was angry at them too But when it s all said and done, they took me on a ride and I hope you enjoy the experience Here are some teasers First book teasers are here you are interested in receiving bonus chapters in Gage s point of view, sign up here fun reading, Ashley Claudy AshleyClaudy

  3. Brandy Brandy says:

    For some reason, I just couldn t continue with this book, even though I tried REALLY hard to push through As with book 1, I liked the storyline the hero, but the heroine in this series just pisses me off beyond all reason I cannot relate to her, nor do I have any freaking clue why she does the things that she does I get she doesn t trust easily because of her past, but to treat Gage the way that she does then to expect him to treat her with love, just annoys me to no end I can t stand the back forth all of the time The pushing the pulling, the hot the cold Just make up your mind which way you re gonna go stick with it geez The last straw for me was when Gage asked her if she would let another man touch her she told him she d do what she had to do, when just days before, she was pissed because he let other women touch him nope, sorry Double standards are not what I consider strong suits in a heroine At least Gage had a good reason for letting other women touch him She s just being stupid Other than the heroine, I loved the plot the writing Inside Danger is definitely not your typical fighter book it was refreshing So, if dumb heroines don t bother you, like they do me, you will probably really enjoy this series Anyway, I m done with my rant Thanks for reading.

  4. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    The complete Outside The Ropes Series 3 book series is FREE on today 3 15 2020

  5. Lorie Lorie says:

    3.5 4 STARS

  6. Shannon Shannon says:

    Dying almost seemed easy it was everything else that scared me. This is the second book in the Outside The Ropes series, continuing Regan s story It s just as raw and gritty as the first, at times even so with some of the things Regan goes through and deals with.Regan, God what to say about her She s such a strong, independent, sometimes scary, kickass heroine Some of her choices are still driving me crazy and breaking my heart She s been on her own for so long she s still having such a hard time trusting and believing in people She makes choices that she feels are necessary for her survival, but can t seem to accept that other people, namely Gage, are also doing things to help her out, when all she s trying to do is protect him It didn t matter anyways, I wasn t with him for protection I just wanted him and I wanted to keep him safe too.It was frustrating to see her pushing him away, again and again, not believing in him Mostly I regret giving my soul to a woman who doesn t give a fuck. They are at odds with each other through most of the book, and although at times Gage s choices seemed questionable, everything he did was for her, for them I d do anything for you Anything I wasn t sure how much my poor heart could handle as I read this book the angst, the danger, the secretseverything finally coming to a head view spoiler And we get to see Regan and Gage happy together All that matters is we re together and I fucking love you too Ahhh, so happy hide spoiler

  7. Barb Barb says:

    I was given a copy of this book for a fair and honest review I honestly would have to rate this book 4 s I really loved the book but once again we are left with a cliffhanger at the end Inside Danger is the second book of the Outside the Ropes series and should definitely be read after the first book Outside The Ropes I will continue to read this series because I became invested so much in the story that I want to know what is coming next This is Regan and Gage s story of survival, love,and secrets.Regan now has nothing left to lose except to fight for herself Having nothing left to lose she make a deal with the Devil himself who goes by the name, Anatoli Rusnak Little did she know by making a deal with him, there were a others involved that she would have to answer to as well Struggling to find where her place is in this new world she is met with so much adversity in order to find the truth.Gage is now buried deep within the organization and must keep his distance from Regan in order to keep her safe, originally not knowing the deal she has made He has also made his own deals and is furious that Regan has gotten involved with these people Trying his hardest to stay away from her, for her safety, his loyalty and love for her keeps him dangerously close knowing the danger it could bring to the both of them.The other underlying characters in this book add a totally different dynamic to this story from book one We are taken into the underworld that is pure evil and have no loyalty to anyone Keeping your word takes on an entirely different meaning in this new world There are so many twists and turns in this book that it left my head spinning at times and frustrated so many times with everyone Your mine And I m yours We had a chance at living We could fight any obstacle and win, because of the way we love Fighting together Regan and Gage have over come so many obstacles and danger in this book Finally, thinking they will get their happily ever after, we are thrown for another surprise that will ultimately change the course of their be continued

