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Notes for a Young Prince [Reading] ➾ Notes for a Young Prince Author Alexi Lubomirski – PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK GO TO THE CHARITY CONCERN WORLDWIDE http wwwconcernusaorg How does one behave like a PRINCE in today's world What elements of this title can be adapted for use in our modern da PROCEEDS FROM THIS BOOK GO TO THE CHARITY a Young PDF Å CONCERN WORLDWIDE http wwwconcernusaorg How does one behave like a PRINCE in today's world What elements of this title can be adapted for use in our modern day setting Notes for a Young Prince is a heartfelt one note per page letter from HSH Prince Alexi Lubomirski to his sons touching on different subjects ranging from romance to Notes for ePUB í spirituality manners to chivalry love balance and leadership mixing a touch of old world charm with modern day spirituality Be CHIVALROUS at all times Stand up when introduced to women open doors for them help carry their belongings and protect them from harm Be ROMANTIC Think of different ways each day to express your love to your loved ones Love needs to be encouraged fed and celebrated for a Young PDF Å Do it it every day When someone comes to you for advice LISTEN Ask them how they feel about the subject often people have it in them to solve their own problems they just need a sounding board to help themselves You do not need money palaces land or treasures to define you as a prince Be a prince in your own heart and you will always be RICH Open a page and take a note for the day.

  • Paperback
  • 124 pages
  • Notes for a Young Prince
  • Alexi Lubomirski
  • 21 May 2016
  • 9780615932606

8 thoughts on “Notes for a Young Prince

  1. Maria Espadinha Maria Espadinha says:

    Um príncipe ue uer povoar o Mundo com Princesas e Príncipes PS em português o livro intitula se Para um principezinho conselhos para uma vida feliz

  2. Hanie Noorhelmee Hanie Noorhelmee says:

    For those who’s trying so hard to start reading I bet you can finish this book within a blink and be happy with your achievement✨Referring to the book title it is literally a book of advice and there’s tid bit details about the author that I found interesting The word ‘prince’ wasn’t only referring to the author’s title but actually used to symbolise the ideal person that one should strive to be It would be better if it have than 127 pages because of course when we talk about “life” I am expecting of an all embracing advice instead of a general onesHowever this book is initially written by the author for his growing son which explains the concern I’ve highlighted above I think it is also of a parental book too Pardon me for the absent of experience but I think this will be a good introductory book to cultivate discussions about manners and general life lessons too Kids with their curious nature will have A LOT to ask while reading this and parents can further explainshare their experiences

  3. Siti Munirah Ahmad (PAN) Siti Munirah Ahmad (PAN) says:

    Done for today #bookfairiesoffline This book full of kind humble and romantic souls🙈🙈❤️❤️ This book was only meant to be one single resting on his son bedside table then he decided to make all the “notes” into a book He such an humble Prince

  4. Allan Costa Allan Costa says:

    Lovely and adorable book

  5. Katie Katie says:

    Just browse any inspirational uotes Facebook page and you'll get as much positivie meditatie goodie goodie stuff free of charge

  6. Michelle Heegaard Michelle Heegaard says:

    I recieved this from Netgalley in return of an honest review; Such a sweet little book I almost felt like a little princess myself while reading thisBascially this books tells you how to live your life and how to be a nice person Who needs the bible when you can just read this? Everything you need to know on how to a be a good person is in here I do not think that only guys'princes' can learn from this little charming book Girls princesses can as well The only thing I did not agree on was how much of a gentleman the guys needed to be for the opposite sex I mean of course they hould be considerate just like we girls should be considerate for the boys But instead of parting us in boxes named 'girl' and 'boy' why not just say human? We should be considerate of everyone and not just the opposite sex But maybe that is just my feminism yelling in the background I don't know If I had children myself I would buy this book for them This book teaches so valuable lessons taht everyone should read it memorize the lessons and then eat them So that they will forever be in your system

  7. Martina Martina says:

    Disclaimer I received a free non illustrated copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis sweet little book contains all those much needed pearls of wisdom passed down from a father to his sons His advice is a solid mixture of spiritual guidance etiuette lessons and manual on how to make the best of life I enjoyed reading the book and found that it contains much wisdom that often seems to get lost in today's world Nonetheless I would have preferred if those precious pearls had been wrapped into a story or combined with specific personal experiences

  8. Anne Anne says:

    Beautiful and poetic A timeless and thoughtful gift that a parent might give a son of any age

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