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Saudi Arabia The Saudi Royal Family Has Survived The Events Of The Arab Spring Intact And Unscathed Any Major Upheavals Were Ostensibly Averted With The Help Of Oil Revenues, While The Kingdom S Influential Clerics Conveniently Declared All Forms Of Protest To Be Against Islam Saudi Dollars Bent Events To The Kingdom S Will In The Arab World Particularly In Syria, Yemen And Bahrain, But Also In Egypt And Lebanon, Saudi Cash Has Had A Profound Impact Does This Mean That All Is Well In Saudi Arabia Itself, Which Has An Extremely Youthful Population Ruled By A Gerontocracy Problems Endemic In Egypt, Tunisia And Syria Youth Unemployment, Corruption And Repression Are Also Evident In The Kingdom And While Young Saudis May Not Yet Be Taking To The Streets, On Twitter And Facebook Their Discontent Is Manifest Saudi Arabia Remains The Dominant Player In The Gulf, And The Fall Of The House Of Saud Would Have Explosive Repercussions On The GCC While The Knock On Effect Worldwide Would Be Immeasurable Saudi Arabia Is The Only Oil Exporter Capable Of Acting As A Swing Producer , A Fact Of Which This Book Reminds Us Aarts And Roelants Have Drawn A Compelling Picture Of A Middle East Power Which, While Not Presently Endangered, May Soon Deviate From The Trajectory Established By The House Of Saud.

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    I think the writer did a very good job in discussing the different existing issues in Saudi Arabia His research about the effect of social media in Saudi Arabia should be translated to Arabic I think the writer really went into depth in a...

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    very incisive book occasionally a bit too factual but that s a minor quibble.

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    This book looks at contemporary Saudi Arabia, and the threats and problems that it faces Unfortunately, the book is very short, and mostly fairly superficial Most of the information is available elsewhere, and the authors don t come to any unique conclusions.

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    This book is written in 2015 so it is very current The book talks about the problems of the country and how the youth of the country are not happy with the way things are If for some reason the Saud family rulers ...