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Artifacts, Volume 3 ❴PDF❵ ✪ Artifacts, Volume 3 Author Ron Marz – THE EPIC CONCLUSIONOver a year in the making the final act of Top Cow's landmark ARTIFACTS is finally collected The mysterious Survivor has been revealed and his plan exposed but with the Artifact bea THE EPIC CONCLUSIONOver a year in the making the final act of Top Cow's landmark ARTIFACTS is finally collected The mysterious Survivor has been revealed and his plan exposed but with the Artifact bearers Artifacts, Volume MOBI :Ê evenly split is it possible for anyone to truly triumph And what role will the deadly Thirteenth Bearer play in the final battle RON MARZ WITCHBLADE MAGDALENA and artists JEREMY HAUN Detective Comics and DALE KEOWN THE DARKNESSPITT take the entire Top Cow Universe to the brink of destruction and beyondCollects ARTIFACTS .

10 thoughts on “Artifacts, Volume 3

  1. Bill Tillman Bill Tillman says:

    I have read books of over 1000 pages but try as I might I could not keep track of the 13 artifacts Wonderful artwork great action and fun stuff after the tale Please read the first two Artifacts first

  2. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    A new artist helped pick the book up but the cliffhanger ending really makes me hope that there's to come

  3. Nicholas Driscoll Nicholas Driscoll says:

    Still not great still kind of mildly entertaining This felt a bit like that big Brand New Day thing in Spider Man a cosmic reset switch that basically negates all that comes before and makes it all seem kind of meaningless One aspect of the story I liked and disliked was that the mystic Asian guy finally gets an explanation I like it because it's surprising he's the evil bad guy and wants to destroy the universe but I disliked it because I am not sure that it really makes sense I mean in the earlier comics Mystic Miyagi had lots of inside details about the universe and about the Witchblade and that part makes sense given his origins as a basically timeless individual from another universe But he also seemed to know about the future He was always hiding things from Sara and he was generally kind of a good guy and he could be manipulated into giving out details But is his goal was to bring the artifacts together well he didn't seem to be trying to do that at all for most of the series nor is it clear why he doesn't die nor why he has the powers he does or even what the extent of his powers are at one point he apparently blows up but is fine later Nor is it even really clear how resetting the universe works or how Mystic Miyagi failed to save his universe or even how killing Sara's daughter would help bring the universe backAfter an entire series in which Sara tries to save her daughter at the end she decides to kill her own baby to bring back the universe but would just killing the baby do that Is that really all there is to it And why did the universe reset suddenly when apparently Sara FAILED to kill her own daughter Plus the stupid sex scene between Sara and Jackie What the flying fart But whatever things explode super beings punch each other lights flash heroes do heroic things It's slam bang stupid entertainment

  4. J. J. says:

    I'm going to briefly review this whole miniseries which is volumes 1 3I really liked volume 1 it pulls together lots of different plotlines has some ballsy moments early on and really seems promisingVolume 2 is a complete waste of time I'm assuming there was some obligation to include other Top Cow characters in this big event but they're all boring and don't contribute anything to the plot I don't think anything really happens in this volume You could almost skip it completelyVolume 3 wraps everything up It's moderately satisfying although there are some out of character moments floating throughout As a soft reboot it works fine although a lot hinges on how they handle the following volumes I think

  5. Shane Shane says:

    I said I wasn't going to finish this but then I realized I already had the comics so decided to read them The characters are cool the plot was pretty standard I think I probably would have loved this if I had read a bunch of comics before this with all the characters in them but instead I got a ton of new characters thrown at me at once so I was often confused

  6. Alan Alan says:

    First a disclaimer I have a weak spot for crossovers and while there are exceptions that is what drew me to this Top CowImage title Instead of hiding the entire review I'm going to add some spoiler spaceSpoilersAll right the whole cosmic reset button I guess I was expecting too much from writer Ron Marz on this one Yes the changes appear to be for good I say appear because Jackie does remember the old universe Things are different in the new universe Some of the 13 artifacts have remained with their previous owners and some appear to have moved onto to new people Some roles have changed Sara leaves NYPD to move to Chicago to become a PI The Necromancer appears to no longer have the heart stone I did like what Joshua Oretga did with the series before its cancellation and the Rapture has moved on But my biggest complaint is that in some way I feel a little cheated Top CowImage has taken what was supposed to be an event comic and have since turned it into an ongoing series That for me and perhaps I'm being a bit small cheapens any impact this story was supposed to have

  7. Angela Angela says:

    Overall an interesting premise and a great lead in for Top Cow's apparently universal reboot The final issue leaves you hanging waiting to see what effects Jackie's decision will have on Witchblade The Darkness and the other titles involved in this crossoverBut ultimately I think Top Cow expanded too far and tried to bring too many things into Artifacts Many of the bearers existed solely to make an appearance and many characters readers have come to know and love ultimately have very little page time The inclusion of the Cyberforce and Hunter Killer characters exist solely for the sake of action seuences Others such as Ian Nottingham and Abby Van Alstiene are woefully under used And after a while the double meanings of Hope just a little irksomeBut ultimately Artifacts accomplishes its goal of rsolving current arcs for long time readers and paving the way for new directions I abandoned Witchblade somewhere around issue 80 but this reboot may be just the kick I needed to pick up the title again

  8. Keith Irwin Keith Irwin says:

    This is the third volume in the big crossover event for the Top Cow universe I got all three parts as part of a Top Cow Bundle through Humble Bundle so by this point I pretty much knew what to expect idealized female forms weird mysticism confusing fight scenes lots of events which are convenient to the plot but don't really make a lot of sense And I fully expected some big deus ex machina to bring it all to a conclusion Not to spoil anything but I'll just say that it didn't let me down I did like the extra bonus comic at the end though That was honestly the best part of the whole series

  9. Ashley Ashley says:

    I cannot praise this series enough Issues 12 13 are so wonderfully written Ron Marz is a prolific writer I was on the edge of my seat leading to the finale of the story arc Highly recommend

  10. Saif Bagmar Saif Bagmar says:

    This has almost come to an end what a relief

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