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The Man Between ❮Epub❯ ➜ The Man Between ➛ Author Michael Henry Heim – When Michael Henry Heim—one of the most respected translators of his generation—passed away in the fall of 2012 he left behind an astounding legacy Over his career he translated two dozen works fr When Michael Henry Heim—one of the most respected translators of his generation—passed away in the fall of he left behind an astounding legacy Over his career he translated two dozen works from eight different languages including books by Milan Kundera Dubravka Ugresic Hugo Claus and Anton ChekovBut Mike as he was known to his legion of friends was much than that His classes at UCLA on translation inspired a new generation of translators and his work altering the way translation is viewed in the university will impact the livelihood of translators for decades to The Man ePUB í comeIf that weren't enough upon his death it was revealed that Heim was the anonymous donor responsible for the PEN Translation Fund—the largest fund in America supporting up and coming translatorsHundreds of people in the literary community were impacted by Heim's life and actions and this book is a small way of honoring this uiet humble man who among many other things is responsible for the title The Unbearable Lightness of Being and all its variants entering the English idiomComprising a number of different sections—a short autobiography pieces from authors he worked with worksheets detailing his teaching and translation techniues— The Man Between opens a window onto the life and teachings of Michael Henry Heim and similar to David Bellos's Is That a Fish in Your Ear will be of great interest to anyone interested in language international culture and the art of translation.

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  1. Lee Klein Lee Klein says:

    The estimableawesome Open Letter Books offered a copy of this to me after I received a 2015 PENHeim Translation Fund Award for my work on Revulsion Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador I accepted the offer received the book misplaced it for months toddler pushed it behind bookshelf found it recently just read it and now feel indebted and innocent Indebted or maybe so ignorant because I never really knew what a force Heim was behind the scenes a major artisticacademic figure in the proliferation of translated literature that I've always read and generally preferred and considered a given Everything extracurricular I loved when young was translated Kafka Borges Gunter Grass's The Tin Drum My roommate first year out of college essentially made me read Carver and Steinbeck after noticing that everything I read was European Japanese South American At that point mid '90s Heim's influence had been at work for a while And without knowing it I've read so much of his work since Kundera Hrabal Mann But his work extended beyond his translations It's clear he was a larger than life presence as at home throughout the world as he was in so many languages 10 I also feel innocent because a book like this opens doors a little wider for me on the world of translation I'm well aware of the writing world too aware probably of the fiction side of things its issues and arguments the craft cliches the ughful business side of it the sort of things you need to say to yourself to cancel the noise of ambition so you can pursue the pure tones of art I feel like I've or less internalized it all after years of willful immersion and done my best to willfully forget most of it in an effort to regain the lost paradise of initial composition when the act of writing activated some glowing gooey swirling enzyme in my brain Translation involves a similar yet separate set of issues and arguments I sensed them as I worked and tried to articulate some of them to my wife for example after translating all day on a weekend or a day off but for the most part I feel like I'd like to try like Heim to keep theory at a distance and err on the side of artisticeditorial intuition I loved the part of the long interview where Heim says something like the source language is less important than the target language English When translating I felt like all my language skills were in play a few decades of Spanish for the first time really at play with all that time spent composingediting my own words not to mention honing others' writing and reading so much of the best possible prose I've been able to find thanks in large part since 2007 to so many of y'all on here Anyway Michael Henry Heim was clearly a saint of capital L Literature He may not have been a fan of kids these days listening to hypnotic rock music on headphones but I'll forgive him for that and thank him so deeply for his generosity in every sense of the word Reading this made me think I need to be active in looking for something new to work on rather than waiting for the right opportunities to appear All hail Heim And many thanks to Open Letter too

  2. Robert Wechsler Robert Wechsler says:

    It's great to see a collection honoring someone who professionally was primarily a literary translator and a fomenter of literary translation Following on translator written books such as those by Suzanne Jill Levine Gregory Rabassa and Edith Grossman this book takes another step toward treating literary translators as artists worthy of studying and honoringThis is a mishmash of interviews reminiscences essays on translation a Heim bibliography and an essay on literary translation by Heim himself A friend of Heim’s and an editor of his translation I most enjoyed the interviews because I learned a lot about him that I didn’t knowI was disappointed that no one focused on how freewheeling Mike was in his approach to translation He is portrayed as humble and generous but in his translation he was not so humble and his generosity involved the sharing of his ability to interpret and write to be faithful by being less faithful Too much is made about his linguistic breadth but what made him a great translator was the fact that he was less a linguist than a very confident and accomplished writer in English no matter the depth of his knowledge of the original languageSpeaking of humility Mike would definitely have changed the “The” in the title to “A”

  3. Chad Post Chad Post says:

    DISCLAIMER I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it So take my review with a grain of salt or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it uite well Also I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book since it would benefit Open Letter directlyI'm so proud to be publishing this amazing book about one of the most incredible people I ever had the pleasure of meeting Made up of a biography of Michael Henry Heim a series of personal rememberings from his friends and a section highlighting his lasting importance to translation or rather to the enjoyment and expansion of literature as a whole The Man Between is consistently fascinating and at times for those of us who knew him kind of heart wrenching This isn't your typical book on translation Which is why everyone who's ever read a book would get something out of this And every humanities professor whether they specialize in languages English comp lit translation should own a copy of this

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