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  1. Cris Cris says:

    This is a military historian's book that focuses very much on Justinian's dream for reunifying the Roman empire but not a lot on the scandalous Theodora One page is all she gets for a bio The rest is Justinian and his ambitions to unify the empire through law theology and warfare The first part of the book is rushed but the book slows do a conversational tone as soon as Justinian ascends to the throne The author is particularly able when explaining the causes of the Nika rebellion and also when playing architectural tour guide through the Haggia Sophia Justinian's masterpiece Belissarius looms large as does Totila Interesting reading first source uotes from Justinian in understanding how he saw his policy Not what the title led me to expect but very decent

  2. Glenn Robinson Glenn Robinson says:

    A good basic book on the life of Justinian Light on the life of Theodora The two big focus areas of this book centered on Justinian's attempt to rebuild Byzantium to the glory of the old Roman Empire with re conuests of North Africa and Italy and dealing with the different view of Christianity The Holy Trinity or the Monophysitics which was firmly in place in Egypt and growing in Syria Justinian never did get the empire back and his last few decades saw Rome sacked Constantinople attacked and many tribes from the East change the landscape of Byzantium While the empire lasted for almost 900 years the change in governance from the Roman Empire and the Byzantium Empire made his reign the turning point especially for the West Very little about Theodora other than a few comments

  3. James James says:

    I gave this book a four star rating because I was very impressed by extensive research compacted in such a short book I really enjoyed reading about the battles court intrigue between Justinian Theodora and Belisarius and his wife

  4. Matthew Murawski Matthew Murawski says:

    This book was very dry but it was a wonderful bedtime read to nod off to The history is fascinating even without much embellishment and the images of the artifacts and frescoes are gorgeous

  5. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    How many books do you have to read before it can be claimed you have a thing for a topic? Two books? Ten? I would say I definitely have a thing for the late Roman era with sub things for Augustine and north Africa and recently for Justinian's reign of the Byzantine empire Admittedly reading historical fantasy by Guy Gavriel Kay sparked the Justinian thing but it's taken off since This book by Browning is a really excellent look at Justinian's empire and all the complicated people who surrounded him It was fun to see unfolding some of the events and characters that Kay swiped for his novels and fun to see the true stories of these people and get a sense of what parts of Kay's work are fact and what are fiction Not that Browning is only interesting to Kay aficionados I found this book accessible and really informative in its own right There's a lot about the battles and less about Theodora and the court life but in Browning's defense the battles are much better documented than the lives of women even women like Theodora This book is also beautifully illustrated which really helps with the architectural details and also with imagining who these people really were Highly recommended

  6. Cris Cris says:

    The overall lens of BroWning's book is Justinian's attempts to reunify the Roman empire by military and political means The first couple of chapters the prelude seemed hurried HoWever after Justinian becomes emperor the book takes on a entertaining tone Very little focused attention is given to topics that the author disregards as 'vulgar' ex the biography of ex actress and courtesan the empress Theodora is only one dry page long Comments about the number of christian persecutions before Justinian might be taken With a grain of salt as they give no exact figures or places and contradict other experts MeanWhile the Nika rebellion and the campaigns against Totila and the visigoths in Italy loom large as does Justinian's plan to unify his kingdom through religious accords and laW I Was pleasantly surprised to read an in depth description of the architecture of the Church of the Holy Wisdom Haggia sophia Overall an enjoyable if opinionated book

  7. Birgitta Hoffmann Birgitta Hoffmann says:

    While the referencing could be better Robert Browning's biographies is a very readable account of the years of Justinian's reign

  8. Nick Nick says:

    Really good and useful biography of Justinian and his wife Theodora

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Justinian and Theodora [Read] ➻ Justinian and Theodora ➸ Robert Browning – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Thodora impratrice femme de Justinien — Wikipdia Thodora en grec Θεοδώρα est une impratrice byzantine ne vers Chypre et morte en ConstantinopleElle rgna conjointement avec son mari Justinien Thodora impratrice femme de Justinien — Wikipdia Thodora en grec Θεοδώρα est une impratrice byzantine ne vers Chypre et morte en ConstantinopleElle rgna conjointement avec son mari Justinien dont elle devient l'pouse lgitime en soit deux ans avant leur couronnement La jeunesse de Thodora est incertaine et comporte plusieurs zones d'ombres La principale source sur la premire partie de sa vie Justinien Thodora et la tentation monophysite Page ralise avec le concours de Smiramis Ide JUSTINIEN THODORA ET LA TENTATION MONOPHYSITE Arriv Justinian and MOBI :Ê la tte de l'Empire l'empereur Justinien doit affronter ses voisins barbares et les dissensions internes aux glises chrtiennes BBC Radio You're Dead To Me Justinian and Justinian and Theodora You're Dead To Me Before Kim and Kanye there was Justinian and Theodora – discover a love story for the Byzantine ages Greg is joined by comedian Shappi Khorshandi and Justinian and Theodora — Kingdom Preppers Justinian and Theodora as well as high officials of Constantinople “shut themselves up in the palace and remained uietly there” writes Procopius Whether they expected the riot to die down on its own or not the trouble only worsened The rebels sought a new ruler and so selected Hypatius the nephew of the deceased and wise Anastasius who Justin had usurped Hypatius who was a Justinian and Theodora A Love Story | Charlotte Justinian and Theodora worked together on this project as they did on many projects Theodora ensured that the Justinian Code gave women rights and protections they had never had Under the new laws daughters inherited with their brothers widows retained control of their dowries the daughters of slaves were not slaves actresses were allowed to change their profession pimping was Justinian Theodora Marriage Facts Mosaics Justinian and Theodora ruled the Byzantine Empire the surviving eastern half of the Roman Empire that was based in Constantinople Together this Byzantine power couple dominated the th century Byzantine Art as Propaganda Justinian and The great double mosaic of Justinian and Theodora at San Vitale in Ravenna is a forceful exercise in demonstrating power through art as propaganda fusing political and religious imagery for a double statement of authority In the th century many intellectual Christians not necessarily an oxymoron despite the possibility thereof would have found these mosaics hubristic Even the cynical Empress Theodora Ancient History Encyclopedia Procopius’ Secret History is though regarded by many as an outrageous gossip piece with a few facts thrown in for authenticityThe writer’s attitude to both Justinian and Theodora is plainly that they were the worst thing ever to happen to the Byzantine Empire in contrast to the official works he wrote under Justinian’s patronage which are suitably laudatory of the emperor’s Theodora Slave Empress Trailer YouTube Theodora Slave Empress Trailer Teodora a Roman courtesan and former slave girl marries the Roman emperor Justinian and assumes the throne as Empr Theodora | Empress Biography Theodora Byzantine empress known for her intelligence and political acumen Though her background was considered disreputable she married Justinian who became emperor allowing her to wield considerable influence She famously championed women’s rights and mitigated the ongoing persecution of the miaphysite sect.