  8. Lauren Lauren says:

    If you haven t read Outside the Ropes, STOP NOW Gage had tried to leave his old life behind But when he tries to clean up Dexter s debts, Gage is sucked back into Anatoli Rusnak s smuggling operations He s left Regan with no choice but to get back in the ring in an attempt to win his freedom But how much will she have to sacrifice for Gage He s turned cold and distant after leaving her in New York but she s still willing to fight for him Regan makes a deal with the devil who s seducing both her and Gage in order to get back to what she wants But can Gage and Regan learn to really trust each other especially when Regan finally realizes Gage will never be out of Rusnak s control The second in the series ends on a happier, hopeful note which almost feels necessary after the roller coaster Ashley Claudy takes us on throughout the book Regan spends a lot of time in this book considering how she seems to ruin everything It s probably the least compelling part of the story her constant self doubt and questioning especially when she wrongly believes Gage is her weakness In fact, Gage and Regan both see each other as a vulnerability especially when neither can seem to come up with a plan that benefits them both There s a lot of sacrifice in the name of false protection Regan finally realizes that no deal she makes with Anatoli Rusnak benefits her or Gage She has to put her faith in him to protect them both.I felt Inside Danger was a stronger story although I did want to strangle Regan a few times for being too fiercely independent That s her ugly cycle unable to trust the right people, accepts help from the wrong people, she screws up, people get hurt But she figures it out by the end figures out that she and Gage are willing to go to war for each other and we get a little sweetness.Again, quick read for people into the genre with some seriously steamy steam between Gage and Regan You won t put it down until you ve finished it.

  9. Romance Readers Retreat Romance Readers Retreat says:

    As this is the second book in this series, this review may contain spoilers I highly recommend that book 1 be read first, which I thoroughly enjoyed Regan has been pulled into a world of danger but feels like she has no choice After seeing Gage lose his battle, she feels that she s left with no other option, other than to dance with the devil Although it seems like she s putting herself first and pushing everyone she cares for away, can she save them all on her own At first she has no idea where Gage is and what s happened to him, but when she does finally happen upon him, he is cold and nonchalant It appears that she has yet again been let down But maybe Gage is doing what he thinks is bestcan he save Regan, even at the cost of his own future Who can be trusted Can Regan and Gage even trust each other when outside forces interfere at every step There s plenty of drama and danger, keeping you on the edge of your seat and lives thrown to the wolves Can anyone come out of this on top, let alone alive I really enjoyed this book The characters are perfectly carried through from book 1 and I felt Regan s dilemmas whole heartedly Gage s frustration and strong desperation is portrayed so effectively, that you feel it too Despite thoroughly enjoying this book, I ve marked it down slightly as the editing needs to be redone desperately There are than a few simple mistakes that have been over looked, which detracted from the read With a re edit, I would happily award it 5 stars but as it stands, I give it a glowing 4 stars.

  10. Dilele Dilele says:

    After reading Outside the ropes I was hooked Immediately I had to get Inside danger.In this book Regan has to live with her decision of wanting to get Damien killed She got involved with Silas and Nick but hadn t bargained for Rusnak the boss of the organisation While struggling to keep her end of the deal she also has to figure out where she and Gage stand and what their involvement with said people meant for their relationship if they even had one Both want to protect the other but have major issues they never seem to get sorted out Regan has a hard time dealing with the loss of control over her life, however she always pulls herself together.I love the characters in this book All of them even the ones who are evil through and through they just put together the perfect book Regan always fighting and never losing her true self isn t your perfect heroine but she s real and that s what I love about her.And Gage Gage and his endless loyalty towards Regan never stopped fazing me And the end was awesome.The book is than a good read it s emotional at times and just badass at all the others I highly recommend it to everyone Can t wait for other side of fear to come out

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