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Hisakos mysteries‭‭ [Ebook] ➤ Hisakos mysteries‭‭ By Yoshiko Uchida – هیساکو چگونه می توانست از پدرش سخن گوید، در حالی که در دوسالگی پدرش را از دست داده بود حال که سیزده ساله بود، مع هیساکو چگونه می توانست از پدرش سخن گوید، در حالی که در دوسالگی پدرش را از دست داده بود حال که سیزده ساله بود، معلم سختگیرشان از آنها خواسته بود تا یک انشای پانصد کلمه ای درباره پدرشان بنویسند او بالاخره مجبور می شد که درباره پدربزرگش بنویسد، اگرچه او هرگز نمی توانست جای پدرش را بگیردهیساکو در روز تولدش با یک هدیه غیرمنتظره رو به رو شد؛ هدیه ای که فرستنده اش ناشناس بود از آن به بعد، تمام فکر او و دوستش فوسا کشف راز آن هدیه بزرگ بود.

About the Author: Yoshiko Uchida

Yoshiko, born on November , , was the second daughter of Japanese immigrant parents Takashi and Iku Her father worked as a businessman for Mitsui and Company in San Francisco, and Iku wrote poetry, passing along her love of literature to her girls Though the Great Depression raged, the Uchida family enjoyed comforts because of Takashi's well paying job and their own frugality Yoshiko love.

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  1. shadi shadi says:

    یادمه وقتی خوندمش یه لیست واسه خودم درست کردم از آدمایی که دوستشون داشتم و آدمهایی که دوستشون نداشتم اما لیست آدمایی که دوستشون نداشتم تنها توی خیالم پر شد
    هنوز هم بعد اینهمه سال قصه اش رو خوب به یاد دارم

  2. Elnaz Elnaz says:

    یکی از دوست‌داشتنی‌ترین کتابهای دوران کودکیم

  3. Wayne Walker Wayne Walker says:

    Thirteen year old Hisako lives in Kyoto, Japan, with her grandfather, a seventy-five year old former history professor at Kyoto University and lute player, and grandmother. She was born in 1955, and her mother died then. She has been told that her father, an artist who painted western-style oil paintings, died of pneumonia when she was two. Hisako is happy, but suddenly, around her thirteenth birthday, several mysteries arise. She finds a mysterious letter in a closet which implies that her father was still alive when she was four. Then she receives a gift of a 1000 yen note from an unknown donor on her birthday. Also, as she plans to visit Tokyo with the family of her friend Fusa, Grandmother’s maid Hana gives her an old picture of a man and tells her to look out for him but won’t explain who he is.

    While in Tokyo, Hisako stays with her Aunt Miwa, Uncle Sei, and Cousin Yuki, and one day a strange man, Araki San, does visit them, but the photograph is so old that she cannot tell if it is Hana’s friend or not. After getting back to Kyoto, Hisako is involved in an accident and must spend some time in the hospital, and one day the strange man visits her there. Who is he? And how are all these mysteries linked to Grandmother's and Grandfather's discomfiture at the mention of Hisako's supposedly “dead father? Hisako's Mysteries is a rather quiet, unassuming story that makes for a nice, simple read and should appeal especially to girls aged 10-14. There is very little objectionable—a few references to smoking a pipe and drinking beer or wine. So it would make a great literature complement to a study of modern Japan.

  4. salvo.smith salvo.smith says:

    کتاب مورد علاقه ی من در 10 سالگی :)

  5. zahra yazdannezhad lomer zahra yazdannezhad lomer says:

    این کتاب رو یادمه برای مسابقه کتابخوانی باید می خوندم
    خیلی شیرین بود

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