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  1. Elisha Kemp Elisha Kemp says:

    If I could buy a copy for everyone I knew I would

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Let me begin by saying that I LOVE Lara Casey I've followed her blog for ages I've taken her Making Things Happen workshop I'm a huge fan of Southern Weddings Lara is a woman I look up to and admire both from a business perspective and a spiritual one and I was really excited when I heard she was working on a book I purchased Make It Happen the day it was released and ran straight home to read itThat said this book left me feeling a little underwhelmed I enjoyed it but not nearly as much as I thought I would I was expecting of a memoir with some businessbranding advice thrown in While Lara does share snippets of her personal journey in Make It Happen the book is primarily about focusing on what matters most ie God and developing a relationship with Him It kind of reminded me of Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life only directed specifically toward business owners and career women Don't get me wrong I LOVE the message here but as someone who has spent the past 10 years building a relationship with God I can't say that anything Lara shared was news to me A good reminder yes but not life changing for me at this point in my journey Maybe my expectations were just a little too high but this book didn't have the impact I was hoping it would

  3. Hunter Mallone Hunter Mallone says:

    I love Lara Casey I love Powersheets I'm reading this after it feels like everyone else has read it I'm also reading after she has share a good chunk of the book on her various social media outlets I think that's why I struggled so hardThe information is good Yes it is But if you've accomplished the Powersheets prep work a lot of this will sound familiar to you Too familiar For it did and I just was bored If you are just picking up this book and have never heard of Lara Casey or read anything she has posted then this book will be fantastic for you But I'm good

  4. Scout Collins Scout Collins says:

    25 starsIn my expansive planner research I came across Lara Casey and loved her graphic design I found her website and realized she was a serious Christian who wanted to spread God's word I was disappointed by how religious she was but I wanted to read her books anyway Unfortunately Make It Happen was bogged down with Christianity and Jesus talk which isn't great for the 5 billion of us who aren't ChristianIf this book had been her personal story and her thoughts on how to lead a purposeful life MINUS all the Bible religious talk I would have given it 4 or maybe even 45 stars But I couldn't get over how sad it was when good advice was ruined when it was injected with God this and God that Casey says in her book she had no experience with writing; if she wanted her book to appeal to a larger audience she could have toned down the religiosity of itHer personal story covers her struggle with anorexia not being fulfilled in life her first marriage her second marriage and having her first child view spoilerOne of the impossible miracles is that her second husband went from saying I have to marry a Jewish girl was unclear if his parents forced him to or he was saying this on his own?? to not believing in God to being converted into you could never guess a CHRISTIAN And that was just a true miracle for the author like the best thing that could ever happen hide spoiler

  5. Taylor Taylor says:

    After meeting and falling in love with Lara in person I knew I had to read this book It was nothing short of perfection I am so thankful that Lara followed the calling on her life and shared this book with us I would recommend this book to everyone

  6. Lacey Lacey says:

    This was a good choice to read at the beginning of a new year It was both inspiring in big picture illustrations and extremely practical in detailed action steps I really appreciated the author's vulnerability in sharing the hard details of her life I read through without doing the prompts but will go back through to focus solely on that

  7. Abigaela Bilbiie Abigaela Bilbiie says:

    A very useful book for every woman and a must for Christians women A book who empower you to find your purpose in life in order to get a meaningful and fruitful life To make it happen you have to find your purpose And this is what Lara Casey helps you to do

