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The Amsterdam Directorate (The Perseid Collapse; The Amsterdam Directorate #1) ➞ The Amsterdam Directorate (The Perseid Collapse; The Amsterdam Directorate #1) free download ➣ Author Ian Graham – August Six years after his community was decimated by the Jakarta Pandemic, Reverend Jacob Craft awakens to a new nightmare With a brilliant flash in the western sky, the lights in Amsterdam go out, AugustSix years after his community was decimated by the Jakarta Pandemic, Reverend Jacob Craft awakens to a new nightmare With a brilliant flash in the western sky, the lights in Amsterdam go out, automobiles fail, and anything plugged into the grid is rendered useless But that s only the beginning Rising over The Amsterdam PDF/EPUB or the mountains east of their home, a fiery mushroom cloud precedes an earthquake and a fierce windstorm What on earth is happening Unaware that the United States has been the victim of a carefully crafted cyber attack, Jacob sets out to fix the failed back up systems that will keep his fragile community from tearing itself apart from within But enemies from the not so distant past have other ideas and soon Jacob is locked in a battle for the future of his quiet country hamlet As questions about the world s immediate future loom large and events go from bad to worse, who will win and at what cost.

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  1. Stephen England Stephen England says:

    I first became acquainted Ian Graham through his Black Shuck thrillers, and was intrigued when I heard that he would be one of the debut authors of the Perseid Collapse Kindle World.And I was not disappointed indeed, Graham s thriller writing skills are possibly on their best display yet in this post apocalyptic novella, as he paints a swift, but compelling portrait of a community devastated by a on the brink of a new disaster reminiscent of the scenario painted in William R Forstchen s One Second After The war weariness of Reverend Jacob Craft, the veteran leader of the Amsterdam Directorate, is palpable as the story races to its cliffhanger of a conclusion, leaving readers to anticipate Part 2.Highly recommended Five stars.

  2. Patricia Wilson Patricia Wilson says:

    This author adds even to Steve Konkoly s The Perseid CollapsePerched on a mountain of the Blue Ridge Range in Virginia the Saint Nicholas United Methodists Church was the perfect place to watch the Perseid shower Who would have ever believed that a simple gathering of members of the church for a fun lock in would take such a turn Led by Reverend Jacob Craft the community of Amsterdam is still in the recovery phase after the Jakarta Pandemic of six years ago This time things are different They are prepared But, are they prepared for the unlikely event of an EMP Will their working generators do the job of providing power they need for basic necessities Coming under attack, within mere hours of the event by a bitter and disgruntled former resident, is the community strong enough to repel the attackers who want what they have If you are a fan of, The Perseid Collapse Series don t miss this one Or, if you are an Ian Graham fan do yourself a favour and join the ranks of Perseid fans then hang on for the most hazardous adventure of your life You will have no regrets starting with Konkoly s first book in this series, or even better, The Jakarta Pandemic These talented contributors, such as Ian Graham, only make it better.There is to come in this thrilling story of survival I m waiting for part two with eagerness for I know it will be filled with heart pounding excitement.As always, happy reading.

  3. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Ian Graham has done son amazing job with Part One in a trilogy to enhance The Perseid Collapse series His writing is descriptive and allows enough backstory of many characters to remind the reader of the horrors of the initial crisis, the Jakarta Pandemic He beautifully paints a picture of an idealic town that I think most people would want to live in But as always, the outside world threatens at the beginning of this second event Now the leaders of the town of Amsterdam must defend what they have worked so hard to prepare This book brings so many emotions to the surface and the perseverance of humanity is uplifting I highly recommend this book and look forward to starting Part Two

  4. Ed Ed says:

    Excellent start to the series Set in the near future following a pandemic, Reverend Jacob Croft is a leader of Amsterdam an small group of individuals that survived and started to rebuild their lives The Amsterdam Directorate start with an event that sets their world into the dark No vehicles made after the 80 s will run and all electronics are dead This event puts them on a collision course with an old rival that is looking to take their community over Cant wait to see where the authors takes us in this series

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