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Dragon Down Under [KINDLE] ❃ Dragon Down Under By Angela Castle – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Accusé d'un crime u'il n'a pas commis Kaden a été banni du Royaume des Dragons et envoyé chez les humains Sa seule chance de survivre est de trouver un endroit isolé chaud et sec où vivre sous s Accusé d'un crime u'il n'a pas commis Kaden a été banni du Royaume des Dragons et envoyé chez les humains Sa seule chance de survivre est de trouver Dragon Down Epub / un endroit isolé chaud et sec où vivre sous sa forme humaine tout en libérant de temps à autres le dragon ui vit en lui Endettée jusu'au cou Terrie Holbrook n'a plus le choix elle doit vendre son élevage de bétail et ses terres reculées du Nord de l'Australie C'est un mystérieux acheteur ui sauve sa propriété sur le point d'être vendue à une compagnie minière Si l'attirance irrésistible u'ils éprouvent l'un pour l'autre effraie d'abord Terrie c'est sans compter sur le grand dragon bleu ui fera tout pour la séduire La situation prend une tournure dramatiue lorsue le propriétaire de la compagnie minière se met en uête des trésors ue recèlent leurs terres Ils découvrent alors un mystère ancestral ui remonte à l'époue où hommes et dieux se côtoyaient Lorsue Terrie est menacée Kaden va faire tout son possible pour sauver son âme sœur et le monde des griffes d'un homme dangereux.

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  1. MelissaB MelissaB says:

    Dragon Down Under was a cute sexy story about a dragon shapeshifter who is exiled from his home realm into the human world after being wrongfully accused of a crime Once on earth Kaden meets his human true mate when he buys land in Austrailia Terrie is also instantly attracted to Kaden despite her resentment of having to sell her land to him because of money issuesThe romance was very fast moving but sexy and exciting The hero is pretty dominant and possessive but still a nice guy so if you like that type you should enjoy him One big thing I have to warn about the editing and some of the word choices are just not great While I liked the overall story the writing seemed kind of basic sometimes and needed a good editor Also the Kindle version has annoying formatting errors like adding random numbers at the end of sentencesI liked the basic story despite the editing issues I thought the dragon hero was sexy and I liked the heroine for the most part There is a spanking scene but wasn't a big deal to me since I read much intense BDSM

  2. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    Originally posted at about a dragon stripped of his powers was a wild ride once he met his opinionated human mate She didn’t make it easy but he made it fun and I had a terrific time reading Dragon Down Under There were a lot of plot levels going on in this story There’s the bad guy who truly will stop at nothing to get what he wanted And then there was the fact that Kaden the hero was framed and now has to adjust to living in a new world Of course the heroine Terrie is a one hundred percent 21st Century woman who doesn’t like the word ‘obey’ yet finds that falling in love makes her want to much to her chagrin and my delight There are aboriginal myths and magical mayhem to further intrigue readers as well as a delightful romance that flourishes between Kaden and Terrie The erotic nature of their physical relationship was done uite well and might give readers hot flashes I liked the dialogue too Kaden’s speech is reminiscent of where he came from so he has that other worldly touch and it made the paranormal aspect believable I liked Terrie’s independence and hard working demeanor She tried to resist Kaden’s appeal but there were things at work she didn’t have knowledge of When she learned about them I liked the fact Ms Castle didn’t have the heroine freak out beyond the slack jawed response Her character wasn’t sueamish or girly and the author stayed true to that I adored Kaden’s forceful personality I got a kick out of his dragon’s “Mine Mine” attitude It’s so alpha and sexy His previous job made him a master of decision action and protectiveness which rubbed against Terrie’s independent streak The results of their clashes were entertaining and well written I had a lot of fun watching the sparks fly I had absolutely no problem whatsoever with Kaden’s sexual appetites I thought the scenes were great and I enjoyed every one I will note however that one scene in particular might be too much for even progressive erotic romance readers I actually found it uitestimulating and naughty but not objectionable How should I put this? Kaden has a talented tongue and does amazing things with it in his man form andin his dragon form The fact that he is one hundred percent himself at all times and knows exactly what he’s doing and Terrie eually knows it and accepts it because it’s Kaden made it work for me This is a fantasy and I see no reason why this scene can’t be accepted but for those that need to know I’ve provided the alert The villain of the piece is a puzzle He’s definitely power hungry callous cruel and vain but something happens that has me curious Is he or isn’t he? That is the uestion only a seuel can answer Ms Castle has successfully hooked me on her world building There is richness here with than just dragons Even the Loch Ness Monster gets a bow and I laughed at what the author chose to say I liked her idea a lot better than the reality And that’s what I mean; the author has something up her sleeve regarding the bad guy and it sounds like it’s going to be uniue and interesting Her interpretation of what goes on in real life and imbuing it with paranormal elements truly fascinates me Although I never got a sense of just how dastardly the villain was or got clarity on his true motives and goals the author left me in no doubt he was a devious bad apple The happily ever after was like a fairy tale ending Kaden and Terrie get than they bargained for their friends find unexpected happiness and getting spanked isn’t such a bad thing after all All in all a fun time is eventually had by all including the reader Dragon Down Under is thorough entertainment with intense and sensual heat sure to please fans of erotic romance I enjoyed the pushpull of Kaden’s and Terrie’s growing relationship as the hero learned what it meant to be a man on a cattle station At the same time he had to figure out modern dating practices much to his consternation and my giggles Once he figured it out his gestures and overtures were as romantic as I could wish I liked the pace of the plot the dynamic of Kaden and Terrie’s relationship and the commitment each had for the other Ms Castle has written a fun engrossing and fascinating tale that kept my interest riveted from beginning to end If a reader is looking for a good uality way to spend some free time they can’t go wrong with Dragon Down Under

