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Sotto il segno del Capricorno This Book, The First Of Twelve Volumes, Launches The Definitive English Language Edition Of Hugo Pratt S Masterpiece, Presented In The Original Oversized BW Format And With New Translations Made From Pratt S Original Italian Scripts Frank Miller Calls Pratt One Of The True Masters Of Comic Art Long Before The Term Graphic Novel Entered The Popular Lexicon Ten Years Before Will Eisner S A Contract With God Hugo Pratt Pioneered The Long Form Drawn Literature Story Corto Maltese Set The Standard For All Adult Adventure Comics In Europe By The Mid 1970s, Corto Was The Continent S Most Popular Series And Hugo Pratt The World S Leading Graphic Novelist Hugo Pratt S Peripatetic Sailor Was Featured In A Series Of Twenty Nine Stories The Adventures Of This Modern Ulysses Are Set During The First Thirty Years Of The 20th Century In Such Exotic Locales As Pratt S Native Venice, The Steppes Of Manchuria, The Caribbean Islands, The Danakil Deserts, The Forests, And The Waves Of The Pacific EuroComics Is Working Closely With Patrizia Zanotti, Pratt S Long Time Collaborator, To Present The Complete Corto Maltese In A Series Of Twelve Quality Trade Paperbacks In Pratt S Original Oversized BW Format Corto Maltese Under The Sign Of Capricorn Collects The First Six Inter Connected Short Stories Pratt Created In France In The Early 1970s The Secret Of Tristan Bantam, Rendez Vous In Bahia, Sureshot Samba, The Brazilian Eagle, So Much For Gentlemen Of Fortune, And The Seagull S Fault.

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    I m thinking that women would be wonderful if we could fall into their arms instead of their hands.This was a Christmas gift I asked Joel last weekend if he was familiar with Hugo Pratt Umberto Eco in Inventing the Enemy Essays raved about this Corto Maltese series Joel acknowledged the author but hadn t had any experience reading him It was thus a shock midweek to not only discover the massive Ford on Fox boxed set but this on our porch as well The narrative concerns an adventurer who sails about with his eclectic peers undertaking the tasks of the genre looking for treasure, assisting rebels against their tyrant oppressors, unlocking family secrets etc Pratt succeeds in repositioning these classic tropes in a very self aware manner, much like the cinema of Godard, you are unable to forget that you are reading a novel.The action sequences ar...

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    This first of twelve volumes reprinting the various novels of Capt Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt finds the good captain sailing around the northeastern coast of South America in the years 1916 and 1917 Smuggling, piracy,...

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    Von hier nach daLetztlich beneide ich Corto Maltese Er ist ein Wanderer, der sich vom Wind treiben l sst Keine festen Bindungen, kein Besitzstand, kein Zwang Wenn es ihm irgendwo nicht mehr gef llt, setzt er Segel und findet die n chste Insel, das n chste Abenteuer In diesen 6 Geschichten, manchmal lose, manchmal etwas fester gekoppelt, zeigt sich dies wunderbar jemand braucht Hilfe, und Corto Maltese springt ein Dabei ist er keineswegs ein Gutmensch, sondern erhofft sich das eine oder andere Mal schon eine gewisse Kompensation doch gleichzeitig ist er schlau und desillusioniert genug, um schnell zu erkennen, wenn sich die Belohnung in Luft aufl st, und ihr nicht hinterherzutrauern.Pratts Plotting ist f r den heutigen Leser vielleicht gew hnungsbed rftig, weil alles so langsam, entkoppelt, zuf llig geschieht Die Handlung wird nie aktiv vorangetrieben, sondern passiert einfach Dies hat mich bei meinem Erstkontakt mit dieser Reihe gest rt inzwischen empfinde ich das als gro artiges Alleinstellungsmerkmal, auf das man sich definitiv einlassen so...

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    Superb The perfect adventurer in a perfect adventure by the originator of the graphic novel the late and great Hugo Pratt.

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    Well drawn and catchy Recommended.

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    The quality of the edition is excellent, but the written material suffers in translation and the art while distinctive and exceptional is still.problematic as the kids like to say.

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    Vol.02 da edi o comemorativa dos 50 anos de Corto Matese, limitada a mil exemplares.

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    , 10 , , 2 3 , , , , , , , , , , , Il secreto di Tristan Bantam 1970, .

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    Hardboiled Italian adventure comics from circa 1970 My lazy logline for this would be Like the Adventures of Tintin, if Tintin was replaced by Philip Marlowe The art is fantastic and the stories offer a solid mix of political intrigue, mysticism, and fist fights Some of the depictions of Black and Indigenous characters veer in...

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    Bir ncekinden daha hareketli olan bu macerada her ey var Kay p k ta Mu, telepati, Vodoo b y s , hazine avc l , s m rge ayaklanmas , silah ka ak l ve devam eden 1 D nya Sava Birbiriyle ba lant l olan ama ayr maceralar olarak da okunabilecek bu 6 b l mdeki olaylar 1916 19...

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