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  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    This is the 1st in a series of 8 books that I've read many times during my childhoodUsed to get them at the library every summer sometimes I read them in order sometimes not it didn't really matter I enjoyed them whatever way I read themTo be honest it wasn't reading it was sharing the adventures with the characters they did get into some predicaments ones we all dreamed about getting into ourselves as kids in real life I got the boxed set for Christmas when I was 40 I read them again Again when I was 50 and yes I'll read them again someday They bring me back to endless summer days of innocence leading a sheltered protected life and turning pages and getting lost in exciting adventure with my 4 friends I think revisiting these books from time to time has had a hand in keeping me young at heartSomeday is here Read The Island of Adventure yet againI don't think I'll ever out grow this book or the rest of the series Not as long as I have a sense of adventure in my heart

  2. CLM CLM says:

    My review first and perhaps most memorable of Blyton's Adventure series starring Dinah and her brother Philip and his assorted animals Jack and his wimpy sister Lucy Ann and Kiki the Parrot No one who has read this book will forget the perilous descent into a dark well relying on metal staples for grip Fusty musty dusty

  3. Tom Seward Tom Seward says:

    Enid Blyton is an amazing childrens author bestselling in the world Although almost undiscovered by AmericansThis series The Adventure Series is 8 books long Features 4 friends who fall into adventures with counterfeiters gunrunners treasure hunters and the like Jack Philip Diana and Lucy Anne and their crazy talking parrot KIKI are a lot of fun to follow through their adventures This series is top notch reading introduce your children to Enid Blyton today

  4. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    I am afraid to reread these books again I started to ten or fifteen years back and was appalled at how dead cliche they were But when I was ten they were the most riveting and exciting books I'd ever found and I adored them Blyton mastered the formula of establishing character types so that the kid reader can easily recognize characters and motivations gets the adults conveniently out of the way and lets the kids have the adventure and solve things The prose is instantly accessible the humor really taps into what is funny to kids

  5. Jake Collins Jake Collins says:

    The Adventure series is brilliant Enid Blyton at her absolute best It's like the Famous Five series but much hard core Jack Philip Dinah and Lucy Ann constantly find themselves in extreme survival situations that would probably make the Five decide to cut their losses and take their own lives Usually although not in this particular instalment the children get themselves trapped in some godforsaken foreign country for months on end with apparently no feasible way of ever escaping This means of course that this particular gang of adventurers is regularly forced to endure life with no ginger beer or glistening pink ham for several months at a time which is surely a situation that would see the Five dead within a weekThe Island of Adventure is not the very best book in this series but it still deserves five stars for the precedents it sets in terms of characterisation settings and perilous situations Jack Philip and Lucy Ann draw us immediately into a daring bit of adult defying trickery that kicks off the adventure with just the right tone and Kiki the parrot is hilarious from the very first page The mystery surrounding Bill Smugs in his tumbledown shack is also a highlight of this oneFans of the series coming back to read this book after a few years may be surprised to find that Philip and Dinah's mother one of the two prominent adults in this series has only one line here marvelling at the size of Bill's overflowing Thermos This seems to set a suitable tone for the subseuent development of their relationship

  6. Tara Calaby Tara Calaby says:

    The Adventure series was one of my favourites when young but I don't think I read this particular title than once going by the fact that I didn't remember the plot at all when re reading it It's a strong adventure story for kids although I personally think that later titles in the series were stronger Certain aspects of the book are a little bemusing when reading as an adult like the strange man whom the children befriend and eventually invite into their bedroom for the night ; There were obviously fewer fears about STRANGER DANGER when Blyton was writing

  7. Rogerio Rogerio says:

    This is typical Enid Blyton stile and has a striking similarity with the Famous 5 story where they go to the island for the first time It is actually 5 once 4 kids and 1 parrot on school holidays 2 kids visiting other 2 kids secret passages bandits etc It is a good story to read however if you read the Famous 5 this book comes across as not being very creative and a sort of of the same The cavalry gets there in the end

