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Handwriting Analysis ➹ [Read] ➵ Handwriting Analysis By Peter Dennis ➼ – This book which has sold over 10000 printed copies explains all you need to know about handwriting analysis in order to produce a comprehensive profile of anyone’s personality It is clear straightfo This book which has sold over printed copies explains all you need to know about Handwriting Analysis in order to produce a comprehensive profile of anyone’s personality It is clear straightforward and easy to follow It has been used in classrooms with beginners and it serves as a handy reference for the experienced analystThis third edition delves into the darker side of human personality and shows you how you can identify different signs in handwriting that signal potential danger and dishonesty These signs are found in the writings of convicted criminals serial killers con artists and others who are not to be trusted Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be approximately three times important to success in life and in the workplace than I Chapter seven shows you how to evaluate your own Emotional uotient ECompatibility is critical to establishing strong fulfilling and lasting relationships The differences that exist between people the difficult it is for them to be compatible Chapter eight shows you how Handwriting Analysis can identify many of the most important differencesEach child's uniue personality is reflected in his or her handwriting Chapter nine provides many insights and helpful suggestions for parents and teachers to assist in the learning and development of our childrenThis is a teaching book Its easy to follow format provides a sound introduction to the subject it shows you how to identify over different aspects of personality and it gives the reader everything necessary to produce comprehensive useful and revealing analyses.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 211 pages
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Peter Dennis
  • English
  • 15 June 2015

About the Author: Peter Dennis

Peter Dennis was born in Inspired by contemporary magazines such as Look and Learn he studied illustration at Liverpool Art College Peter has since contributed to hundreds of books predominantly on historical subjects He is a keen wargamer and modelmaker He is based in Nottinghamshire UK.

2 thoughts on “Handwriting Analysis

  1. Fatima Fatima says:

    Once I picked up this book I simply could not put it down Being a handwriting analysis enthusiast and having read many books and articles about the topic I found this book to be an absolute gem The author is remarkably knowledgeable and covers everything from the very basics to all the details an expert to be might have in mind Instead of categorizing writing styles into Good and Bad groups this book realistically dissects the possible origins Although most authors in similar statuses and subjects tend to adopt a know it all attitude Peter Dennis helps the reader keep an open mind through his scholarly and mature approach As a teacher working with young children handwriting analysis allows me to understand my students better and faster Therefore I particularly enjoyed the notes in the book highlighting the application of this knowledge in working with children I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter Dennis in person Peter is an exceptional teacher and I can attest that the positive holistic and thorough approach he has to everyday topics is also mirrored in his work

  2. Hazel Hazel says:

    Interesting Many of these types of books format is uite odd and not practical Now to find a book on non cursive writing analysis

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