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    I love Jenny Colgan books and she didn t disappoint me at all with this book Evie works as a receptionist in a Harley street Drs and works all hours but she s desperate for a holiday She wants a quiet holiday like anyone wise as hers never have been quiet she just wants to sunbath and have peace Her employers invite her to France for a holiday and she gets the chance to party with the stars and rich holiday o...

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    Amusing, yet so stupid This book is full of self revulsion, snobbery, and false causes It is dverting and entertaining, and a few of Jenny Colgan s one liners made me snicker But this plot was just too ridiculous plastic surgery, yachts, and doctors behaving badly It is the definition of a holiday read, down to its location in Cannes and the Hollywood level eye rolling plot points This isn t God awful, but nowhere near Jenny Colgan s later, better boo...

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    Operation Sunshine is about a receptionist in Harley Street who is asked to administer at a conference being held by her practice in Cannes, and her mis adventures there Which include romance Obviously.I really, really like Jenny Colgan As a person, that is I have read a previous novel of hers called Amanda s Wedding, because I am a Manda, but have very little recollection of the novel apart from the title I do not even recall if I enjoyed it or not Jenny herself however, I love I have seen her interviewed a few times now, and she is warm and giggly I can even forgive her obvious superwoman powers she seems to write her novels while simultaneously juggling several babies, and I have actually seen her change a babies nappy without actually looking at what she was doing, which is pretty impressive stuff , because she is so lovely.It was her sunny quality, plus this books sunny title that made me pick it as my next read The sun is beginning to shine, and I am beginning to think about putting heavy winter coats away until next year What a good time to re...

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    Come o por dizer que apenas li 2 livros desta autora e que este foi o que menos gostei A sinopse n o brilhante, pelo contr rio, t o banal que n o me pareceu que fosse divertir o leitor A verdade que acabei por acertar Evie tem alguns tra os na sua personalidade que incitam a com dia, contudo, n o t o engra ada com as personagens de The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris talvez demasiado impulsiva em termos f sicos e n o t o inteligente N o um livro maravilhoso em criou qualquer tipo de impacto em mim, contudo, foi um livro divertido de se ler durante o Ver o as personagens que rodeim Evie s o caricatas, h uma s rie ...

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    Oh I love Jenny Colgan, I really, really do, and I love her books But this one is my least favourite of hers I just couldn t get to grips with the characters, and the main character Evie just seemed to fancy any man with a pulse The situation was a little far fetched and not as funny as normal Colgan humour It was a nice, simple read, a light hearted book for a short holiday I suppose, but it s not in the same league as Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe or The...

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    I spent most of this book trying to work out what was happening I just didn t know whether it was supposed to be a romanctic comedy or a thriller, and somehow it ended up being neither I found the world of surgery hard to care about, and the main character was very s...

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    It started off quite funny and made me laugh a few times, but as the story progressed, so did the ridiculousness The type of chick lit that I hate with the main character as the irritating look at me, I m so ditzy but adorable types who gets into countless stupid si...

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    A freebie from a magazine Going to give it a quick read before bookcrossing itGlad I didn t pay for this It was alright I guess, but I don t think I d bother with any of her books The central character was trying to be like Becky from the Shopaholic books, but withou...

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    It s unfair to say i really didn t like this book, because i read it to the end, and i liked the plot, but the first few chapers were so cheesy Just a generic character with generic chic lit feelings written in a really cheesy way, it made me cr...

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    I did enjoy it towards the end, Jenny s books always have a good twist in the end

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Operation Sunshine Evie Needs A Good Holiday Not Just Because She S Been Working All Hours In Her Job, But Also Because Every Holiday She Has Ever Been On In Her Life Has Involved Sunburn, Arguments And Projectile Vomiting Sometimes All Three At Once Why Can T She Have A Normal Holiday, Like Other People Seem To Have Some Sun, Sand, Sea And Hopefully Sex So When Her Employers Invite Her To Attend A Conference With Them In The South Of France, She Can T Believe Her Luck It S Certainly Going To Be The Holiday Of A Lifetime But Not Quite In The Way Evie Imagines

  • Paperback
  • 309 pages
  • Operation Sunshine
  • Jenny Colgan
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9780751537628