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    The Only One Book ReviewThere Is No Planet B by Trevor Greene Mike Velemirovich ISBN 1491228555 2013 Planet B Ltd Review by Barry MooresThere Is No Planet B is a storm warning for the impending environmental impacts certain to stagger our planet The history and current state of greed fuelled corporate and political hypocrisy which brought the world to a dire precipice is detailed in this cleverly compiled volume of less than 200 pages short on rhetoric but providing all the context necessary to understand the condition our condition is in from a Canadian but nonetheless globally aware perspectiveThere Is No Planet B wastes no time laying out the breadcrumb trail of responsibility for accelerated climate change never belabouring the point presenting their case in 30 easy to read and understand subsections a brilliant method of explaining a tsunami of data essential to understanding and appreciating the planet’s prognosis This is not arcane knowledge or long winded bluster These are critical issues we are facing right now bitumen pipelines crisscrossing the country the eerily draconian FIPA agreement with the Chinese government the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway projects the insane suggestion of using Kitimat as some sort of offloading port or the condescending and antidemocratic behavior of the current administration in Ottawa If you want to understand what’s making you puzzled irritated or angry this book is an essential read a survival guide for the concerned Canadian Solid journalism and first person storytelling create a compelling style You’ll find yourself up to speed and wanting to stay thereFar from a pity party where the silly virgins sit and wait in the cellar for an axe to fall from a beam the authors also provide a barometer of the exciting technology poised to turn back the clock If these ideas find fair room to move in the marketplace they are geared to usher in a new normal to bolster and eventually replace the carbon soaked fuel devastating our globe These sustainable common sense economically intelligent and often elegant solutions range from cold fusion to a desktop unit extracting oil from plastic to a mushroom that actually lives off evil plastic A mushroom folksThere Is No Planet B deserves to be the first of a series a publication continuing to examine the evolving nature of how citizens industry and the environment coexist The authors start from a humble position self published and text only but this uality of research and writing deserves graphics and photos in subseuent editions to take it to the proper levelI have well founded concerns about the environment The Come by Chance oil refinery is a short car ride southeast of where I live and there is tanker traffic steadily up and down Placentia Bay an ecologically sensitive and totally irreplaceable pocket of breathtaking Atlantic Coast On the other side of life I grew up in Newfoundland when the unemployment rates were high and the self esteem was low Families who scraped and scravelled and starved for generations now have comfort and security because of the Alberta oil industry and the subseuent oil boom in the Atlantic East There are longstanding concerns in this province about the self determination of rural communities to harvest from the sea We are nervous the ruralism baby will be thrown out with urban directed sustainability bathwater Although the commercial salmon fishery critical to communities on the northeast coast was banned in the 80s due to sustainability concerns further north in Greenland salmon are still used as fertilizer to till into gardensI have a well founded bias towards this book Trevor Greene and I completed the Honours Journalism program together at King’s College A straightforward no nonsense genuine guy all the way through the fellow everybody likes for the right reasons It isn’t an urban myth these people do exist We attended a reunion together before he shipped off to AfghanistanWhen he says “not on my watch” you know it’s serious business For you and me and Trevor Greene and Mike Velemirovich There Is No Planet B

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There Is No Planet B ❴PDF❵ ✩ There Is No Planet B Author Trevor Greene – Afghan war veteran and bestselling author Captain Trevor Greene March Forth collaborates with veteran car dealer and sustainability advocate Mike Velemirovich to describe a Canada that has sold out he Afghan war veteran and bestselling author Captain No Planet ePUB ´ Trevor Greene March Forth collaborates with veteran car dealer and sustainability advocate Mike Velemirovich to describe a Canada that has sold out her hard earned democracy to oil companies They then go around the world delving into the global warming crisis promising innovative solutions There Is No Planet B admits defeat but inspires hope and touts victories There Is Kindle - in a book that shows Planet A is worth fighting for Foreword by Dr David Suzuki This is a must read for Canadians who think the environmental battle is already lost Mitch Potter Washington Bureau Chief Toronto Star.

  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • There Is No Planet B
  • Trevor Greene
  • 19 December 2014
  • 9781491228555