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  1. Lou Lou says:

    I lot of good ideas here but I felt split on which ideas were good and which ones I really really disagreed with figured it'd be good to list them out hereAGREEDFreezing bread to keep it freshStanding grilled cheese up to keep bottom from getting soggyPutting cheese on bottom of cheeseburgerCheese Whiz on Philly Cheesesteaks is terribleMilkshakes should be drinkable if you have to eat it with a spoon it's still ice creamOnion rings with too much batter are not goodSandwiching cupcakesAirplane food strategies interesting good to know about taste buds losing 30% of their abilityCraft beers are overvalued and overratedFried turkey should be done in parts not wholeFirst date food tips are solid DISAGREEDAll grilled hot dogs are bad that's only a problem when overcookedBuffet tips interesting but unnecessary also plays too much into getting your money's worth which makes me hate buffetsCrabs not being worth the work WRONG you're doing it wrongWaffles being better than pancakesThe porklift option for not getting soggy pancakes which is making a trestle of bacon putting the cakes on top to keep the bottom cake from getting soggy from too much syrup The main flaw in this is that the bacon is then ruined and made soggy in syrup Also you can just eat your pancakes immediately upon serving thus sparing the sogEating cheddar goldfish crackers like cereal in milk NOVeggieduckenThe debate over spaghetti vs pasta was way too long simple answer both are greatInstructions on how to twirl spaghetti unnecessary and managed to avoid the biggest debate in my family growing up to use a spoon or the plate to spin off ofCube farm food section funny in theory not really for in practiceSection on dunking donuts in coffeeBaked ziti being better than lasagna like other sections hot dogs spaghetti pancakes it seems like the author hasn't had a great version of the food in uestion Lasagna is obviously betterUNSUREThe part about cutting bagels into thirds I agree that too think bagels are not good for sandwiches but I would argue you should just avoid large bagels altogether There are only 2 good bagel places in Balti so I on;y have bagels from them and just avoid the chewy terribleness otherwise

  2. Kate O& Kate O& says:

    I really wanted to enjoy this book but it fails even as a meaningless piece of fluff Pashman has an obvious love of his subject but he's not nearly as clever or as interesting as he thinks he isThe book has a cutesy structure divided into academic topics such as engineering language arts etc but Pashman's failed to organise the contents of these chapters in any logical flitting from titbit to aside to asinine observation Pashman freuently breaks off and changes subject just as he's starting to get interesting for example when considering the phenomenon of steel cut oatmeal he notes that you've probably never asked what regular oats are cut with Well gee you'll have to keep wondering because we're off to the next infographic

  3. Bookworm Bookworm says:

    Cute idea but mostly fluff I had heard of the book and it seemed like a fascinating premise How to use science to make food taste better or eat efficiently etc I had forgottenwas unaware it was a podcast so I was excited to see this on BookOutlet It was a bit than what I typically pay for on that site but I really liked the idea and it wasn't available at my library anyway Unfortunately the cuteness wears off pretty uickly There are some really interesting bits of information here how to eat better on an airplane as in what foods are better vs others don't go to a buffet when they first open you're eating leftovers from last night etc It's light and fun and he has nice drawings and fun diagrams demonstrating these things But after awhile it gets repetitive really uick Some of the information is just not interesting Some of his stances are pretty subjective waffles are better than pancakes I don't have a particular stance but I don't uite understand exactly why he took some of these positions The problem is that the book was filled out and deliberately upsold to possibly be a compliment to a cookbook The US hardcover is 2499 Yikes What you're paying for is that it's a hardcover and has a lot illustrations but not a lot of substance Which is fine for the right person this would make a GREAT gift but as a substantial book I am unhappy I paid what I did which was still a good price but still not worth it It would have been better as a smaller book with not so many infographics and focus on whys and the science of it I realize the presentation is not the main part of the book but be warned it looks nice but lacks the heft Other reviews recommend sticking with the podcast and while I'm not familiar with it I would agree based on this book But as I wrote before for the right person they'd probably really enjoy this book Recommend browsing at the library or bookstore before committing