  3. Susan Susan says:

    I got this book on sale and I sure GOT MY MONEY's worth The story flows well and the characters are vivid and convincing The sex is HOT HOT HOT love it I think I'm going to look for a dragon to bring homeThe angst of finding your mate and having her in danger is felt keenly and the big corporation trying to take over brings out the BEAST in all of us Add in an creep of an ex boyfriend a mystery some good friends and that hot hot sex and deep love I'm recommending this to everyone

  4. Missyb Missyb says:

    interesting twists like the characters Thought she was a little too accepting of his dragon form so uickly He's been excommunicated from his realm to the human realm as punishment He lands in an area that happens to belong to a water dragon Scotland This new friend helps him adjust and set up an identity Then helps him to buy some property in a warmer climate just happens that the property he buys is in Australia and the former owner has problems of her own Her land is sought after by a wealthy pushy company but she sells to a private buyer instead of the company and that creates problems for both of them Plenty of humor sex action but the me man you woman caveman bit was annoying She ran a cattle ranch but she just lets this guy spank her as punishment for not obeying him then has sex with him It seemed a little forced to make the sex scene exciting or something Overall I liked the story and the characters

  5. ValerieC ValerieC says:

    Enjoyable story of a dragon shifter who is banished to another dimension Earth for a crime he didn't commit However he is rich dragons hoard treasue in their lairs finds a perfect piece of land in the Australian desert to move to and also finds his true mateThere is some suspense and danger that keeps things interesting Angela Castle's sentence structure is getting better than it was in the 'Warriors of Kelon' or 'Kingdom of Kell' series but there are still a lot of typos and misspellings Also the software used didn't convert well toazw format so there are a lot of symbols where a or a ? should be Irritating not that it matters because I read almost all of her books regardless

  6. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    When you combine my two favorite things the Australian Outback and dragon shifters I'm bound to love it And I did Though I hope we get a better feel for the Dragon Realm in future books A place where dragons live is bound to be exciting and sexyA really liked Kaden De Kerr who took his exile in stride especially when he inadvertently found his true mate and realized exile wasn't so bad after all and the heat of the Outback was just perfect for a cold hating dragon Station owner Terrie Holbrooke was a tough woman who took things in stride except when they affected her land West Net made a huge mistake threatening her ranch and her man and I liked the way that was resolved I look forward to sexy dragons in Australia

  7. Mark W. Mark W. says:

    Sexy funny fastDidn’t expect this much fun I enjoyed it a lot so much so I am looking forward to the next one

  8. Jim Jim says:

    About the tenth page I was feeling optimistic about the whole thing but then the pace of the book just went down the drainThe plot per se is interesting but it wasn't uiet developed to its fullest Terry our heroine has just lost her father and is now facing a huge debt that needs to be paid off or face losing her lands to a mine company that's been harrasing her family for the ownership of her lands things turn for the best when out of blue there is a new interested party on said land Kaden So far so good This couple could have been in dire need of getting to know each other first of all Kaden has been exiled from his own realm to the human one under falses accusation made by a woman at first you can tell it has a huge effect on his reaction towards woman in general but while meeting Terri all selfpreservation instincts that he might have develope flee and all his blood flows down southsame situation for Terri who should be able to distrust a bit his new boss yet they barerily exchange few pleasentries before you find them going dirtyand not soon later bondedit's just leaves all the plot on the floor making it random The macho alfa characteritic of Kaden in my opinion borders on rape when he forces himself on Terriand afterwards his caverman conclusion with Terri agreeing just made me mad I am sorry to say that I couldn't finish the book it just got to be too much for me but even the sex scenes were too much for my imagination to copeSorry to say I found it short

  9. Tam Tam says:

    This book was an okay read thus the two star rating I don't mean to imply it was a bad book but in the genre for me I have read other that I've enjoyed It has some small spelling grammar errors things like giving instead of given or then instead of them Nothing huge but surprisingly these small errors threw me than other books that were a messThe story follows our dragonman hero Kaden who gets banished from his realm to the human realm as a result of a false accusation from his ueen He ends up in the Australian outback and comes in contact with his true mate Antoinette aka Terrie Holbrook station owner Kaden buys the station saving Terrie from having to sell to West Net Mining evil bad guys West Net don't know how to take a no and become aggressive This story follows the pattern of man or dragon meets the girl and instantly knows she is his true mate I can accept it on the man's behalf as that is their nature and culture When the woman involved usually after mind blowing sex declares her love after all of maybe 24 hours I get a little skeptical I've read stories where this does happen and it's believable but the best ones are when time is allowed for the couple to actually become a coupleI gather that this story fits into a series but I'm not sure where It does read as a stand alone and it is an entertaining read However I wasn't rushing to find the next instalment if there is one

  10. Chumchum_88 Chumchum_88 says:

    Wow and hot hot hot XDI loved it seriously I literally flew through the pages everything felt surreal and wonderful and I want to meet my own dragon by chance XD Loved the victimized hero and how he turned his punishment into his reward especially meeting his true mate after he swore of women and oh boy how he chased her I loved the older dragon Alistair he was a great guy how he rescued the hero and kinda sponsored him in the human realm and then pushed him into forward positive thinking which led both of the lone dragons to find their true mates who would have thought a dragon who lived for 3 hundred years would find his mate the same time his friend does and both mates were friends from the starts XD I liked how direct the hero was with everyone he encountered telling the heroine he wants her showing her he was a dragon telling other people he's marrying her after one day of meeting her XD Everything moved so fast for the couple but the attraction and love was evident I'm just envious I wish I would discover my own dragon when the time come crossing my fingers Loved the elfdemon and human couple they were fun to watch when they were together and it shows true mates can be found gender notwithstandingOverall thumbs up

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