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  1. Conor Conor says:

    A dangerous book that shows how much of an advocate Cardinal Kasper is for a praxis that runs counter to Christ's clear teaching and Church Tradition If one had any doubt where Kasper stands one finds it in the final words of his response to the hearty criticisms he received at the consistory He states In this matter there are great expectation in the Church Beyond a doubt we cannot fulfill all expectations But it would cause a terrible disappointment if we would only repeat the answers that supposedly have always been given We should at least open the door a crack for people's hope and expectations and at least give a sign that we for our part take seriously the hopes as well as the uestion anguish and tears of so many serious ChristiansOther dumbfounding things about this speechbook Humanae Vitae is mentioned once once in a footnote He recommends a book by the great dissenter Bernhard Häring in his epilogue He only barely talks about the children of divorce This speech shows the arrogance of this man who hasn't gotten his way and is again agitating for an idea that has been rejected time and time again by the Church His theology really is a moral muddle If this is serene theology done on one's knees we need a new definition

  2. Zachary Zachary says:

    Cardinal Kasper presents a philosophy of family life which initially is very well thought out and faithful to the Church's vision He holds that the family is the fundamental unit of the Church this was echoed in Cardinal Muller's interview published under the title The hope of the Family and so the upcoming Synod on the Family must do everything it can to strengthen family lifeUnfortunately when he gets into his controversial idea on the possibility of communion for the divorced and remarried on a case by case basis he has a gaping hole in his reasoning While holding firmly to the indissoluability of marriage sacramentally contracted and consummated it is possible reasons the Cardinal that for individual couples who are truly repentant for contracting a second marriage while the spouse from the marriage previously lived is living desire the Eucharist and would be harmed by a second separation those persons on a case by case basis may be able to be returned to a state of communion after a period of penance My primary contention is that he leaves entirely unexplored the counter argument that couples who are engaging in what he admits is objectively bigamy cannot be truly repentant The Cardinal seeks refuge in a principle he attempts to trace through Church history saying that something worse may come of it if the couple is not returned to a state of communion out of pastoral concern 'to prevent something worse' these fathers were willing to tolerate something that in itself is unacceptable 31 His reasoning here is also very thinThirdly I found his claim that there is effectively no ualitative difference between sacramental communion and spiritual communion to be absurd His argument essentially went If spiritual communion is communion with Christ then how is it possible for persons in a state of sin to participate in spiritual communion if they are not allowed to participate in sacramental communion? That argument misses the important step of showing the actual ualitative difference between spiritual and sacramental communion If of course there is no difference then why would sacramental communion be sought rather than spiritual in the first place?Overall the Cardinal began well and ended in confusion Cardinal Muller's The Hope of the Family is much clearer and well presented

  3. Rich Rich says:

    So much to comment on I don't think this box will be uite enough for a developed thought There are several logical jumps euivocations and omissions that sometimes leaves obvious holes in the Cardinal's argument He simply euates spiritual and sacramental communion and he grants that a validly contracted marriage is permanent yet this could be ignored for Mercy's sake? He completely ignores Paul's admonition to not partake of the Eucharist in mortal sin lest one eat and drink condemnation on themselves He claims that we must interpret Jesus' words about the indissolubility of marriage in light of the over all Gospel message of Mercy without once considering that the indissolubility of marriage is a merciful thing He lays out an entire section about new forms of the domestic church but then never refers to it as a solution to his hard cases He refers to the divorced and civilly remarried as desiring not to incur new guilt but I'm not uite sure what he means by that since he doesn't explain Also his solution which he describes as an individual and not universal one already exists St John Paul II already laid it out If the divorced and civilly remarried wish to reconcile with the Church and the Sacraments they may through the consultation of their pastor on a case by case basis chose to live as brother and sister sharing the common life which may be necessary for the raising and support of children without violating the sacred bond of their valid marriage This is precisely the answer Kasper calls for in dealing with individual cases yet without the meandering and vague appeals to a relativistic mercy I'm looking forward to reading the book by the same title published by Ignatius Press as a response to this argument

  4. Tobias Tobias says:

    Eine Ungenauigkeit der Argumentation die man vom Autor sonst in keiner Weise gewohnt ist Auch wenn man das Genus Rede in Rechnung stellt weit unter dem Niveau von Walter KasperAuf der anderen Seite ein echtes Muss denn der sog Kasper Vorschlag ist hier im Original zu finden

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The Gospel of the Family [KINDLE] ❁ The Gospel of the Family By Walter Kasper – In this thought provoking address given to the College of Cardinals Cardinal Walter Kasper whom Pope Francis has called a superb theologian discusses everything that is beautiful about the family with In this thought provoking of the PDF ✓ address given to the College of Cardinals Cardinal Walter Kasper whom Pope Francis has called a superb theologian discusses everything that is beautiful about the family without avoiding its problems According to Cardinal Kasper the family functions as a small domestic church that The Gospel Kindle - can be a privileged route to evangelization He speaks of this domestic church in a broad sense that includes the nuclear family as well as communities parish groups and other organizations Cardinal Kasper considers the rediscovery of The Gospel of the Family the family's place in the order Gospel of the eBook ´ of creation and the vision of the family in the Book of Genesis and in God's plan The cardinal then reflects on the structures of sin within the family including family problems tensions between men and women and the suffering of women and mothers Finally he concludes with a discussion of the family in the Christian order of redemption drawing from the gospels and other New Testament texts about the family such as St Paul's Letter to the Ephesians He discusses marriage as a sacrament and its sanctifying grace The cardinal also mentions the issue of those who have remarried after divorce He stresses the need to unite pastoral care the words of Jesus and an understanding of divine mercy in responding to these Catholics Yesterday before falling asleep though not to fall asleep I read or re read Cardinal Kasper's remarks I would like to thank him because I found a deep theology and serene thoughts in theology It is nice to read serene theology It did me well and I had an idea and excuse me if I embarrass Your Eminence but the idea is this this is called doing theology while kneeling Thank you Thank you Pope Francis.