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  • The Wanton Angel
  • Edward Marston
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  • 25 November 2014
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10 thoughts on “The Wanton Angel

  1. Linda Linda says:

    Here we are again in Elizabethan England with the theater company Westfield’s Men who are in danger of losing their livelihood Marwood their surly landlord wants them gone because his daughter has become pregnant and he is sure some member of the company is responsible In addition the Privy Council has ordered all inn yard theaters closed and will allow only two playhouses to remain in London one on each side of the river A new member of the troupe Sylvester Pryde finds a generous benefactress who agrees to pay for the construction of a playhouse for Westfield’s Men She wishes to remain anonymous; only Pryde and Nicholas Bracewell know her identity Vandals destroy the work done on the new playhouse twice and the body of Sylvester is found under the fallen timbers Although Sylvester’s murderer is identified and caught the plot of this novel revolves much about the choice of which theater companies can survive There is much intrigue and some underhanded wooing of players to transfer their allegiance to another troupe but all ends well for everyone including Marwood’s daughter

  2. Richard Richard says:

    Potential law to limit the theaters in London to two Good stuff in the plays and the action

  3. Caroline Caroline says:

    This was really enjoyable read It was full of intrigue and back stabbingWestfield's Men are a troupe of actors stagehands etc who have their home at the ueen's Head much to the disgust of the landlord Alexander Marwood Marwood doesn't like the players' presence in his tavern and is also loath to admit to anyone even his wife Sybil and daughter Rose that the revenue Westfield's Men generate is than welcomeThe Privy Council are going to announce the demise of several companies of actors particularly those that ply their trade in the yards of taverns Companies that have their own theatreto be called The Angels appear to be safe Only two companies will survive one north of the Thames and one to the southSebastian Pryde a junior shareholder with Westfield's Men secures a £300 loan to fund the building of a new theatre to house the company It is to be called The AngelSebastian dies and the identity of their benefact or remains a secret Nicholas Bracewell bookkeeper and so much for the actors manages to discover this person's identity and arranges a meetingLord Westfield discovers that his troupe of actors along with two others will perform at Court and the Privy Council will decide their fateAn enjoyable read with plenty of twists and turns to keep me interested until the end All the characters are unforgettable and they help the story flow well

  4. Soozee Soozee says:

    I love this series well written historically accurate bring you into the period and a cracking mystery to solve with characters both endearing and amusing The dialogue occasionally is a little stilted but otherwise its a great book and I enjoyed it very much

  5. Annette O& Annette O& says:

    a very interesting read loved the story line it is so well written that has i red the books i try and imagine that i am in that time watching from a distance

  6. Cat. Cat. says:

    Another in the series about the Elizabethan theatre group this one finds Westfield's Men almost moving to their own theatre instead of playing in the forecourt of an inn and almost being sold to another patron Interesting in the sense that it shows that there were many other troupes of actors around London not just a couple

  7. Vicky Thomasson Vicky Thomasson says:

    Although these books are very samey a new member of the company gets murdered they have to leave the ueens Head for one reason or another I thoroughly enjoy them and love revisiting Westfields Men This one was just as good as the other 9

  8. Cece Cece says:

    This just sort of ended However I am enjoying the series as summer light fare

  9. Helene Harrison Helene Harrison says:

    Review I really enjoyed this one I think that the series had a weak point around book number 5 but seems to have picked up again now I love the competition between the rival theatre groups which is probably how it would have been at the time with them trying to poach members from other companies The threat of dissolution was probably also ever present and these strands come together here in a well written and engaging taleGenre? Historical Crime MysteryCharacters? Nicholas Bracewell Anne Hendrik Lord Westfield Lawrence Firethorn Owen Elias Barnaby Gill Sylvester Pryde Rose Marwood Sybil Marwood Alexander Marwood Edmund HoodeSetting? London EnglandSeries? Nicholas Bracewell #10Recommend? – YesRating 1820

  10. Robert Hepple Robert Hepple says:

    Published in 1999 The Wanton Angel is the 10th novel in a series of Elizabethan mysteries with several published since Conseuently the stories feature a regular cast of characters all connected with a London based acting group known as Westfield's Men after their sponsor THis means that mystery plot is of secondary importance with the bulk of the navel taken up by the interaction between the main characters In fact the murder that is a basis for this particular mystery happens than half way through the book and as other reviews have remarked there is a certain 'sameyness' in this and other instalments in having a new rising cast member murdered a bit like redshirts in Star Trek None of this works against it it is a very enjoyable and extremely uick read

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The Wanton Angel[Epub] ➝ The Wanton Angel By Edward Marston – In this installment of this dramatic Elizabethan series Westfield s Men are flying high after a celebrated performance of The Insatiate Duke at the ueen s Head However victory is bittersweet as the co In this installment of this dramatic Elizabethan series Westfield s Men are flying high after a celebrated performance of The Insatiate Duke at the ueen s Head However victory is bittersweet as the company is soon faced with dissolution and the loss of their theatre; were it not for one of the company s rising stars After acuiring a new benefactor the company plan to build their own The Wanton PDF/EPUB or theatre However before they have the chance to find out who this guardian angel is one of the group is found brutally murderedCue Nicholas Bracewell to uncover not one but two hidden identities of both the murderer and the anonymous benefactor before the company gets disbanded.

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