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Thief of Copper Canyon [BOOKS] ✴ Thief of Copper Canyon ✻ Elizabeth Graham – Why was he so eager to keep her awayDani Benson's car was stranded in the British Columbian spring floods The fact that she was on her way to claim an inheritance added to her irritationRescue came in Why was he so eager to keep her awayDani Benson's car was stranded in the Thief of PDF/EPUB ² British Columbian spring floods The fact that she was on her way to claim an inheritance added to her irritationRescue came in the form of a mysterious attractive fugitive named Burt whose tumbledown cabin where she was forced to stay was miles from civilizationI don't care who you are or whom you're hiding from she told him I just want to get to Copper Canyon Ranch But that was the one thing he seemed determined to keep her from doing.

  • Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • Thief of Copper Canyon
  • Elizabeth Graham
  • English
  • 10 July 2015
  • 9780373104031

6 thoughts on “Thief of Copper Canyon

  1. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    The misled h a model travels from California to British Columbia to demand her share in a ranch which she believes her dead grandfather co owned The granddad had taken off decades ago after the death of his wife leaving his only son in the care of an aunt and had communicated with his son’s family only a handful of times Now of course she dint need the money for herself but for her mother’s treatmentSo she travels all the way by car only to be stranded north of Kamloops by heavy rain has an accident gets rescued by a stranger who takes her to his rough cabin up the mountain Stranded by rains and in enforced proximity with a mysterious stranger the prickly h deduces he must be a fugitive hiding from the law here in the wilderness They bicker some kiss some cook and eat some and so a cabin fever romance ensues He goes out to hunt during the day while she plays house cooking and cleaning and daydreaming about kids with dark hair and eyes her mission of confronting the ranch owner only a vague memoryNot to give away much but it is obvious to the reader from the beginning that the dark stranger is of course the rancher himself So what is his real motive to keep the h nicely trapped up in the cabin while he comes and goes?The h is a little snarky and gets a bit on the nerves but she also falls for the H uite hard and fast The H is hot and mysterious but obviously smitten guy who uses dishonest means to keep the h from finding her way to the ranchI always adore an isolated in a cabin story and this had all the reuisite elements complete with a dog The ending is sweet and satisfying

  2. MissKitty MissKitty says:

    This was just ok It started off very boring The heroine Dani needs money for her sickmother's medical treatment Though she is a successful model she doesn't earn enough to cover the medical expenses They receive word that her wealthy grandfather has just died Dani goes off to his ranch in Canada to claim a part of the inheritance so she can use it to pay for the medical expenses The whole ranchNow belongs to the partner Grant King but Dani wants to fight for a claim On the way she gets into an accident and is rescued by the mysterious Burt He takes her to a cabin in the woods to recuperate They are somewhat stranded there since the roads have been washed out by the storm At first Dani is wary and afraid of Burt but he treats her decently enough He goes out everyday to catch food for them An attraction is building between them but Dani thinks Burt is a Fugitive from the law Also he keeps dissuading her from claiming her inheritance from the new owner Grant King More events happen she helps an injured dog that apparently belongs to the ranch Until one day Dani decides to follow the dog back to the ranch and confront Grant KingBy this time the reader would probably suspect the big reveal The man she knows as Burt is Grant King Dani is uite furious and even when he proposes marriage she refuses She goes around inspecting her property and acting like an owner until the housekeeper reveals that her grandfather never lived on that ranch He was the one living in the cabin but he wanted his family to think he was successful so he wrote to them that he owned the ranch Dani is devastated and tries to run away but once again she lands in a ditch and Grant rescues her and brings her back to the cabin where they declare their love for each other Then he promises to take care of her mother's medical expenses and will bring her to live with them

  3. Marilyn Upright Marilyn Upright says:

    I disliked Dani at first She was very judgemental until she started liking BurtThe fact that Burt lied to her about who he was and kept it from her didnt help Even though they suppossedly ended up happily ever after the started out very badly

  4. Femke Femke says:

    Leuk tijdverdrijf als je even niet wil nadenken Bij het begin van het boek weet je al hoe het af gaat lopen Niet heel spannend

  5. أجمل زهرة أجمل زهرة says:

    262 الفيضانمن روايات عبير الجديدةعلمت داني بوفاة جدها فقررت الذهاب الى كندا لكي تطالب غرانت كينغ بنصيبها من الميراث ولكنها تعرضت لحادث في طريق وعرة قبل وصولها الى المزرعة ووقعت سيارتها في حفرة مليئة بالوحولانقذها رجل فاتن وعرض عليها استضافتها في كوخه البدائيلم يكن لدى داني خيار آخر وادركت بسرعة انه هارب من القانون ولكن لماذا يعيش هنا في هذا المكان المعزول؟ وكانت تلاحظ انه لطيف وحنون ومع ذلك كانت تخاف منه ولا تثق به

  6. Caontiss Caontiss says:

    do anyone know where can i red it online

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