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Maggy's Child ➞ [Epub] ❥ Maggy's Child By Karen Robards ➨ – She was Mrs Lyle Forrest now the coolly elegant wife of Louisville's most prominent publisher the slum girl whose dreams and nightmares came true the night she married the multimillionaire old enough She was Mrs Lyle Forrest now the coolly elegant wife of Louisville's most prominent publisher the slum girl whose dreams and nightmares came true the night she married the multimillionaire old enough to be her father For twelve years Maggy played the role of beautiful devoted wife the burnished jewel in Lyle's crown mother of the child he adored She did it for David the son who could never know the price she paid to protect him would never see her scarsSuddenly Maggy's hard won control shattered when Nick King came back to claim her It was twelve years since they'd parted twelve years of fear and loathing at the hands of Lyle Forrest She couldn't afford to remember the soul searing passion she'd known so long ago in the arms of the only man she'd ever loved She must think of David her son Lyle's most potent weapon and not of the man she could never forget Nick who's returned to set her freeA riveting novel of love lust and savagery in Kentucky's bluegrass country a spellbinding story of a mother's sacrifice a dynasty's power and one man's passion to reclaim the woman who was born to be his.

  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Maggy's Child
  • Karen Robards
  • English
  • 23 October 2014
  • 9780440208303

About the Author: Karen Robards

Karen Robards is the New York Times USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of than fifty books and one novella She has won multiple awards including six Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Awards for favorite authorKaren has been writing since she was very young and was first published nationally in the December Reader's Digest She sold her first romance novel ISLAND FLAME wh.

10 thoughts on “Maggy's Child

  1. Leah Campbell Leah Campbell says:

    I read this book in the 1990s when first published but we didn't have Goodreads then to post a review However I remember it well because never have I been so disappointed and upset by an author misrepresenting the area of the novel's setting or making so many errors about locations in that cityespecially when it is the author's hometown and place of residence In the very beginning at a party where Nick appears guests are talking about him being from the slums and something is said in essence he's from Portland and no one with any inkling of gentility would ever admit to being from there I was born in that neighborhood and at the time of the reading of this book I was an adult sitting in the sunroom of my two story Tudor style home in that same neighborhood and it is far from being the slums The author goes on to talk about Nick and Maggie being so poor that they and others of the time and area living in the projects in the Portland neighborhood and having to eat food out of the dumpsters There is not now nor has there ever been a project or public housing in this neighborhood And as a now 62 year old lifelong resident of that neighborhood I have never known or heard of anyone having to eat out of the garbage dumpster and certainly not when this novel took place In another part of the book the author goes on to name the projects and it was an actual public housing complex but located in an entirely different area of the city I understand an author's right to take literary license with some things but locations and facts of the city should not be one of them I don't think anyone writing a novel set in New York City would say the Empire State Building is located on Park Avenue rather than 5th Avenue or that Harlem is in Brooklyn I only read this book because it was set in Louisville but sorry I spent my money on it and haven't read a Karen Robards novel since My being perturbed with the author aside it was still just a cheap romance with no substance

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Didn't like this one as much as I like other books of hers that I've read It was definitely lacking in suspense and was really predictable and somewhat cheesy Te heroine Maggy was really whiny and had several hours long crying sprees and was often carried around by Nick the story's hero I simply could not understand her reasoning for leaving him in the first place Robards provides an explanation of course but it just didn't make sense to me and didn't seem to fit the characters at all There were also only a few major twists and hardly any suspense The romance aspect was okay and I enjoyed Nick's and Link's relationship as brothers a lot so that did redeem the book a littleview spoiler I think my main problem was with Maggy She just didn't have a good excuse for why she took David from Nick and let Lyle raise him She was supposedly a strong female character when she was younger throwing things cussing fighting always sticking up for herself And then with Lyle she changed She was meek and he beat her had his brother in law rape her and she stayed so that her son would have clothes food etc? He could have had that anyway if she and Nick simply worked She didn't have to agree to marry a rich stranger for no reason other than he had money I can see where she was scared her son would grow up in poverty like she did but I don't get betraying the love of your life for money I felt bad for Nick and really liked him as the hero hide spoiler

