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The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne By Nathaniel Hawthorne – Borders Classics Edition with gilt embossed lettering on leather look hard cover gilt edged pages Borders Classics Edition with gilt embossed of Nathaniel PDF ↠ lettering on leather look hard cover gilt edged pages.

3 thoughts on “The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne

  1. William Baurle William Baurle says:

    I avoided Hawthorne for most of my life why I don't know But actually hey you know what? I do know GOD saved the best for last I've read much of George Eliot Melville Hardy James Maugham Willa Cather Faulkner Steinbeck etc Bye the bye Hawthorne stands head and shoulders above everybody else He is remarkable Even if he had just written Buds and Bird Voices his place in American letters would have been stamped and permanent

  2. Jennie Jennie says:

    We really enjoyed the continuation of the retelling of Ancient Greek stories but we agreed that we liked The Tanglewood Tales best

  3. Mark McKenna Mark McKenna says:

    The Blythedale Romance is set mostly in Blythedale a fictional Utopian community based on one that Hawthorne worked and lived at for a year not sure of the year but the book was written around 1850 It's written in the style of the times with long sentences lots of dependent clauses and arcane vocabulary That being said it's worth the efort because Hawthorne has a very fine perception of all his characters' motivations and behaviors including his own He appears as Miles Cloverdale the narrator of the tale A famous young poet Cloverdale is portrayed as a somewhat emasculated somewhat foppish somewhat idealistic and very perceptive of faults and foibles including his own The Blythedale Romance carries a few different story lines to their appointed conclusions One is the romance between the passionate wealthy and beautiful Zenobia and Hollingsworth a powerful man with a 'grand vision' to reform the criminal classes a vision he has become obsessed with and a vision that causes him to destroy four livesCreating a triangle is a waif named Priscilla a young girl who has a powerful crush on Hollingsworth As this tragedy plays out the reader also becomes fascinated by the narrator himself and his correct perception that the grand social experiment Blythdale represents is doomed to failure I enjoyed the beautiful language of this book delicate and ornate It also is imbued with the grand passion of writers of the age; bosoms heave tears flow heavens are rent etc

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