Nurturing Spirituality In Children: Simple Hands-On

Nurturing Spirituality In Children: Simple Hands-On Activities [BOOKS] ✫ Nurturing Spirituality In Children: Simple Hands-On Activities ✵ Peggy Joy Jenkins – The greatest gifts that a child can receive are an opened mind a caring heart and ignited creativity This fully expanded illustrated edition of Nurturing Spirituality in Children includes sixty two si The greatest gifts that In Children: Kindle Ô a child can receive are an opened mind a caring heart and ignited creativity This fully expanded illustrated edition of Nurturing Spirituality in Children includes sixty two simple and thought provoking Nurturing Spirituality PDF/EPUB or lessons that can be shared with children in less than ten minutes each The lessons are easy to prepare and understand; they use commonly available materials and complement a wide variety of religious perspectives Children who Spirituality In Children: MOBI · develop a healthy balance of mind and spirit are better able to respond to life's challenges when given the tools to think and discover for themselves Dr Jenkins gives scores of age appropriate activities that help Spirituality In Children: Simple Hands-On MOBI :Ê children learn empathy trust forgiveness growth and inner peace.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 170 pages
  • Nurturing Spirituality In Children: Simple Hands-On Activities
  • Peggy Joy Jenkins
  • English
  • 05 November 2016

About the Author: Peggy Joy Jenkins

Pegi Joy received her In Children: Kindle Ô BA in secondary education her MEd in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on education for creativity and her PhD in Adult Education As an educator she has taught from the Nurturing Spirituality PDF/EPUB or preschool level through the university graduate level She has done corporate seminars church seminars and general public workshopsShe is the founder and President of Joyful You Joyful C.

7 thoughts on “Nurturing Spirituality In Children: Simple Hands-On Activities

  1. Becky Becky says:

    This book is full on hands on activities to do with your children to help them grow spriritually There are a lot of easy and fun activities you can do with your children In the beginning of the book the author explains different types of positive affirmations to do with your children I really liked this excerpt from the bookThe most important affirmations for children are those that build their self esteem Self esteem is the foundation of joyful successful lives Many parents and teachers teach their small children to use the magic words I like myself

  2. Peace Teachpeacenow Peace Teachpeacenow says:

    This book provides a series of simple activities parents and teachers can carry out with children of all ages that focus on developing inner awareness and compassion

  3. Alexandra Chauran Alexandra Chauran says:

    This book teaches fifteen minute lesson plans from a New Age perspective that could definitely teach Pagan magical principles I am considering buying this book to frame the beginning of some home Sunday school style activities The materials and setup are not all ridiculous as with many activity booksNow a brief overview of the bad aspects from a pedagogy perspective First of all the lessons all reach only a knowledge and understanding levels of learning on Blooms Taxonomy The demonstrations and activities do not reach a skills synthesis analysis or evaluation level of learning Expect students to merely know as opposed to be able to do things after these lessons Second all of these lessons even the beginning learner ones meant for little kids are highly abstract and symbolic Basic developmental psychology teaches that children do not develop beyond concrete understanding until preteen years at the very earliest and some not until late teens or even beyond Be prepared for this entire book to go over many kids' heads

  4. Amy Amy says:

    I would really give this a 3 34 It is a great book but the activities seem a bit youngish for my kids I probably didn't read the description closely enough when it gave the age recommendations That said you could easily use the concept covered in each chapter to simply lead a discussion with any age which is likely how we will use the book If you are looking for a way to discuss building a purposeful or spiritual life without any particular religion coming into play the book is great

  5. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    A practical book of exercises and projects on how to teach children some amazing spiritual truths Some examples We are visible forms of spirit using a bowl of water and ice cubes to demonstrate the various forms of water; you can’t give love unless you have love using a turkey baster to transfer water from one bowl to another; My World Reflects What I Put in it There is a great focus on self esteem also building and nurturing it yay

  6. Cori Cori says:

    This book has great ideas for Christians and non Christians It is easy to tailor the activities to your faith or skip ones that don't apply These activities will also help children understand what they project to others and the power of positive and negative thoughts Spirituality is hard to describe and even harder to teach to a child I find this book really helpful

  7. Unity Good Bookstore Unity Good Bookstore says:

    15001 copy

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