  3. Alex Alex says:

    This book was enjoyable for a lot of reasons but I also struggled with it for a lot of reasons I'm on a Karen Robards kick because I've just discovered her and there's a lot in her writing that I enjoy and that remind me of another favorite author Sandra Brown She handles the emotional intensity in much the same way but also draws these characters who feel interesting and complicated and who I want to know about From the first sentence Nick King had me His enduring love for Maggy was lovely but born out of something bigger for me than just soulmates garbage This wasn't an epic romance of cheese it was built on two kid who grew up in the slums together survived together and always loved one another like family Nick protected and took care of Maggy when no one else could and their love grew from something shared by children to something bigger than them both And then something happened And Maggy's choice is one of the stupidest most ridiculous I can't believe her logic sort of things that land her in a world of trouble and separate her and Nick for 12 years So despite that TSTL choice that Maggy made as soon as you see these two together you just feel it That spark That reaction That tightness in your chest that these two are completely unaware of anything outside of the other So I loved them together I loved Nick's brother Link and I enjoyed aspects of the premise There were certain things I wish I could have seen between them and a little out of the ending but still I was not only taken by surprise but I was also constantly rooting for these two kids from the wrong side of the tracks to make good And like any romance worth its weight they do And that makes reading it worthwhile

  4. Kristi Lewis Kristi Lewis says:

    Good Read a page turner I hate abuse of any kind and I don't understand why anyone can have pleasure in the mistreatment of someone else Especially to those whom they say they love Maggy and Nick grew up together and fell in love then Maggy is pregnant and doesn't want to raise a child getting by with Nick petty thefts and chose to take an offer from a wealthy man to raise her baby as his But Nick has always loved Maggy and vowed to find her for they belong to each otherLyle Winta ers is a sick sick man and enjoys inflicting pain upon her and using her son as leverage to keep her in line There were some steamy sex some funny times and some awful terror all within the pages Karen Robards delivered a great story Unfortunately this is a real tragic problem that goes on everyday all over the world to A little to women children and even men

  5. Kym McNabney Kym McNabney says:

    This was my first book that I read by this author and I'll definitely be looking for her name again Its' a great story with loveable characters Each time the story started to even out something happened taking you off guard The book was well written packed filled with great lines Love Nick and his dedicated love for Maggy

  6. Darlene Torday Darlene Torday says:

    Action packed ending works well with the secret baby former lovers meeting years later A must read

  7. Debbie Evancic Debbie Evancic says:

    A romantical story of two kids from the projects Nick and Maggy They got in trouble and Maggy looked for a way out because she felt Nick was too immature to handle a child She was offered a union with a very wealthy man and she took it but instead of finding happiness discovered a world full of personal abuse and violence12 years later Nick reappears in her life at a time when she really needs someone and the romance continues It was a predictable love story but entertaining A good beach read

  8. Heide Katros Heide Katros says:

    Maggy’s child by Karen RobardsNot what you expect these days from a truly gifted author Maggy’s child lacked the breathtaking aura of MsRobards other novels It did explode into a frenzy of events in the last chapters Sex scenes were supposed to flesh out a sagging middle but lost their appeal by simply too much It still makes for a pleasant read Reviewed by Heide KatrosWinter Haven News FL

  9. Andrea Andrea says:

    Pub date 1996 True beach read Maggy is unhappily married her husband abuses herRaised in poverty across the Ohio River in Indiana Maggy's husband is from a wealthy well connected family in Louisville KYOld boyfriend she hasn't seen in 12 years reappears in her life

  10. Cheri Cheri says:

    My opinion of this book is that I liked it

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