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Шкурка бабочки [Download] ➿ Шкурка бабочки ➻ Sergey Kuznetsov – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When a brutal and sadistic serial killer begins stalking the streets of Moscow Xenia an ambitious young newspaper editor takes it upon herself to attempt to solve the mystery of the killer's identity When a brutal and sadistic serial killer begins stalking the streets of Moscow Xenia an ambitious young newspaper editor takes it upon herself to attempt to solve the mystery of the killer's identity As her obsession with the killer grows Xenia devises an elaborate website with the intention of ensnaring the murderer only to discover something disturbing about herself her own unhealthy fascination with the sexual savagery of the murders.

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  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    I didn't finish this which is rare for me and I even persisted for one chapter to give it a chance to get better The descriptions sounded like it would be right up my alley psychosexual crime stuff is interesting to me if done right The fact that it's translated suggested that it might have some substance—no one bothers to translate a terrible book usuallyThe biggest problem is that it's written in second person It's not something you often see because it doesn't really work The suggestion that I am the protagonist of the novel might seem like a way to involve me intimately in the story but the effect is uite the oppositeYes your name is Ksenia it reads You live in a rented flat cheap found through friends No it isn't and no I don't I'm also not thin and short Second person is a uick way to remove me further from the character It might work in a choose the ending book but not hereEven alarming is the fact that the author himself can't control the pov very well switching to third person in the middle of paragraphs for no good reason Perhaps it's a translation issue but the result is so muddy that it's difficult to read I couldn't find anything to latch on to or any signs that I could trust the writer to tell this story well

  2. Missy (myweereads) Missy (myweereads) says:

    “If they asked me how I see the perfect society I’d reply it’s a society in which pain and suffering have eual rights with happiness”Butterfly Skin by Sergey Kuznetsov is a harrowing story which immerses the reader inside the mind of a serial killer stalking women on the streets of Moscow Ksenia an ambitious young editor for an online newspaper seeks him out and both become obsessed with each otherThere’s so much going on in this book A strong warning to readers of the very graphic content with regards to how the killer stalks and murders his victims a lot of gore and descriptions of BDSM If you are sensitive to these kind of subjects then id suggest avoiding this one The plot itself is strong the first chapter is a punch in the gut What I like about the books is the back and forth viewpoint and the very visceral moments with the killer and the journalistThe protagonist is our killer The way he describes how he feels when he is with his victims as sick as it sounds is almost poetic The author writes the gore and disturbing parts in such a way that shocks you but also you can see why it’s integral to the story Ksenia is a young journalist who becomes so obsessed she is simultaneously analysing her own dark and perverted desiresThis book covers a lot of ground when it comes to true crime It mentions so many well known serial killers including Russia’s infamous Andrei Chikatilo If anything this book has made me want to read up on him even If you found books like The Girl Next Door and Crow Girl hard to read then I would suggest you give this a miss I can see why it was so graphical The purpose was to go into the mind of a killer and that it did Its left me wanting to read all the Hannibal Lector books which I now have to push up my TBR list A dark and chilling story without a doubt and one I would recommend

  3. Elisa Elisa says:

    This book is undeniably well written and it may be a masterpiece of serial killer literature I just didn't like it The constant changes in points of view is distracting and confusing All the stream of consciousness makes for well developed characters who could not be any self centered and unlikable It is too hard to read In the tradition of Russian literature at least the books I've read it is heavy and complicated I don't give it stars not because I believe it's a bad book it is just that it didn't hold my attention

  4. Josh Josh says:

    Crime is on the peripheral in BUTTERFLY SKIN as the author Sergey Kuznetsov instead draws attention to his core group of characters and their subtly deliberate fusion with the darker elements of the novel the Moscow serial killer I found this approach both refreshing and believable Ksenia is a career driven young woman looking to further her professional aspirations in the journalistic and information technology fields in Russia Running an online newspaper that regularly sits outside the top ranking she concocts a plan to draw new readers by capitalizing on the fear associated with Moscow's yet to be captured serial killer Aided by her co worker Alexei and close friend Olya her venture brings instant fame and the unwanted attention of the killer Graphic evocative blatantly sexualised BUTTERFLY SKIN is not for those easily put off by descriptive dissection and explicit sexual acts though this isn't overtly so and is well within context The novel as I mentioned earlier isn't all about the heinous crime that binds the characters and drives their motives but it does loom omnipresent This is a dark novel that should be read as such to fully appreciate how good it is This is the first book by Russian author Sergey Kuznetsov I've read and the only one I believe though I could be wrong that has been translated into English Personally I hope to read Review first appeared on my blog

  5. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This book is not your typical horrorserial killer book It reads a little slow but it also reads like the poetic diary of a serial killer Which sounds both intriguing and scary to climb into the mind of a psychopath I am going to stop right here for a moment and throw out a huge warning that if you do not like gore then do not read this book There is a lot of details spent talking about the murders Which for me was not a problem But for others it could be and even cause nightmares One thing I did find interesting was how the killer talked about killing the women but in seasons So how spring affected the woman and how she died did differ from if the crime took place during winter As much as I did like this book and the concept of it being very poetic this very idea also kept me distant from the characters in the book I did not become as emotionally attached and thus the reason that sometimes I struggled with the book in parts and stating it read slow Overall though I did like this book International authors need to be recognized for their work With books like Butterfly Skin it does help

