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101 Things To Do With a Pickle [PDF / Epub] ☁ 101 Things To Do With a Pickle By Eliza Cross – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This fun zesty cookbook is full of recipes for making pickles and using them in a dill icious collection of pickle appetizers sandwiches salads dinners and even dessertsDills gherkins spears chips sou This fun zesty cookbook is full of recipes To Do PDF ↠ for making pickles and using them in a dill icious collection of pickle appetizers sandwiches salads dinners and even dessertsDills gherkins spears chips sour and sweet pickles star in recipes like Sweet and Sour Mustard Pickles Bacon Wrapped Pickle Poppers Dill Pickle Soup Roast Pickle Potatoes and Sweet Pickle PieEliza Cross is an award winning writer and the author of seven books including the bestselling Things to do with 101 Things eBook ¸ Bacon She develops recipes and styles cuisine for corporate and print media and blogs about food gardening and sustainable living at Happy Simple Living She lives with her family in Centennial Colorado.

  • Spiral-bound
  • 128 pages
  • 101 Things To Do With a Pickle
  • Eliza Cross
  • 16 August 2014
  • 9781423636915

About the Author: Eliza Cross

Eliza Cross is the author of fifteen books To Do PDF ↠ including her latest Bacon Beans and Beer winner of the Eating the West Award from the Mountain and Plains Independent Booksellers Association She blogs at TheYOLOBlogcom about living your best life wherever you are right now with easy recipes home and garden ideas great books and interviews with inspiring peopleEliza lives with her family near Denver.

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  2. Tara Goodyear Tara Goodyear says:

    You need this recipe book in your kitchen statBook 101 Things to Do With a PickleAuthor Eliza CrossGrade 5 out of 5 stars101 Things to Do With a Pickle is a fun and fabulous recipe book that everyone will enjoy I like pickles but I clearly had no idea how versatile pickles could be They make great sandwich accessories and I love pairing them with sharp cheddar cheese for a late night snack but pickles for dessert? The greatest aspect of this recipe book is that I don't feel like the chef has to be a die hard pickle fan to enjoy it There is truly something for everyone Plus the recipes are creative easy to make and taste dill icious I love that Ms Cross starts 101 Things to Do With a Pickle with Homemade Pickles Relishes Sauces She provides a number of different ways to DIY pickles that are interesting and again easy The Spicy Refrigerator Pickles and Thousand Island Salad Dressing recipes are my favorite in this section so far Then she provides Appetizers Snacks which hooked me from the second recipe in this section Bacon Wrapped Pickle Poppers Cross features some interesting choices in the Soup Salads section such as Hot and Sour Soup and Pickle Cucumber Mint Salad She combines flavors in a new way which makes me want to try every recipe in the book She rounds out her pickle recipes with Sandwiches Side Dishes Breads Dinners and Desserts My favorite recipe of the entire pickled bunch is the Slow Cooker Pickle Pork It is something to relish to say the least I'm very particular about my pork dishes but this was light and flavorful and one of the easiest pork recipes I have ever made Plus I didn't need any Barbecue Sauce I'm working hard to lose weight and this recipe helped instead of hurt my efforts another big win As I stated earlier I enjoy a good pickle every now and again but 101 Things to Do With a Pickle is a recipe book that will enable me to try yummy and new ways to add pickles to my everyday menu Whether you're in the mood for a robust Remoulade Sauce or some scrumptious Sweet Pickle Ice Cream Eliza Cross has thought of a little something for everyone in her perfect pickle recipe bookISBN 978 1423636915Publisher Smith Gibbs PublisherPub Date July 1 2014

  3. Ellynanne Ellynanne says:

    I enjoy a cold crunchy pickle as a side to a sandwich but never pickle as an addition to a recipe So it appears an odd pairing that I’m even reviewing this book Straight off this is a cute book in size not much larger than a big pickle jar with the convenience of a spiral binding so it lays flat when open Appreciatively the recipes are of handy ingredients nicely spelled out and accomplishable If one can read one can cook from this book without fear of failure My hands on review of “101” is based on two dishes CHICKEN PICKEN SALAD and DILLY HUMMUS Served with wine as a light repast these recipes were hits with my husband a guest and to my surprise me see pic In using the pickle to spice up the familiar chicken salad and add piuant to the bland hummus Eliza Cross introduces the pickle as a non scary additive Her recipes are like invitations to new and exciting places Scandinavian Open Face Sandwich familiar by ways Pickle Cheeseburger Pie and off road adventures Sweet Pickle Ice CreamI’m happy “101” came my way and hope this review encourages you to consider 101 as an addition to your cook book library

  4. Garrett Box Garrett Box says:

    I like pickles but why do they only come in my sandwiches? This is a great book for people like me who want out of lifepickles than a crunchy sandwich There are a plethora of great recipes that I have tried and can’t wait to try in the future And I love how easy the instructions are because well Roast Pickle Potatoes doesn’t come in a box Great book

  5. Suanne Suanne says:

    Though 101 Things to do with a Pickle appears to be a highly specialized cookbook I was surprised to find that beyond the expected pickle variations it contained standards like gazpacho as well as some new twists like Cheesy Pickle and Artichoke Muffins Pickle Fondue and Cuban Chicken Salad I had been thinking of my mother's Bread and Butter pickles As I had lost her recipe I was happy that a recipe for those was here I look forward to making several of these intriguing recipes

  6. Lyn Lyn says:

    My youngest daughter now an adult is a huge fan of pickles and I'm an avid collector of cookbooks so this book intrigued me It contains everything you want to know about making pickles and the recipes even desserts for using them The only other thing the author could have added to this book pickle juice can help with acid reflux and heartburn So ready to try many of the excellent sounding recipes

  7. Leigh Anne Leigh Anne says:

    Good recipes to try Fun book

  8. Susan Watts Susan Watts says:

    This book surprised me lot of good recipes in this book

  9. Ali Ali says:

    I won this in a first reads contest I LOVE pickles there are a lot of great sounding recipes in here I can't wait to start making my own pickles

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