Tuned In: Uncover Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to

10 thoughts on “Tuned In: Uncover Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs

  1. Aivaras Liutvinas Aivaras Liutvinas says:

    Clear and simple

    It's like others books of this kind, but all organization of content and clear examples makes the difference. I would recommend to look at Jobs to be done framework after reading this book, they are thery close alike.

  2. Helfren Filex Helfren Filex says:

    Being tuned in is about how we can determine the tiniest opening in the market place that can use data and instead of predicting the market , we need employer that made observation from the consumers and ask them without presumption.

    So far, a very interesting book.

  3. Alberto Lopez Alberto Lopez says:

    No games or hype, just really pragmatic and market tested methodologies. Seemingly influenced by Clayton Christensen's ideas (or is it the other way around?), the book clearly describes how one can succeed at the game of selling stuff. The book is in fact so simple that it may seem irrelevant after a cursory read. But don't mistake it. It is the real deal. I loved it even when I missed the technical stuff; as I said it was written in simple and accessible English.

  4. E E says:

    How to make your product or service resonate with its customers

    The iPod has been a monster hit since the day Apple introduced it to the marketplace in 2001. By 2004, the iPod owned 70% of the market for digital music players. Previous personal music players were difficult to program and use. Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his development team identified that problem, and they set out to solve it by using careful research and focusing on buyers’ wants and needs. Now Apple rules the market. How can your firm emulate Apple’s example? Marketing professionals Craig Stull, Phil Myers and David Meerman Scott detail the process market leaders use to establish breakthrough products. Although much of the advice is common knowledge, if not common sense, the book’s eclectic mix of corporate case studies, such as stories from Apple and TheaterChurch.com, make this guide an entertaining read. getAbstract recommends this manual to industrial designers, marketing professionals and other innovators.

    To learn more about this book, go to the following Web page: http://www.getabstract.com/summary/11...

  5. Ann Ann says:

    It explores the concept of creating a product or service that resonates with buyers. By getting closer to your customers you'll be able to know what they want, and then offer it to them. By paying attention, you'll be successful.

    This book focuses on 'Tuning In' to your customers. The authors lay out a 6-step process for tuning in, very detailed yet written in plain English all readers will understand -

    1. Find unresolved problems
    2. Understand buyer personas
    3. Quantify the impact
    4. Create breakthrough experiences
    5. Articulate powerful ideas
    6. Establish authentic connections

    The book is full of several examples of why something like Apples Newton was a flop and why the Nano was a success. The key concept is does your company/product 'resonate' with your customer. Do you focus on your customers problems or your companies problems? The resounding answers is to focus on your customer in the correct manner and the cash will follow.

  6. Christopher Litsinger Christopher Litsinger says:

    So I read this book for work, and I guess that gave it a homework-y feel which made reading it less fun, but overall the book makes some good points that generally come across as somewhat common-sense-ish.
    My biggest complaint about the book is the use of contradictory examples. In the first chapter, which talks about how you really need to interview your market, and can't just intuit what the market wants they give a good example (Zipcar) of a company that did that very carefully and then go on to talk about how Avis was started when the founder got annoyed at the lack of an airport car rental place while traveling and how Disneyland was started based on some Disney intuitions into what was wrong with amusement parks.
    I guess they weren't expecting people to pay attention or something, but it irritated me.
    Anyhow, the best thing I can say about this book is I got to spend some work time reading a book, which was sort of nice.

  7. Greg Greg says:

    This is a good way to get a bunch of Pragmatic Marketing (the product management and marketing training firm) content without attending a pricey seminar. I just wish the book were not so repetitive and glib. The content is good as is the methodology. One just wishes the book didn't read just a little too hip and too '90s dot-com-ish.

    P.S. And the Coldstone Ice Cream example is already out of date.

  8. David David says:

    Easy to read, well thought out understanding of how businesses and organizations can learn what products and services will be successful in their markets. It's not an accident that Zipcars and iPods were so successful, their creators did their homework. We all can benefit from the framework the authors lay out here. I find myself using their ideas often, which is a good sign of a book that worked for me.

  9. Eric Eric says:

    Ever since my archaeo days, it has amazed me how truly revolutionary a concept don't think, feel, guess, suspect, or theorize when you can know usually is.

    In Tuned In, the authors go over dozens of case studies of people who built successful businesses and products on a simple idea: address a known need, rather than imagining a need to address. An important cup check for anyone thinking of going into business.

  10. Sagnik Datta Sagnik Datta says:

    The author managed to establish his pragmatic marketing framework with lot of good examples. The book is very readable with hardly any jargon at use. Having said that, the author did a average job in convincing me why some of the mentioned products like Apple's newton and last gen TV's Picture in Picture feature were tuned out. I would believe that's because he didn't want to deviate much from main theme.

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