  8. Abigail Abigail says:

    The first in a series of eight books detailing the adventures of a group of children and their avian companion The Island of Adventure first published in 1944 introduces young readers to Philip and Dinah Mannering Jack and Lucy Ann Trent and Kiki the parrot When Jack and Lucy Ann come to stay with Philip and Dinah at Craggy Tops their aunt and uncle's home on the rugged Cornwall coast the four children are soon caught up in an exciting mystery involving the nearby Isle of Gloom Who is responsible for the strange lights that Jack sees one night first from a ship along the coast and then on the cliffs near Craggy Tops? Who's been on the Isle of Gloom despite its reputed inaccessibility and what have they been doing in the old abandoned copper mines there? And what does it all have to do with Bill Smugs the children's new friend?Begun last year after I learned that the author whose books are largely unknown in the United States is the sixth most popular author in the world my Enid Blyton Project has thus far included the fifteen volume Five Find Outers and Dog series a few of the Noddy books and the first installment of The Famous Five series But The Island of Adventure is without a doubt the most enjoyable Blyton I have read thus far An exciting plot and engaging characters make me wish I had access to the next seven in the Adventure Series I'm finally beginning to get an inkling as to why Blyton whose writing is mostly mediocre is so beloved She keeps the reader wanting

  9. Helen Yeomans Helen Yeomans says:

    I came across this book from my youth and decided to re read it to see if it stands up It does Enid Blyton apparently wrote than 700 books for children but I always thought you could keep your Noddys and your Famous Fives; the Adventure series was my favourite I liked the two sets of siblings Phillip and Dinah and their friends Jack and Lucy Ann And Kiki the parrot is still good for a laugh or two The adults especially Bill Smugs were always around when you needed them but conveniently absent otherwiseI've since taken out three in the series And reading them I notice something I always enjoyed about other kids' books for example Wind in the Willows Swallows and s the importance of foodI know I'm dating myself here but kids haven't changed much Dinners and breakfast and lunch are immensely important to the young and one of the key moments in all the Adventure books always concerns them stumbling over a cache of tinned foods that will phew tide them over until help comes Who can forget Ratty's glorious repast on that spring day on the river bank coldtonguecoldhamcoldbeefpickledgherkinssaladfrenchrollscresssandwichespottedmeatgingerbeerlemonadesodawater— or Toad's first meal after being thrown in jail and a plate piled up with very hot buttered toast cut thick very brown on both sides with the butter running through the holes in great golden drops The Adventure kids don't as a rule get into that level of culinary delight but when they're sitting around the cave floor or whatever tucking into spam and pineapple chunks you can still relate And if I'm not mistaken in one of the books all the tins are unlabelled which is even funThis series is fine for children 8 12 in my view It's not wholly scrubbed clean Bill lights a cigarette in one spot But a little perspective never hurt anyone

  10. Shawne Shawne says:

    I'm a fan of Enid Blyton A HUGE fan And yes I have found pleasure beyond rose tinged nostalgia even re reading her books as an adult I suppose there's a reason I never stumbled upon the Adventure series as a child while Blyton deals fantastically well with boarding school stories and fantasy worlds for children whether it be fairies and gollywogs adventure stories seem rather less her forte And I would hazard a guess that this series is accordingly lesser known than some of her classics This first installment in the series does get its motor revving near the end but there are far too many contrivances of plot for the story to hang together entirely comfortably The characters feel a little stereotyped than usual each one defined by a singular characteristic and struggling hard to make the leap from page to heart I'm definitely hoping that the rest of the series is an improvement on this first book

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The Island of Adventure ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Island of Adventure By Enid Blyton ⚣ – A beautiful 70th anniversary edition of the first book in Enid Blytons classic Adventure series gloriously illustrated with the original line drawings by Stuart Tresilian now in full color and with a A beautiful th anniversary edition of the first book in Enid Blytons classic Adventure series gloriously illustrated with the original line drawings by Stuart Tresilian now in full color and with a foreword by Cressida CowellFor Philip Dinah Lucy Ann Jack and Kiki the parrot the summer holidays The Island PDF \ in Cornwall are everything theyd hoped for until they begin to realize that something very sinister is taking place on the mysterious Isle of Gloom where a dangerous adventure awaits them in the abandoned copper mines and secret tunnels beneath the sea.

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • The Island of Adventure
  • Enid Blyton
  • English
  • 20 March 2014
  • 9780230770706

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