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  1. Camly Nguyen Camly Nguyen says:

    Yeah ok I think it's safe to say I'll probably never finish this bookI received this book in exchange of an honest review DNF 30%This is the kind of book that I would say it's not you it's meIt's not bad it's just pretty boring and honestly maybe the rest of the book is good I just don't have the patience to wait Interesting characters they were all different and I felt that the originality was there when a hoard of cats randomly appeared on the street like literally But it's slowwww Very slowww Nothing really nice going on at 30% yet

  2. L L says:

    A highly imaginative fantasy wherein Dragons soar the skies statues come to life and time is travelled “There are things under the heavens than we could ever imagine” Reminiscent of ‘Harry Potter the Philosopher’s Stone’ when the story starts with Dumbledore appearing in Privet Drive with McGonagal as a Cat; the stranger the bird was very similar Plunging into a supremely magical world where nothing is as it seems I felt like I had uncovered an exciting new children’s fantasy world and the start of something truly EPIC Inspired concepts creatures and breathtaking settings transport readers both young and old into the most remarkable creation of wondrous delights Despite being a middle grade YA story it is also a novel that the older reader can connect with and enjoy as something containing universal meaning and thought provoking nuance Action packed fast paced and engaging “The Golden Sword” is a thrilling story that’s mesmirizingly magical and which cleverly combines modern day with ancient myths legends I have always loved Arthurian mythology and so as a fan of BBC Merlin and tales of King Arthur I was delighted to encounter those iconic elements within the deftly woven narrative ie Sword Excalibur and Arthur Stalked by a sinister crow man observed by invisible watchers and surveyed by a mysterious writerthis one boy’s ordinary life transforms into something uite extraordinary If the dazzling cover of this book doesn’t catch your eye then the exuisitely beautiful illustrations by author Rosie Morgan will as like in the book ‘Inkheart’ the written world is brought to life on the page The past and present collides in an explosive fusion of 21st century school life and archaic prophecies relating to Merlin Arthur that’s brilliantly realised in gloriously rich detail The short punchy chapters full of twists and turns kept me sat in suspense and glued to the page with intense animated exuberance as to what was about to happen next “Later Arthur would wonder why he’d wished for a interesting life His had been fine as it was School skateboarding and hanging out with his friends should have been enough But maybe it wasn’t his wish that changed everything – maybe it would have happened anyway” A 45 star read I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of the first book in ‘The Camelot Inheritance’ to read review

  3. Jola Jola says:

    Review also on wwwjolasbookshelfwordpresscom'The Golden Sword' is an interesting take on King Arthur's legends It shows us a modern version of the famous monarch I have read and watched many versions of the myths and I'm glad to say that this book was different from them Although it's a book for middle graders I have enjoyed it and it certainly kept my attention My favourite character was Nick and I look forward to read about him Arthur and TamarThanks to Rosie Morgan for sending me an ebook of her book in exchange for an honest review

  4. Magda Żmijan Magda Żmijan says:

    I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book is yet another look at the Arthurian story This time action takes us to modern day England and to bunch of teenagers chosen to protect their worldWhen I've started reading the book I was surprised with the similarity of the very beginning of the story to Harry Potter We've got the same gloomy street mysterious figures magical cat and some other observers It felt like it might be just another try on writing HP like book At that point I though well it's either going to be very similar and boring or it's going to surprise me at take me to completely different world It wasn't a disappointment I really liked how the story developed I was a little bothered with Tamar and Nick to be constantly in shadows Watchers kept talking that all 3 heroes have a destiny together and yet only Arthur was in constant light But at least everything that was happening around them all the gloom and doom hanging over the moors it was still a mystery to them It wasn't one of those stories when hero suddenly finds out he's all important and suddenly knows it all Up till very author manages to keep some of the mystery characters have to work their way through some clues to put the story together understand what's actually happening Story was fast paced and kept reader in suspense From about half of the book I simply couldn't stop reading Author also put her own graphics at the beginning of every chapter and I have to say they look lovely and they fit perfectly to the story Even if you can't stop exploring the story you should stop for a moment at each chapter and check out the lovely drawings

