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There You Stand [Reading] ➶ There You Stand By Christina Lee – From The Author OfAll Of You And Before You Break Comes A New Between Breaths Romance About The Silent, Inked Up Skateboarder And The Tattoo Artist Who Unravels Him Piece By Piece Tattoo Artist Cory E From The Author OfAll Of You And Before You Break Comes A New Between Breaths Romance About The Silent, Inked Up Skateboarder And The Tattoo Artist Who Unravels Him Piece By Piece Tattoo Artist Cory Easton Has Worked Long Enough At Raw Ink To Know, There You MOBI :Ê Just By Looking At A Dude, What His Body Art Reveals, What Makes Him Tick, What Even Makes Him Scared Until He Meets The Quiet And Remote Jude York So Unreadable, So Unreachable, And So Unlike Anyone Else, He Can T Help But Arouse Cory S CuriosityAs Captivating And Complex As His Ink, Jude Is A Mystery And Cory S Falling Fast And Hard Under His Spell Against His Better Judgment To Steer ClearThe Rumors Of Jude S Past Overshadow Him Whispers Of Prison And An Unmentionable Secret That S Kept Him In The Protective Shadows Of A Local Motorcycle Club As Cory Probes Deeper, He Wonders How Much He Really Wants To Know Especially Since Jude Has Awakened Something Inside Him That Has Been Buried Too Long And Has Him Feeling Completely Alive For The First Time In Forever.

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  1. Patrycja Patrycja says:

    Title There You Stand Between Breaths, 5 Series Can be read as a standaloneAuthor Christina LeeRelease Date april 21, 2015Rating 4 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

  2. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    Kudos to Christina Lee for taking a leap into the M M genre I m always worried that an author who writes primarily M F romance won t grasp the nuances of a relationship between two men, but Lee did well developing both MCs tattoo artist Cory and skateboarded Jude Cory gives off a happy, laidback vibe, but he battles demons everyday Having inherited a short term boyfriend s poorly trained dog, Cory does the best he can by his two pups and his grandma He hates the rain and crushes on beautiful, aloof Jude Jude is a man of few words He has things to hide and hangs around the town s motorcycle club, Disciples of the Road But Jude is drawn to talkative Cory and the two men bond when Cory works on a large tattoo on Jude s back I liked the long, slow burn between the men This is a moderately steamy story, with some sensual and tender scenes I liked Cory s grandma, as well as the other secondary characters, including Cory s friends Emmy and Dex, and Vaughn the bartender I love dogs, so having not one but three dogs in a book made me happy Jude has a real connection with animals, and I love that in a man Some of the writing was a little awkward there were a fe...

  3. Christina Christina says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite books that I ve ever written These boys will stay with me for a long time.If you read PROMISE ME THIS, Cory is one of the tattoo artists at Raw Ink and works with Bennett and Jessie and the gang.Having said that, this is definitely a standalone novel, probably so than any of the oth...

  4. Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer& Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer& says:

    4.5 Stand Strong Stars ARC provided per publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review I admit to being a bit nervous going into this read That being said, Christina Lee s first take at M M was so well done that I applaud both her and her whole story start to finish This is the story of Cory Easton and Jude York Two men with past tragedies that have shaped them into who they are Cory is known for his talking and his big open heart He is a loyal friend and doting grandson Working as a tattooist, he has seen his fair share of emotional turbulence but none has him as peaked as the quiet Jude York Jude is a British bad boy skater of sorts Appearing in their town out of nowhere with a sketchy past he has a look to drool over.While Cory is living everyday in physical pain from an accident that literally took everything from him, Jude is hiding in plain sight from his past as well as his present While sneaking glances at the skate park and chasing a rogue dog fate seems to put Cory on a collision course with the silent beauty, but the small talk is minute, leaving Cory in a world of confusion and lust Perhaps the next few weeks of private time with Jude will answer some o...

  5. Ami Ami says:

    2.5 starsFor a book that has a mysterious skater with scars on his back who don t talk much, There You Stand failed to pull me in I wonder if it s because I only read this from Cory s sole perspective as a na...

  6. Tori Tori says:

    Originally posted at Smexybooks Quote You re the only real thing in my life.Cory Easton is a tattoo artist at Raw Ink and has just gotten out of a relationship that lost him his boyfriend but gained him a dog Openly gay and still coping with a past tragedy, he finds his eye turned by a gorgeous reclusive tatted skateboarder who haunts the park where he walks his dog, Chopper When Chopper decides one day to make a break for it, it s Cory s crush who comes to the rescue.Jude York keeps to himself for very good reasons When he helps Cory catch his dog, a tentative friendship begins to form But Jude is a complex mystery and the rumors swirling around him has Cory on edge as he notices Jude s ties to the local motorcycle club As Cory and Jude spend time together and their attraction grows by leaps and bounds, Cory begins to wonder if he can handle what Jude s secrets may reveal Because Cory has already been devastated once and Jude could very well be the one that finally destroys him.There You Stand by Christina Lee is 5 in her Between Breaths series but can easily read as a stand alone A debut M M romance hits all the right feelz buttons as Lee pens a bittersweet romance between two people who are carrying some serio...

  7. Kade Boehme Kade Boehme says:

    I really really liked this Loved Jude and Cory so much The sex was hot and the angst was right The action plot wasn t necessarily my usual taste, but the rest of the story was just right for me Crossover done right Can t wait to hopefully see Smoke Vaughn If not, I ll be crushed.

  8. Bookish Temptations Bookish Temptations says:

    I am truly in awe of Christina s ability to tell such diverse stories within this series There You Stand is no exception You can read my full review here

  9. namericanwordcat namericanwordcat says:

    This is the first book I have read in the series and I will say for me it was a bit overrun with characters and the action part of the plot went on a bit for me.I liked Cory a great deal and the connection to Jude is well detail...

  10. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog) says:

    Never enough and then all too muchI m a big fan of Christina Lee s Between Breaths series and this one was no exception Cory is a tattoo artist who works at Raw Ink with some other characters that we ve already met in this series He s a talented artist and openly gay He has a past that he has chosen not to share with his group of friends His most recent relationship ended with an abandoned dog, Chopper, that he reluctantly decides to keep out of guilt With his friend Emmy being so involved in a rescue shelter there was no way he could give up the dog and still save face with her, right So he takes Chopper on frequent walks trying to burn up his energy so he will behave On one of these walks the dog manages to break away from him and one of the skateboarders nearby grabs his leash and calms him down Cory can t believe the damn dog listened to the stranger What was he, a dog whisperer Well, not exactly, but he was HOT Imagine for yourself, he s got piercing green eyes, a golden tan from hours of fishing and skateboarding, and his blonde hair is in short dreads But he s probably straight, right Cory had seen him before, looking at the design books at the tattoo parlor He thought he was hot then too Maybe he ll just keep walking the dog near the skate park and watch him He ll never know he s crus...

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