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    This was really terrible The author is not remotely as funny as he thinks he is and I had to stop after a stretch of reading felt too much like listening to the geeky guy at work making dad jokes he thinks are risue I'll admit I have never heard the podcast and perhaps he's easier to take in that form I have a soft spot for knowledgeable nerds whatever the topic of their enthusiasm but this was a bridge too far

  5. Angelic Angelic says:

    Book Riot Read Harder Challenge An audiobook This book could've been better written in places but I laughed a lot and got occasionally hungry so 4 stars it is

  6. Marzi PECEN Marzi PECEN says:

    Tongue in cheek culinary instruction book from podcast host Dan Pashman As he says the book is for eaters not foodies Duck confit and Oreo tiramisu make appearances in the book with eual reverence He covers everything from etiuette wedding planning crispness retention wing eating techniues wedding cakes correct bun length for hot hogs sandwich height discerning your babbies brisket from Bubbas brisket maintaining the proper buzz at a soirée He assigns homework for the ambitious and offers proof of your matriculation at Sportful University If you like his podcast the book will tickle you Those new to Pashman and his idealized world with various cereal option and burger constructions may take a while to warm up Bon appétit good eating to you

  7. ✿✿✿May ✿✿✿May says:

    Listening to the audiobook I found the author's voice super annoying and not engaging The information was kind of over the top and at some point it was just blah blah blah for me He was obviously passionate about the topics he discussed but it just felt so righteous and extreme And homework after each chapter? Urgh

  8. Vjera Thompson Vjera Thompson says:

    uirky snarky and very different from typical books about food The author talks about food through the lens of different topics such as engineering or biology Ideas for how to improve food abound many absurd and hilarious others oddly practical serve food at your party that can be at the Temperature of Life Good for ideas and snickers

  9. Nanci Nanci says:

    Enjoyed the science of it Got a little bogged down in psychology and math of it all but I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the book Smart It was cheeky too I could hear the authorreader smile along with me

  10. Tanya Tanya says:

    I really wanted to love this book because I love Dan Pashman But the humor felt forced and lazy tired racistssexist jokes to compensate There were a handful of great parts but overall it was pretty meh

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Eat More Better ❄ [EPUB] ✼ Eat More Better By Dan Pashman ➝ – What if you could make everything you eat deliciousAs creator of the WNYC podcast The Sporkful and host of the Cooking Channel web series You're Eating It Wrong Dan Pashman is obsessed with doing just What if you could make everything you eat deliciousAs creator of the WNYC podcast The Sporkful and host of the Cooking Channel web series You're Eating It Wrong Dan Pashman is obsessed with doing just that Eat More Better weaves science and humor into a definitive illustrated guidebook for anyone who loves food But this book isn’t for foodies It’s for eaters In the bestselling tradition of Alton Brown’s Good Eats and MFK Fisher’s The Art Eat More PDF/EPUB or of Eating Pashman analyzes everyday foods in extraordinary detail to answer some of the most pressing uestions of our time including Is a cheeseburger better when the cheese is on the bottom closer to your tongue to accentuate cheesy goodness What are the ethics of cherry picking specific ingredients from a snack mix And what role does surface area to volume ratio play in fried food enjoyment and ice cube selection Written with an infectious blend of humor and smarts Eat More Better is a tongue in cheek textbook that teaches readers to eat for maximum pleasure Chapters are divided into subjects like engineering philosophy economics and physical science and feature hundreds of drawings charts and infographics to illustrate key concepts like The Porklift—a bacon lattice structure placed beneath a pancake stack to elevate it off the plate thus preventing the bottom pancake from becoming soggy with syrup and imbuing the bacon with maple based deliciousness Eat More Better combines Pashman’s award winning writing with his unparalleled field research collected over thirty seven years of eating at least three times a day It delivers entertaining fascinating and practical insights that will satisfy your mind and stomach and change the way you look at food forever read this book and every bite you take will be better.