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  1. Punk Punk says:

    Poetry I doubt that any of you are deliberating over whether or not to buy this poetry collection from 1966 but in case you are or like me you found it on your bookshelf and decided to read it here's what's whatFirst off this is the first volume of Lawrence's poetry I've read Prior to this I only knew him from Figs which is not in this collection and I was prepared not to like him Because you hear things about DH Lawrence like he hates women or he's preoccupied with sex that sort of thing And it's true that occasionally those things intersect with dickbag like accuracy I Wish I Knew A WomanI wish I knew a womanwho was like a red fire on the hearthglowing after the day's restless draughtsSo that one could draw near herin the red stillness of the duskand really take delight in herwithout having to make the polite effort of loving heror the mental effort of making her acuaintanceWithout having to take a chill talking to herWell said David Herbert Because isn't that what we all want? A woman to warm us without having to deal with her feelings or listen to her talk? Just a hot silent willing female body open as a fire grateBut surprisingly Lawrence also wrote uote a few poems from the perspective of women And when he's not suggesting women shut up and open their legs he writes some pretty sexy stuff So I found a lot to like in this volume like Wedding Morn After the Opera Snake Humming Bird and The Elephant is Slow to Mate Because oh yes Lawrence's preoccupation with sex does not stop at the human no He's also interested in tortoise sex and elephant sex and whale sex As one is I have now written myself into a corner because when I say I liked his poems about nature you will immediately wonder if that includes the one with the whale phallus Yes I'm afraid so His nature poems have a peaceful rhythm to them and I like the keen way he looks at animals or trees or the huntsman coming home to his wifeWith his hand he turns my face to himAnd caresses me with his fingers that still smell grimOf rabbit's fur God I am caught in a snareI know not what fine wire is round my throat;I only know I let him finger thereMy pulse of life and let him nose like a stoatWho sniffs with joy before he drinks the bloodThat's one of his poems from the female perspective The same hunting imagery that isn't that remarkable in the beginning of the poem when it's about actual hunting becomes hot and powerful when applied to sexSo I think I could find uite a lot to like about Lawrence as long as I ignore his dickbag tendencies I want to say his earlier work appeals to me but I can't really tell because this collection is organized so poorlyAnd so we reach my review of the collection Edited by Kenneth Rexroth with an introduction by Kenneth Rexroth Rexroth Rexroth Rexroth His fawning introduction is all but useless for the common reader There's a lot of speculation about what Lawrence did or did not know read study feel It didn't make me at all enthused about reading Lawrence's poetry despite the fact that Rexroth clearly believed Lawrence to be the best poet of his generation Rexroth Only Yeats stands up against Lawrence All I got out of it was the sense that Rexroth really wanted to make out with DH The collection itself is not great to look at The poems are arranged one after the other no white space at the end of a poem sometimes two or three to a page No dates No index There is a timeline of DH Lawrence's life but that would have been meaningful if I knew when each poem was writtenThree stars for the poetry Two stars for the collection

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    Many of these poems were too sexual for my tastes in poetry but I suppose I should have expected that from the author of Lady Chatterly's Lover There were uite a few poems with themes of death oblivion and humanity which I mostly enjoyed but I wasn't a fan of the tortoise sex and elephant sex and whale sex

