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Dimensions of the Word This Volume Inscribes Itself In The Long Standing Debate On The Status Of The Word Considering Its Multi Faceted Nature, The Authors Formulate Multiple Questions About It And, Though No Answer To These Questions Might Be Exhaustive, Each Of Them Brings The Reader Closer To A Complete Understanding Of The Issue The Eleven Authors Included Here Address The Nature Of The Word From A Number Of Perspectives, Such As The Duality Of The Word, The Status Of The Word As A Meaningful Unit, The Meaning Extension, The Lexico Grammar Continuum, And The Pragmatic Functioning Of The Word, To Name But A Few Each Of The Chapters Is A Fresh Contribution That Broadens The Perspective Traditionally Adopted In A Discussion Of The Word And, At The Same Time, Constitutes A Sound Overview Of The Issues And Approaches Taken In Such An Analysis At The Turn Of The Second To The Third Millennium The Volume Is A Prime Example Of The Efficiency Of Research Within Which Multiple Linguistic Perspectives Focus On A Single Problem All The Perspectives Contribute To A Thorough Comprehension Of The Problem Than Any Single Of Them Is Ever Able To Afford.

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