  5. Aoife Aoife says:

    I received a free digital copy from the authorpublisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback Arthur Penhaligon is a normal kid with some normal friends until one day when a weird ‘Crow Man’ begins to show up everywhere Before he knows it all sorts of strange events are happening to Arthur and he ends up involved in a destiny he never knew he hadThis is a cute middle grade King Arthur retelling and it was super uick to get into and i thought it was a fast fun read Everything seemed to happen very uickly yet not so uickly all at once I thought at times things took a while to happen or like it took a bit long for Arthur and his friends to really figure it outI thought Arthur’s relationship with his friends was brilliant and I loved their interactions and how they listened and trusted each other not to mention how they were there for each other I also really appreciated that Arthur told his parents what was going on with the Crow Man for the most part In a lot of other books or similar scenarios the kids or characters would lie and it can be pretty frustrating especially if it could lead to a dangerous situationI do think things took a bit long to be actually explained though and the reader while clearly knowing or less what was going on was still left in the dark without the finer details even near the end Nothing was really explained about what exactly was going on and why It almost felt a bit like a short story or a story excerpt or something a felt like a bit was missing

  6. Noella Noella says:

    Arthur Penhaligon begins to notice strange things happening around him There are groups of cats watching him and people following his every move I wasn't familiar with Arthurian legends so I didn't pick up the corresponding character references but on the other hand it gave me the opportunity to wonder whether each character was on Arthur's side or not There's plenty of intrigue and magic in The Golden Sword It was definitely of a plot driven story than a character driven one as I felt like Arthur Nick and Tamar were lacking distinguishable character traits I didn't uite get to the stage to care about them but this book was uite short and seeing as this book is a part of a series there's certain to be character development Overall The Golden Sword was a fast paced adventure

  7. Dana Dana says:

    This is a fun YA mysteryfantasy for middle school kids An Arthurian spin off young Arthur and his friends begin experiencing strange things from the creepy crow man to being protected by hundreds of cats Mystery fantasy adventure angels magic and many of the characters from the tales of King Arthur populate this gripping tale This is the first book in a series and I think that middle grade kids will enjoy it I received this book free to review from Netgalley

  8. Rosie Morgan Rosie Morgan says:

    Okay so I've given 'The Golden Sword' 5 stars maybe as the authorillustrator I shouldn't However this rating reflects just how much FUN I had writing the story and drawing the picturesI love books with pictures whether for adults or children so to be able to create one has been a gift

  9. Brindy Brindy says:

    Thought the book was very well written kept my interest and was an interesting take on the King Arthur legend Very appropriate for they younger reader I would encourage others to share this with the 10 age group I've continued to read the rest of the series and I'm not disappointed Good read

  10. Margaret Delashmit Margaret Delashmit says:

    Excellent readThis book is a good mystery bringing the past into the present King Arthur still fights evil through a young modern day Arthur Mystery suspense sense of place Cornwall and magic work together to weave a good tale all ages will enjoy

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The Golden Sword ➵ [Reading] ➷ The Golden Sword By Rosie Morgan ➪ – Later Arthur would wonder why he'd wished for a interesting life His had been fine as it was School skateboarding and hanging out with his friends should have been enough But maybe it wasn't his wish Later Arthur would wonder why he'd wished for a interesting life His had been fine as it was School skateboarding and hanging out with his friends should have been enough But maybe it wasn't his wish that changed everything maybe it would have happened anyway Stalked by the sinister Crow Man observed by the invisible Watchers and surveyed by the mysterious The Golden eBook á Writer life in Lyskeret is going to be anything but boring; especially when magic myth and shape shifting animals become involved It's just as well that Arthur has good friends He's going to need them Illustrated and written by UK author Rosie Morgan 'The Golden Sword' is the first in 'The Camelot Inheritance' series set in contemporary Cornwall UK It's a page turning magical adventure featuring three friends Arthur Nick and Tamar whose lives are flipped upside down in the space of one short summer's day The Golden Sword can be read as a stand alone or as the first part of this intriguing adventure However once you've read this book we're sure that you'll want to go on to read the rest.

  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • The Golden Sword
  • Rosie Morgan
  • English
  • 21 August 2016
  • 9781497402249

About the Author: Rosie Morgan

Shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award; Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards; Nominated for the Holyer an Gof Awards; indieBRAG Medallion Honoree Rosie Morgan has lived and worked in Cornwall UK the setting for 'The Camelot Inheritance' series for most of her life She's had the privilege to teach some wonderful children in tiny two class village The Golden eBook á schools com.