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A Place I've Never Been ❂ [EPUB] ✺ A Place I've Never Been By David Leavitt ➛ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A collection of ten stories which explore the joys and agonies of love and friendship Each of the stories illuminates a dark corner of human existance Some are amusing and some are tragic The author a A collection I've Never PDF/EPUB ê of ten stories which explore the joys and agonies of love and friendship Each of the stories illuminates a dark corner of human existance Some are amusing and some are tragic The author also wrote Family Dancing The Lost Language of Cranes and Eual AffectionsContentsA Place I've Never Been Spouse night My marriage to vengeance Ayor Gravity Houses When you grow to adultery I see London I see France Chips is here Roads to Rome.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • A Place I've Never Been
  • David Leavitt
  • English
  • 17 March 2015
  • 9780140109597

About the Author: David Leavitt

Leavitt is I've Never PDF/EPUB ê a graduate of Yale University and a professor at the University of Florida where he is the co director of the creative writing program He is also the editor of Subtropics magazine The University of Florida's literary review Leavitt who is openly gay has freuently explored gay issues in his work He divides his time between Florida and Tuscany Italy.

10 thoughts on “A Place I've Never Been

  1. Emily Emily says:

    So you know how people talk about a golden age of short story writing that took place during the 1980s? I often fantasize about that era and try to find the writers who were part of it This book was written in 1990 but Leavitt's first collection came out in 1984 and I wonder if he's part of the whole 1980s short story phenomenon One of these stories made me cry another gave me chills If you're wondering what kind of stories these are they're hard realism my favorite contemporary subjects and most if not all have a gay character or a few The title which is also the title of the first story is partly a reference to the college drinking game I've never where people go around saying things they've never done as I'm writing it here it sounds like it could only be trite but Leavitt manages to bring up the idea of the game again in the last sentence in a way that's both breathtaking and very sad Another thing about this collection that I deeply admired is that Leavitt is gay and writes about characters who are gay but the stories don't reek of identity politics the way a lot of stuff that was written in the 90s does Nothing preachy or ideologically assertive here at the height of AIDS Leavitt stood tall and wrote real literature about homosexual characters during a time when many writers merely made a slide from lampooning gay characters to treating them as one sided tragic elements Maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on this the point is anyone can enjoy this book Particularly impressive to me was Leavitt's rendering of the difficulties of friendship

  2. John Anthony John Anthony says:

    A book of short stories Some I liked than othersContents as follows with my “labels” where possible in brackets and a little Hopefully no spoilers1 A Place I’ve Never Been Gay Man Hetero Woman selfish old ueen with his long suffering life prop2 Spouse Night Heteros Coming to terms with bereavement3 My Marriage to Vengeance Lesbian4 Ayor Gay Men5 Gravity MotherSon6 Houses BiGayOld Bag7 When You Grow to Adultery Two Timing Gays – M8 I See LondonI see France Hetero Dating Agency “Romance”9 Chips Is Here neighbours Gay? M and a cat10 Roads to Rome A little bit of everything Dying ueen – straight holding court over a mixed bag of others

  3. John Treat John Treat says:

    Leavitt a writer I've in fact warmed to over the years still makes me cringe a little or a lot when he writes about gay men which is nearly all the time You wouldn't want to be any of them All very prissily neurotic But this collection of short stories made me realize the pieces with no gay men in them are worse It's as if he's straining to find something else to write about but that something is never interesting He should relax and just be content to be the Henry James of gay men's literature which is what he aspires to anyway

  4. L a n c e L a n c e says:

    I wont ever forget finding a copy at the Strand and reading as much as I could on the bus home to Boston

  5. Samir Rawas Sarayji Samir Rawas Sarayji says:

    I'd say it's of a 35 rating I enjoyed the bulk of the stories here although some than others Leaviit has a talent for writing stories with myriad characters that are still uniue from one another and memorable think of the opening chapters in War Peace Although it's not my flavour of tea with short stories those that do have many interacting characters are still amusing to read and the heaviness of some themes is then masked by the conseuent lightness of this style The stories that are my 'Lady Earl Grey' are the slower less busy and introspective ones Here as in his collection of three novellas 'Arkansas' I'm wooed by subtle observations minute characteristics and fully rounded characters

  6. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    A solid collection of short stories primarily gay themed The writing is lyrical smooth like beach glass Some of the stories skim the surface some are deeper but all address universal issues in uniue ways

  7. Katie M. Katie M. says:

    These were fine But after reading pretty much all of Leavitt's books I have officially become so so SO done with neurotic white Jewish gay NYC narratives So done

  8. Mikael Kuoppala Mikael Kuoppala says:

    A collection of truly original and well written strories that adress some very relevant themes concerning our western lifestyle

  9. Jeff Hobbs Jeff Hobbs says:

    Read so farA Place I've Never Been Spouse Night My Marriage to Vengeance Ayor Gravity Houses When You Grow to Adultery I See London I See France Chips Is Here Roads to Rome

  10. George Fenwick George Fenwick says:

    Simple lovely collection of stories

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