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James Marshall's Cinderella ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ James Marshall's Cinderella By Barbara Karlin ➥ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk James Marshall adds color and humor to the classic fairy tale with his beautiful illustrations Retold by Barbara Karlin Cinderella will be a favorite of all children Retold and illustrated with wit an James Marshall adds color and humor to the classic fairy tale with his beautiful illustrations Retold by Barbara Karlin Cinderella will be a favorite of all children Retold and illustrated with wit and humor this is an excellent version of the favorite fairy tale School Library Journal starred review This collaboration is whimsical and fresh and full of undeniable child appeal The Horn Book Saccharine free and filled with a robust earthy humor this rendition has a studied nonchalance laced with wit It James Marshall's MOBI :Ê will take its rightful place on the fairy tale shelves but won't sit there for long Booklist starred review.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • James Marshall's Cinderella
  • Barbara Karlin
  • English
  • 09 June 2014
  • 9780142300480

10 thoughts on “James Marshall's Cinderella

  1. Haley Haley says:

    It was boring

  2. Karen Karen says:

    This story is incredibly similar to the Perrault version It tells the truth and provides an enjoyable read for young kids that does not overly teach them to work hard and not complain no matter how unfair the situation is at hand However it does not really reveal insights into modern day culture It seems as though this book is merely a reiteration of the original story with new pictures So it is authentic to the original; yet it does not give any credit to the original authors The only indication that it was not written by the author is that Barbara Karlin retells it Overall I think I would use a different modern day Cinderella over this one as I feel that may add value

  3. RLL22017Necole Jordan RLL22017Necole Jordan says:

    This Cinderella was a great retell of a classic love story Cinderella is mistreated by her evil stepmother and 2 evil stepsisters They work her to the bone all day and night The three girls are invited to a ball but the stepsisters will not let Cinderella attend On the day of the ball the sister made Cinderella work extremely hard to make them look beautiful They taunt her in sarcasm asking if she wanted to go to the ball A heart broken Cinderella cries as she works but little did she know that her fairy godmother was here to save the day The fairy godmother worked her magic and off to the ball Cinderella went and the rest is history The prince fell for her at first sight and searched high and low until he found her after her disappearance to make her his princess I would use this book in my classroom to teach students that some situations may start off horrible but they can end up turning into something positive

  4. Channel Channel says:

    Cinderella retold by Barbara Karlin was based off of the classic fairytale The father marries into aevil family that mistreats his daughter The three daughters are invited to a ball but the sisters want to leave there step sister behind Cinderella god mother come and save the day This story is a great read aloud with great illustration I would recommend this book to grade levels preschool through third

  5. Xiaoxiao Zhu Xiaoxiao Zhu says:

    What a beautiful Cinderella What a handsome prince What a nasty stepmother What two ugly stepsisters Oh what a coincidence It's a story which also has stepmother and a poor girl This may be why these books will succeed in the children's literature field because children always show sympathy for poor people while they also always want a happy ending in each story Children always expect the romantic and beautiful things happening surrounding them What's children can also learn a lot form the story they can learn how to draw such colorful paintings and in addition they can get a lot from Cinderella including the goodness generosity and beautyTell you a secret uietly my English name is Cinderella Don't be curious I don't have a stepmother on the contrary I have a fortunate and happy family I don't have a similar experience with the Cinderella in the story The reason why I take this English name just is I want to have the similar characteristics like the Cinderella in the book honest brave insist good and beautiful

  6. Nicole Marzan Nicole Marzan says:

    Cinderella retold by Barbara Karlin tells the traditional story of Cinderella but the illustrations by James Marshall give this story a uniue edge Like the original a young woman is forced to work as a servant for her step mother and step sisters but after she gets transformed into a beautiful princess she goes to the ball and meets a handsome prince Forced to leave at midnight Cinderella leaves behind her glass slipper in a rush The prince then searches all around town for the woman who the shoe fitsJames Marshall makes this story the fun and different from other versions of Cinderella His signature style is clear throughout the whole book the characters are drawn a little heavier their mouths are straight lines or they have their tongue sticking out and their eyes are very small in relation to their faces His uniue style adds humor to the story and I really enjoyed it Overall I highly recommend this version of Cinderella because it tells the traditional story in an originaldifferent way

  7. Emily Emily says:

    A contemporary telling of the classic tale of Cinderella the language is very approachable for younger audiences The pictures are hilarious The step sisters could not look for ridiculous A favorite picture is Cinderella's face when she must retrieve two lizards for her Godmother Many animals are included in the pictures throughout the book especially dogs and cats and all are depicted in classic James Marshall style Children will enjoy finding all of the little details in each illustration

  8. Destiny Destiny says:

    I found this book interesting The story is similar to many other retelling on the same story The art is what caught my attention I loved the step mother and step sisters They were dressed and looked so dramatic that the vanity of their personalities really shone through their looks Having them dressed in such a way with such expression enveloped their immense amount of vanity for the way they look and the things they own

  9. Elisha Elisha says:

    I chose this book due to its traditional story it's something we all know and love to occasionally read This traditional tail is retold with the same story line but with uniue illustrations Cinderella has an evil stepmother and stepsisters that do not want her to have any privileges She cannot go to the royal ball but her fairy god mother grants her to go The prince will fall in love with her and they will live happily together

  10. Kandice Buck Kandice Buck says:

    This is a retold version of the original Cinderella story Cinderella lives with a wicked step mother and two step sisters who try to make her life miserable This version is very similar to the original The only difference is that in the end of the book Cinderella invites her evil step family to move into the castle with her and the prince because no matter what they are her family This version is great for children and the colorful illustrations will draw their attention

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