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6 thoughts on “The Death of the Elver Man (Alex Hastings #1)

  1. Tweedledum Tweedledum says:

    I'm still reeling from the terrifying climax of this story Jenny Finch built the mystery and suspense gradually weaving it in and around the natural environment of the Somerset Levels but lacing it through and through with the gritty realism of the tough challenges many youngsters face growing up which all to often draws them inexorably into the net of a life of crime In the Death of the Elver Man Alex a young probation officer becomes singled out for revenge by the father of one of her charges Alex is a sassy heroine grappling not only with a way of life unfamiliar to her but also with all the challenges that the work itself brings She has plenty of guts but her naivety makes her very vulnerable as she takes risks no experienced probation officer would dream of Sueamish readers may find the descriptions of pike and their habits deeply unsettling but it is exactly this detailed knowledge that gives the story an edge over standard crime stories Definitely looking forward to reading from Jennie who I recently learned was just a year or two above me in teacher training college when such institutions existed and like me had science as a main subject Sadly I have no memory of her in college whatsoever but delighted to discover her now through her stories An excellent read

  2. Carol Fenlon Carol Fenlon says:

    What saved this from being a fairly humdrum female detective story was a the insight into the protagonist's work as a probation officer which was a bit different from the usual police or private eye character and was very realistically drawn b the wonderful sense of place with the descriptions of Somerset and the great characterisation especially of some of the stranger characters The writer obviously has great knowledge of the area and its history the dialect and culture of some of the remote parts of the rural area and the detail about eel and pike fishing is magic Some of the description and characterisation reminded me a little of Graham Swift's Waterland although this is a genre novel not a literary one in the same sense The plot was a little thin but the setting and dialogue overcame this to make a very enjoyable read

  3. Will Nett Will Nett says:

    I really enjoyed this as it gave me an insight into a two worlds I new nothing of; the probation service and that of the elverpike fishing industries Recommended

  4. Steven Yull Steven Yull says:

    Brilliant fresh take on the crime procedural

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    Probation officer Alex Hastings is struggling with the customs dialect and prejudice she faces as an incomer to the Somerset Levels When one of her probationers Kevin Mallory is charged with murdering the Elver Man who operated in the poaching underworld she is embroiled in the investigation Determined to prove Mallory is innocent Alex puts her own career at risk as she searches for the truth behind the Elver Man s death but her efforts attract the attention of the real killer Alex finds herself drawn into a web of family feuds gang loyalties and revenge killings as an unknown predator stalks her across the eerie landscape of the Levels This is a stunning debut by a new force in crime fiction and the first in a uartet of Alex Hastings novelsA very enjoyable first novel with characters that fill the pages and a story that intersperses gory details with descriptive details of the Somerset Levels There is a sense of timelessness in this book that comes from the tangible descriptions of both the locals and their dialect and traditions and of the unchanging landscapeAlex is not your 'traditional' heroine she has a bit of a temper dresses down and is uite unsociable she struggles to keep her head above board but she goes the exra mile for her clientsIt was interesting to read about the Probation service and learn about how it works and it does come across as true and unexaggerated Similarly the characters both Probationers and Officers come across as very realistic and in many cases bring a sense of sympathy from the reader as they struggle to overcome the prejudices and expectations of many years standing whilst the Probationers try to make sense of their lives and try to be than petty criminalsI look forward to catching up with Alex her friends and her clients

  6. Jane Walker Jane Walker says:

    I wanted to finish this book not because I cared about the ending but because I wanted it over with It's competent enough But details worried me When was it supposed to be set? It felt modern but the probation service was still using typewriters The end didn't ring true Over all okay but I wouldn't read another by her

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