  3. Anna Kļaviņa Anna Kļaviņa says:

    My first book by Lawrenceuite naturally some poems I enjoyed than others One of my favourite is Fish and I was very glad when I found on YouTube Andrew Scott reading a fragment of this poem I absolutely love his voice Here it is Andrew Scott reads 'Fish'To be a fish So utterly without misgivingTo be a fishIn the waters Loveless and so livelyBorn before God was loveOr life knew lovingBeautifully beforehand with it all Admitted they swarm in companiesFishesThey drive in shoalsBut soundless and out of contactThey exchange no word no spasm not even angerNot one touchMany suspended together forever apartEach one alone with the waters upon one wave with the rest A magnetism in the water between them only I saw a water serpent swim across the AnapoAnd I said to my heart look look at himWith his head up steering like a birdHe’s a rare one but he belongs But sitting in a boat on the Zeller lakeAnd watching the fishes in the breathing watersLift and swim and go their way—I said to my heart who are these?And my heart couldn’t own themA slim young pike with smart finsAnd grey striped suit a young cub of a pikeSlouching along away below half out of sightLike a lout on an obscure pavement Aha there’s somebody in the know But watching closerThat motionless deadly motionThat unnatural barrel body that long ghoul noseI left off hailing him I had made a mistake I didn’t know himThis grey monotonous soul in the waterThis intense individual in shadowFish alive I didn’t know his GodI didn’t know his God Which is perhaps the last admission that life has to wring out of us I saw dimlyOnce a big pike rushAnd small fish fly like splintersAnd I said to my heart there are limitsTo you my heart;And to the one GodFish are beyond me Other GodsBeyond my range gods beyond my GodThey are beyond me are fishesI stand at the pale of my beingAnd look beyond and seeFish in the outerwardsAs one stands on a bank and looks inI have waited with a long rodAnd suddenly pulled a gold and greenish lucent fish from belowAnd had him fly like a halo round my headLunging in the air on the line Unhooked his gorping water horny mouthAnd seen his horror tilted eyeHis red gold water precious mirror flat bright eye;And felt him beat in my hand with his mucous leaping life throb And my heart accused itselfThinking I am not the measure of creationThis is beyond me this fishHis God stands outside my God And the goId and green pure lacuer mucus comes off in my handAnd the red gold mirror eye stares and diesAnd the water suave contour dims But not before I have had to knowHe was born in front of my sunriseBefore my day He outstarts meAnd I a many fingered horror of daylight to himHave made him die FishesWith their gold red eyes and green pure gleam and under goldAnd their pre world lonelinessAnd than lovelessnessAnd white meat;They move in other circles OutsidersWater wayfarersThings of one elementAueousEach by itself Cats and the NeapolitansSulphur sun beastsThirst for fish as for than water;Water aliveTo uench their over sulphureous lusts But I I only wonderAnd don’t knowI don’t know fishes In the beginningJesus was called The FishAnd in the end From “Birds Beasts And Flowers Poems By D H Lawrence”

  4. Scott Alisoglu Scott Alisoglu says:

    The earlier material while at times gripping I found lacked the power of the later poems Pansies the best collection Though that may be as much a result of my own lack of understanding as anything ekse His love of wildlife and the beauty of natures shines bright freuently So call it 35

  5. Salma Salma says:

    Just like streaks of fire on the pagein ecstasy over the natural world and sensuality One of my favorites recalling the story of Persephone and Hades a small portion below And in Sicily on the meadows of Enna She thought she had left him; But opened around her purple anemones Caverns Little hells of colour caves of darkness Hell risen in pursuit of her; royal sumptuous Pit fallsAnd the opening to The Wild Common The uick sparks on the gorse bushes are leaping Little jets of sunlight texture imitating flame; Above them exultant the peewits are sweeping They are lords of the desolate wastes of sadness their screaming proclaim Some of them didn't really speak to me like his poems about mosuitoes and peaches But the ones that did stayed in my head like favorite songs

  6. megan megan says:

    35 if it were possible all gorgeous in their writing some being so enigmatic and intuitive are a little difficult to understand but nonetheless pleasant to read oddly enough if it was often these subjective ones i enjoyed while they are short they're still so expressive and personal i'm almost jealous of his genius in word choice lawrence has such a way with words i'm sure many people including myself could only dream of i too freuently find myself lost in this book and i don't mind a bit

  7. Mark Mark says:

    Lawrence was in my opinion a much better poet than he was a novelist or even writer of short stories The seuence of love poems he wrote shortly after meeting Frieda has few euals in 20th century literature In the months leading up to his early death at age 42 he wrote poetry of such visionary force and strangeness one is almost tempted to posit the existence of something like a premature late style Beethoven told at 40 he was dying composing the great late uartets

  8. Gerardo Gerardo says:

    Whenever I read DH Lawrence’s Poetryby Gerardo Pachecosomething dark breaks in melike when the sun enters into the world of swamps marshes and darknessi can feel the rays breaking everything away making channels through my black heartLawrence’s word carved channels into my pomegranate heart his loyal follower

  9. Anita Joy Anita Joy says:

    Been lost in these pages many times Lawrence's poetry is too often forgotten in favour of his novels despite his way with words poetically being potentially far pleasing This selection of poems will not disappoint Highly recommended

  10. Don Vandelinder Don Vandelinder says:

    I unexpectedly enjoyed this book I'd like to think of this as a book of poetry for men that don't know what the big deal is about women and poetry Okay I could have written this better but just go ahead and read it

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