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Improper Series Bundle The Improper Series By Julianna Ross Three Absolutely Improper Tales At One Low Price Improper Relations The Improper Series Book One When Hannah S Caught Watching Her Late Husband S Cousin Debauch The Maid, She S Mortified But Also Intrigued There S Something About Leo That Draws Her To Him.When Leo Claims That Women Can Feel Desire Too, Hannah Is Incredulous Yet She Can T Bring Herself To Refuse His Offer To Tutor Her As The Wicked Lessons Continue, She Begins To Fear She S Losing Not Just Her Inhibitions, But Her Heart As Well.Improper Arrangements The Improper Series Book Two A Reckless Infatuation Nearly Ruined Lady Alice Cathcart Ross, But From The Moment She Spies Elijah Philemon Keating Scaling An Alpine Rock Face, Her Long Buried Desire Is Awakened She S Found The Guide Of Her Dreams.Valuing Her Independence Above All Else, Lady Alice Agrees To One Sensual Week In The Alps With Elijah, Nothing But As The Heights They Climb By Day Are Overshadowed By The Summits Of Passion They Reach At Night, Those Vows Become Harder And Harder To Keep.Improper Proposals The Improper Series Book Three Widow Caroline Boothroyd Passes Her Days Writing A Guide For Young Wives Daunted By Their Domestic Duties It S Publisher Thomas Cathcart Ross Who Outrageously Suggests That Caroline Should Instead Devote Herself To Educating Women That Sex Can Be Pleasurable Not A Shameful Necessity.As Caroline Works, She Imagines A Sensual Future With Tom But Lust Could Lead To Love, And Caroline Never Wishes To Feel Heartbreak Again Ross Novellas Are Always Surprising, Always Refreshingly Different And Always Wonderfully Memorable RT Book Reviews

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    IMPROPER RELATIONSHannah Bell is the unpaid companion to her late husband s Aunt Augusta, Marchioness of Dorchester Alfred Leo Wraxhall is the Marchioness second son and enjoys a carefree life of drinking, gambling, and women One day, Hannah is working in the library when Leo comes in, quickly followed by one of the maids What follows is a mortifying, yet intriguing surprise for Hannah as she watches Leo and the maid have sex right there across the desk of the library Once the maid leaves, Leo tells Hannah he knew she was there the whole time Leo beings teaching Hannah about pleasure and the wonderful things men and women can do together, right under the roof of strict Aunt Augusta The story is written from Hannah s point of view Despite being almost 30 and a widow, Hannah is painfully ignorant of sexual relations, believing them to be uncomfortable and purposefully unpleasant for women in order to atone for their sins She is fearful of Leo s sexual prowess, but curious, almost eager, to learn about the pleasures men and women can bring each other.Leo is the second son of Hannah s former in laws He desires Hannah and revels in teaching her about pleasure He is patient with her and completely focused on Hannah and moving at her pace.If all of this sounds like summary, that is because, outs...

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    Overall all stories were engaging and kept me burning the midnight oil I enjoyed them, found them slightly different from traditional historical romance stories edgy, which is cool.