The Man in the Glass Booth; A Play. PDF/EPUB ¹ Man in

The Man in the Glass Booth; A Play. ✫ [PDF] ✑ The Man in the Glass Booth; A Play. By Robert Shaw ✸ – Drama 18 m 3 f Drama m f.

About the Author: Robert Shaw

Robert Archibald Shaw was an English in the Kindle Ö actor and novelist remembered for his performances in From Russia with Love A Man for All Seasons The Sting and Jaws where he played the shark hunter uintIn addition to his acting career Shaw was also an accomplished writer of novels plays and screenplays His first novel The Hiding Place published in met with positi.

6 thoughts on “The Man in the Glass Booth; A Play.

  1. Paul Paul says:

    Writercriticpunkgeek extraordinaire Michael Marano told me this play written by Robert Shaw yes that Robert Shaw was a kick in the teeth Holy damn was it ever A maybe crazy maybe not ex Nazi is brought back to Israel to stand trial for his war crimes Chilling moving thought provoking and written to within an inch of it's life Well worth tracking down

  2. Christopher Christopher says:

    I don't really know what to think of this It was all over the place and the ending really doesn't make much sense There is no reason for someone to do what he did no sane reason anyway It's certainly Interesting though

  3. carl theaker carl theaker says:

    You have to see a play to feel its emotions and read it to understand its interpretation The American Film Theatre did a series of plays for the movies circa 1975and this was one powerful effort It's difficult notto give a film review of this play though yes thisis GoodReads Maximillian Schell plays the protagonist a rich acerbic Jewish businessman who oneday is captured by Israeli commandos a la Eichmann tobe tried as a Nazi war criminal Though this was a small time artsy film Schell was inthe running for a best actor Oscar losing out to JackNicholson for Cuckoo's Nest to show you the level theacting that was performed The plays shows the struggles with determining who really is guiltyand why blending the genocide with Christ and who isthis Man in the Glass booth Also a bit of peculiarity the author is the actor Robert Shawlately best known for uint in Jaws

  4. Brittany Jackson Brittany Jackson says:

    I am not sureI see where it could be greatI think I am a little confused and need to reread

  5. Christine Christine says:

    This is a lovely book It's literature for its own sake There is no thesis nor message to it It's just beautifully wrought language with an evoked rather than descriptive narrative

  6. Nicole West Nicole West says:

    so many twists and turns in this playI couldn't keep track

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