  8. Ashely Clark Ashely Clark says:

    I give this book three stars really like 25 but I rounded up There was nothing amazing or great about it It was pretty ok I am not really sure when I finished it but I have spent most of the month mulling over it and my Powersheets laracaseycom for infoThe book is divided into two sections her testimony and application My thoughtsAt first I was concerned Lara Casey was teaching a prosperity gospel but that wasn't the case which made me feel better since I've been reading her blog for so longNo where does she lay out the gospel She dances all around it but never puts it out there This was a huge disappointment since she has been given such a large platform Yes she focuses on relationships and I agree with her on that but I feel she missed an opportunity It could have been as simple as one sentence when she mentioned her husband's conversion This really disappointed meFor someone who is a type A organized project manager I didn't really learn anything She shares methods we're all familiar download thoughts break into small actions set blocks of time to work undisturbed etc However I did like her focus of tying all of these goalsprojects back to whether they promote God's kingdom or yours That's something you don't get in secular books of course so it has caused me to really think about what I want to do and why and has encouraged meI recommend her Powersheets over the book I walked through them and they're a little easier to digest She sort of lists the Powersheet steps in the book but they're not detailed and she uses a garden analogy that frankly at times I wondered if we were gardening or not It was a bit confusingOne thing I really really liked was that she suggests setting boundaries social mediaemail free weekends office hours I've started doing this a bit and am finding it really nice I also feel as though my productivity has increased and I don't feel as overwhelmed I do find it ironic that there is a hashtag for #socialmediafreeweekendsSo basically if you're like me and you know all the time management secrets you won't get anything out of this book other than the idea to align what you're doing with God's word Like I said I've read her blog for a while and have the Powersheets and feel as though those two combined do a better job than the book and would recommend them instead And I don't have a negative view on Lara Casey just to be clear I do enjoy her blog and Powersheets I think I was just hoping for so much from the book but it was really what I already knew

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Official Rating 35 starsHad I read this about 18 months ago there's the possibility it would've been a higher ratingLara Casey is an incredible woman She's been insanely successful in business and the encouragement she shares with others is contagious But than that her faith and trust in the Lord is contagious Make It Happen is partly the story of Lara's life where she started and how she got to where she is today and partly her encouragement for you to go out and make the things you want to happen happen She says it in the beginning that it's not a passive book that she wants you to actually answer the uestions she asks and such which is not what I expected going into it That wasn't something I particularly enjoyed but again part of that was due to my expectation If I want to just read a book I expect to be able to just read a book If I want to read something like a workbook then I will do that I expected to read a book what I got was part book and part workbookAlso the entire fourth section is very similar to the prep process for her PowerSheets which I had just completed about a week prior to getting to that point in the bookAll of my issues with the book though were purely due to timing Like I said if I'd read it about 18 months prior and known it was part book part workbook going in I probably would've given it at least four possibly 45 stars I would highly recommend it for anyone who's feeling a little lost in their life and wanting to make big things happen but not knowing where to start Be aware that Lara is a believer and a huge part of her story and advice relates directly back to her faith

  10. Callie Callie says:

    I read this book over the course of several months so I am not remembering all the early chapters as easily and the ones I jut finished but I remember getting frustrated at the beginning of the book because everything Casey said just seemed too vague I wanted specific examples and encouragement right from the start but I plugged along and soon got interested in Casey's testimonystory that she shares through most of the book The last several chapters of the book were exactly what I felt was missing from the beginning specific encouragement and motivation to clear the clutter in our lives set goals on things that matter and match up with God's goals for us and make them happen

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Make it Happen ➵ Make it Happen Download ➾ Author Lara Casey – You were created for a purpose and it's time to make it happen Make It Happen is the story of how I surrendered my fear took the leap and got a life In my case a perfectly imperfect fulfilling life as You were created for a purpose and it's time to Make it Happen Make it Happen Make it Kindle - is the story of how I surrendered my fear took the leap and got a life In my case a perfectly imperfect fulfilling life as a mama a working woman and a grateful wife This is the story of how I chose to make it—a greater purpose than mine—happen and how you can too Make it Happen is forwomen who find themselves worried anxious and completely overwhelmed by the constant chase for perfectionthose seeking the courage to jump into a new ventureworking women who are struggling to do it allweary wives and moms looking for relief from burning the candle at both endsanyone who dreams of a life lived not by accident but on purposeYour time has come to take a leap of faith Join me as we surrender our fears end the chase for perfection and say yes to cultivating the meaningful lives God desires for us You know all those things you've always wanted to do You should go do them.

  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Make it Happen
  • Lara Casey
  • English
  • 02 August 2015
  • 9780529101501

About the Author: Lara Casey

Hi I’m Lara A mom to three–one through the gift of adoption—a grateful wife and a Make it Kindle - believer in the impossible She is the Founder and CEO of Cultivate What Matters and created the PowerSheets® Goal Planner–an intentional goal setting planner to help women break down their goals into manageable action steps and start living on purpose She founded Southern Weddings magazine a decade ago and is th.