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Saving the Queen of Diamonds Family Can T Live With Them But, An Uneasy Alliance Might Be An Option When Murder Is Involved Thea And Paul Have Been Married Two Months And Have Yet To Tell His Family Now His Parents Have Hit Town With A Vengeance And An Agenda Give Paul S Beautiful Ex Wife The Opportunity To Win Him Back And Be A Father To The Sullen Teenage Boy She Claims Is His Son Thea Panics And Paul Is Staggered However, In Less Time Than It Takes The Single Minded Seductress To Shed A Tear She Is Arrested For Murder At Her Son S Insistence, Paul Attempts To Discover What Happened But All His Inquiries Are Stonewalled What Little Information Has Surfaced Causes Paul To Suspect A Set Up With Or Without Thea, He Intends To Investigate Grudgingly, She Agrees To Help With The Caveat That Every Last One Of Them Go Back Where They Came From So Little To Ask, And Yet As Thea And Paul Dig Into The Case, They Find Themselves Pitted Not Only Against A Devious Criminal And Law Enforcement Who Do Not Want Their Help, But Dirty Dealing Family Members Who Have Fabricated Lies And Deceptions Of Their Own.

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    Saving the Queen of Diamonds is the 6th book in the Thea Campbell series In it Schreyer proves she is a master of romantic suspense Thea s in laws or should I say outlaws show up unexpectedly both Thea and Paul have been waiting for just the right moment to tell them about their recent marriage Somehow the time was never right Traveling with Mom and Dad Paul s ex wife and a sullen young man the ex claims is Paul s son Mayhem on the personal front isn t enough Paul s ex is arrested and it doesn t look like she s getting out any time soon Fighting mixed emotions, Paul and Thea are forced to investigate the crime to help out the young man who might be Paul s son Emotions aren t the only thing they are fighting Paul and Thea s relationship is strained beyond the breaking point and her aunt and uncle seem to be siding with Paul The investigation pulls them into a world of high stakes crime and pits them against not only local law, but the FBI The ...

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    I have read all of the books in the Thea Campbell mystery series and enjoyed them all This one, however, is my favorite so far All of Ms Schreyer s books are well crafted with sharply drawn characters, unique settings, excellent plot layering, and wonderful humor throughout But this one really had me laughing And on top of that the twist at the end was one I did not see coming Well worth reading The series has not diminished as so many do once an ...

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    A good mysteryThe dressage lessons are my favorite part of these mysteries well, that and the solid love that gets stronger with every incident that could tear some loves apart These books are numerous dramas with mystery thrown in along with a bit of romance and a lot of love.