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The Fair Maid of Bohemia ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Fair Maid of Bohemia By Edward Marston ➲ – A plague is terrorizing Elizabethan England and its theaters are empty for fear of contagion Just as it seems that Lord Westfield's Men must disband they receive an invitation to perform at the Imperi Maid of ePUB ´ A plague is terrorizing Elizabethan England and its theaters are empty for fear of contagion Just as it seems that Lord Westfield's Men must disband they receive an invitation to perform at the Imperial Court in Prague an event they believe will be their crowning achievement The invitation is from the fairest maid of Bohemia and great niece of Rudolph II the alluring Sophia Magdalena In confidence their patron Lord Westfield has given Nicholas Bracewell secret documents to deliver to an English doctor in Rudolph's court Talbot Royden While the The Fair eBook ↠ troupe is en route to Prague the brutal murder of an actor during their first performance turns their journey into a nightmare especially when Bracewell realizes that he himself was the intended victim Arriving in Prague after having been trailed through Europe by mysterious pursuers the troupe discovers that the eccentric court of Rudolph II keeps its own perilous secrets and that instead of being a revered guest of the Court the doctor Talbot Royden is languishing in a castle dungeon As the debut of their play dedicated to Sophia Magdalena Fair Maid of Epub Ü nears Nicholas Bracewell needs all his skills to rescue the company from the whirlpool of deceit and danger into which they have plunged.

10 thoughts on “The Fair Maid of Bohemia

  1. BeesReads BeesReads says:

    Another of this series set in the world of Elizabethan theatre that I have been reading over the past couple of years in completely random order depending on when they appear on the bargain shelves of a local store In this one the plague black death has resurfaced in London and the authorities have put a ban on plays The company fearful that they will lose their livelihoods get invited by the Emperor of Bohemia to perform for him A slimmed down troop depart for the continent Murder and mayhem ensue Our hero Nicholas Bracewell is Mr Goody Two Shoes as ever Enjoyable historical romp Though well researched regarding Elizabethan theatre costume performances administration etc these books aren't particularly demanding and are perfect for reading in bed

  2. Ken Ken says:

    Another light mystery from Marston which keeps you guessing until the end

  3. Caroline Caroline says:

    I love Edward Marston books and this one was no exceptionThe plague is back in London and Westfield's Men are once again going on tour However this is a tour with a difference The actors are to travel to Prague via Holland and Germany Their goal? To perform a play in the centre of Prague for some important people Until Westfield's Men arrive in the city they are unaware of their ultimate destinationBracewell and Firethorn are also charged with taking a small box and some papers to Prague and must give them to a certain person who would know the meaning of bothAs per usual trouble and murder follow the acting troupe as they wend their way towards Prague but Nicholas Bracewell soon sorts it all out

  4. Elisabeth Bibbings Elisabeth Bibbings says:

    Another not too taxing romp with Westfield's Men through the Tudor period Plague has struck London causing theatres to close and actors to be out of work Fortunately a Bohemian princess has seen the last performance of the troupe before they are shut down and she demands their presence at the Bohemian court Following the Emperor's invitationcommand they set out on a journey to Prague but two mysterious parcels are entrusted to them and someone knows Nicholas Bracewell is carrying them As ever Laurence Firethorn is larger than life Barnaby Gill is his camp opponent Owen Elias just loves everything about life and Nicholas Bracewell keeps everybody together and sane well sort of

  5. Robert Hepple Robert Hepple says:

    Published in 1997 The Fair Maid of Bohemia is the 9th in the series of Elizabethan mysteries featuring Nicholas Bracewell member of an acting troupe based in London In this adventure the onset of plague is instrumental in the group accepting a reuest to perform at the Royal Court in Prague in front of the mad king Rudolf II of Bohemia This makes for a colourful backcloth to what is a thin and often predictable plot but this is usual in a series where interaction between regular characters is such a strong feature Very enjoyable

  6. Nicky Warwick Nicky Warwick says:

    The last one of Edward Marstons books that I have at the momentThis is book 9 in the Elizabethan series featuring Nicholas Bracewell the Westfields Men theatre troupeWe find the troupe accepting an invitation to play in Bohemia and the story follows their journey across EuropeThese really are sweet little stories with characters you begin to like despite the fact they are not in the league of other Elizabethan era novels I've read I'll probably look out for Mr Marstons books in future though

  7. Soozee Soozee says:

    This book is unusual as the troupe are taken overseas to Prague to avoid the plague; but the usual high standard of historical accuracy and character portrayal pervades However I found the plot itself a little contrived and not really handled as well as in others in this excellent series Overall it was still fun to read but didn't uite hit the high standard attained by others in the series

  8. Annette O& Annette O& says:

    another very good read loving all the characters in these books

  9. Mark Pasquini Mark Pasquini says:

    It seemed a little slow and plodding Story line was forced in spots A beach read

  10. Cat. Cat. says:

    This book is another in the Westfield's Men series set in Elizabethan England This time however the troupe of actors are forced to leave London to avoid the plague The authorities have shut down all places where people congregate in order to cut down on potential infectionInstead of touring the provinces however the actors are reuested to perform in Bohemia for the Holy Roman Emperor Before they leave Nicholas is taken aside by two individuals and asked to carry messages to Bohemia Immediately upon arriving on the mainland one of the troupe is murdered and it becomes obvious that the intended victim was Nicholas himself Once they arrive in Prague at least one of the messages is impossible to deliver because the recipient is imprisoned The Emperor appears to have lost his mind and someone is still trying to kill Nicholas Good story I knew who the bad guy was but in spite of that it was nice to see the guys seeing something besides London

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