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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • A Kind of Magic
  • Susan Sizemore
  • English
  • 02 January 2015
  • 9781419951305

10 thoughts on “A Kind of Magic

  1. Kari Kaz Kari Kaz says:

    Cute time travel story I liked the writing but a lot of things didn't make too much sense regarding the actual time travel and the heroine's attitude about it I didn't like the hero for the most part Things were left unexplained and the magic aspect was confusing and somewhat silly I would try books by this author even though this one was just ok for me

  2. Netanella Netanella says:

    First paragraph “Face it honey this is your last chance”Even though her mother was on a ranch in Montana and Maddie McCullogh was on an island off the coast of Scotland her mother’s voice came clear as a bell over the phone line A warning bell One she’d heard often and was finally considering heeding Maddie had spent years ignoring all the advice and criticism and admonitions from her mother from her sisters her cousins aunts and every feminine female in her overextended family She had had to go her own way At its heart Size's A Kind of Magic is a fantasy romance set in the Scottish Highlands of 12th century There are kilts a' plenty fairy magic and poor cooking and hygiene As a time travel romance there are many gaping holes and inconsistencies in Maddie's acclimation to her new time zone but these can be set aside in order to enjoy the story Maddie is a modern female engineer viewed as one of the guys she is a little too masculine and as a result lonely for love When she is whisked back in time to the Scottish Highlands she encounters a local laird who has vowed to marry the first person he meets on the road in order to save his clan I found this to be a very interesting set up to a great story and Size delivers an interesting tale Scottish laird Rowan is probably one of the most love shy surly practical heroes in most of Romance dom Of course he's from the 12th century so you have to cut him some slack Maddie is eually frustrating morphing from modern heroine to teary eyed emo mess and then back again However the HEA at the end is heartfelt fun and full of fairy magic

  3. Anne Anne says:

    uite a good time travel characters not as endearing as I would have liked but still worth a read

  4. Ronny Potts Ronny Potts says:

    I loved this book It was a good easy read

  5. Colleen Colleen says:

    57% into this novel and am not finishing it I doubt it will even come to mind againCheers

  6. Maura Maura says:

    Good in some respects not so good in others Maddie is an engineer in the 20th century who uite suddenly finds herself in medieval Scotland and forced to marry the laird Rowan Murray because of a prophecy and a vow he made to marry the next woman he findsand she'll save the clan The good things plenty of angst plenty of drama I liked the inclusion of the faeries like Sidhe who bring magic to the clan but have also served to harden Rowan's heart since his father had fallen in love with a faery woman and kind of became obsessed Rowan sees love as a weakness for that reason I like time travel romances I also like that Maddie isn't a simpering heroine or even a bold brash one There is a touch of realism to her and I didn't feel overwhelmed by her securitiesThe not so good points I get that there's magic but the fact that Maddie had time traveled in the first place just gets swept under the carpet Everyone just seems to accept it as fact with very little uestioning and it doesn't pop up again until later in the bookwhen it becomes an important plot point again view spoiler And I had major issues with how Maddie just went about without ever thinking of the conseuences of changing history Thus risking any chance of her being born and existing The architectural improvements are one thing but advising the clan to stay out of a war because she knows the future is major hide spoiler

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    A Kind of Magic3 StarsReminiscent of Karen Marie Moning's Highlanders series but not as intense and reuires a great deal of suspension of disbelief Maddie is a strong and likable heroine but their are certain inconsistencies in her characterization She is an engineer with a scientific mind who has no problem accepting the concept of time travel yet doesn't believe in the existence of the fae or magic?Rowan is your typical hunky highlander with a huge chip on his shoulder about women and love There are times when he needs a sharp slap to the back of the head but he does redeem himself by the end The romance is satisfying and the secondary characters add a great deal of charm to the story Not bad for my first attempt at a Susan Size book and I will definitely read another

  8. Nelly Nelly says:

    Ummm What?Okay so here's the deal I love the comedy and that Maddie has a backbone that could rival a Titan and hide as thick as the Great Wall of china but I feel that they seem to be really wishy washy For example Maddie would be extremely angry and rightfully so with Rowan but then turns around glances at abs and completely forgive him I mean I'm no expert but that's not how it's supposed to work Rowan Where to start He's a jerk a sexist and stupid in the way that he jeopardizes his beneficial relationship with the woman who is handing him his clan's survival on a silver platter with health benefits An okay read to pass the time But a bad one for romance time travel ingenuity and consistency

  9. Fl_else Fl_else says:

    Wowin a bad way Rarely do I toss a book down and uit reading but this one did it to me Perhaps the author had a rough time with the first chapter and I should tough it out and try again but I read about 10 15 pages and just said I cannot do it Unbelievable in that the craziest hings happen to her and instead of breaking down or throwing a fit she just rides alongThrown back in time she somehow just assumes the guy who shows up is an old friend from high school that for some reason decided to meet her in the wilderness and toss her on a horse Please The other reviews led me to believe this might be like Outlander but what I read couldn't be further removed

  10. Mollee Mollee says:

    I don't understand why so many people gave it a bad review It was pretty good I loved all the character in the book and had a great ending I do think there should be a part 2 or series to it I would in my opinion had a few things changed and explained a little better but all in all good book and a fast read

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A Kind of Magic✻ [EPUB] ✰ A Kind of Magic By Susan Sizemore ❅ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk For the sake of his Highland clan Laird Rowan Murray has sworn to marry the first woman he meets on the road Magic has brought twenty first century engineer Maddie McCullogh back in time to a fateful For the sake of his Highland clan Laird Rowan Murray has sworn to marry the first woman he meets on the road Magic has brought twenty first century engineer Maddie A Kind Epub / McCullogh back in time to a fateful roadside meeting with Rowan Trapped in the past she has no choice but to agree to be handfasted for a year and a day to the dour but devastatingly handsome Rowan Neither wants this marriage but necessity soon leads to passion As Maddie finds a home among the clan passion leads to a love both are reluctant to acknowledge but will this unspoken love be strong enough to keep Maddie in the past when she finds a way to return to her own time Publisher Note This book was previously published elsewhere under the title One of These Nights.

About the Author: Susan Sizemore

Susan Size's life and interests include such varied activities as medieval costuming and embroidery being a chef and working in the defense industryShe is owned by her spoiled rotten beloved A Kind Epub / mutt dog rather than the other way around and this is just fine with herCurrent hobbies include hiking and studying t'ai chi She travels whenever she can loves history loud music movies good co.