  6. Tricia Tricia says:

    I could not find anything to like about this bookIt was repetitive unfocused and tremendously boringThe repetition is so often like it will talk about something or describe something several ways several times or within the span of a pageI did not find any of the characters to be interesting or at all likeableWhen I put this book down I dreaded to pick it back up; in fact I read 3 other books while trying to get through Butterfly SkinThere are way better books to spend my time on

  7. Daisy Daisy says:

    Troubling But interestingExtreme violence and gore But also a look at modern characters in today's Moscow

  8. T. Petrichor T. Petrichor says:

    Why does everyone hate this book? I fucking love it I only wish Ksenia joined him in the end

  9. Kallie (pageandparlor) Lou Weisgarber Kallie (pageandparlor) Lou Weisgarber says:

    Butterfly Skin by Sergey Kuznetsov tells the story of Ksenia a 23 year old journalist working for an internet news website in Russia She is younger than her fellow journalists but she is much hardworking and ambitious which is how she climbed the ladder in the industry so uickly At work Ksenia is frank focused and professional She’s a boss babe Her personal life in contrast is a constant struggle to find the perfect dom to her sub She desires the taboo and kinky and is troubled when it comes to finding the right partnerWhen a serial killer starts terrorizing Moscow by abducting raping torturing and mutilating young girls Ksenia takes notice She starts up a new website dedicated to the Moscow Psycho where the public can come with information and uestions and where the police and investigators can come with updates The site is massively successful but Ksenia starts to become obsessed with the killings We get to see how Ksenia ponder what her obsession with these killings might mean as she starts an online relationship with a man She uickly falls for this man without ever realizing that this man might not be exactly who he says he isOkay before I start with my feelings about this book I think it is important to talk about how I personally review books I start every book at 3 stars in my mind and then adjust my rating as the story progresses I also try to be fair to the books genre I would not judge a romance novel on the same basis that I would judge a splatterpunk novella I usually try to write my reviews right away so that the book is fresh in my mind and I spare no details But I had to sleep on this book for about a week before I really knew how I felt about itI realize now that the reason it took me so long to figure out my feelings for this book was that I really appreciated what the author was trying to do here but hated the way they actually did it If this book were slimmed down and streamlined I truly believe that this could be a terrifyingly beautiful story There is too much everything and everyone in this book and I’ll explain that here in a few but just know that this book is 350 pages and it could have easily been less than 200First the book is told in second person which makes it confusing when the author is constantly switching from the story of Ksenia to the story of the killer The killer’s mind has some beautiful and even poetic writing and I loved the style of these parts If I had read these segments as part of another book maybe the journal of a serial killer my gut would have twisted from terror and beauty“It is good to kill in winter Especially if it has snowed overnight and the ground is covered with a delicate blanket of white You put the bound naked body on it The blood from the wounds flows freely in the cold frosty air and the warmth of life departs with it”But the parts following Ksenia are almost boring I don’t know if that is because it was translated and things were just lost or if it was meant to be that way to show off how her professional life was all work and no play Not only does it follow Ksenia it also follows around ALL OF HER FRIENDS for way too long I’m all for character development and getting background information on the people I am reading about but this book took way too much time telling me the life story of every secondary character and what their apartments looks likeSecond there is a ton of repetition And there are parts in the book where it works and there are parts where it is just weird and confusing There is a part that repeats “It is easy to be unfaithful to your wife” It starts every paragraph with that For Two Pages It seemed like a stylistic choice that just turned out dull and lifeless rather than creative and uniue Third is the gore If you have read any of my previous reviews or talked to me on Instagram you know that I am pretty immune to reading about gore and I have very high standards for how authors choose to add gore and violence in their writing I don't know if I am immune to it or if there is a big black hole where my heart is supposed to be but reading gore and violence really doesn’t affect me or make me ueasy This book had some violent scenes of mutilation and violence that were done really well and almost sounded pretty But there were some scenes that were clearly only added for shock value which made the gory scenes that WERE done well only seem cheap and sadOkay but I am still giving this book 3 stars I know that it sounds like I hated it but let me get to the stuff that I really liked in this book I loved the dark poems of the killer If I had read them in a separate book of horror poetry I would have bought every different edition with beautiful covers and told all my horror loving friends about them “They say love is when you understand each other without wordsBut in realityExplaining yourself without words is very easyA scalpel a cigarette lighter fish hooks and boiling waterAre elouent than all the poetry in the worldWhen the subject is painAnd at the bottom I have nothing else to talk aboutI’d like to find a personI could talk to in wordsI dream of a girl who would listen to meNod and weep and repeat”I know it makes me sound weird and maybe even like I need a good therapist but every scene where we hear the killers thoughts and inner workings were beautiful When we hear why he kills and how he chooses a victim Those parts are disturbing and gross I didn’t pick up a book that was described to me as “Russia’s answer to The Silence of the Lambs” for serene scenes of people reading in the grassy hillside I picked it up to be scared and traumatized The only parts that were unnerving and did what I thought they should were these parts where the killer is front and center I will only recommend this book with this disclaimer This is a slow burn that will take you a long time to appreciate but only if you are fine with tons of shock value gore and lots of side uests into the lives of people that don’t matter This book has some well written interesting and terrifying parts and some really just terrible and terribly written parts It’s a decent read if not tiring at times It should have been 150 pages of unnerving and poetic writing about a serial killer and a woman obsessed with his work but it ended up being almost 400 pages of just an okay novel with a pretty coverhttpswwwinstagramcompB0jY4edgz

  10. Luna Luna says:

    Let me start by saying I would not recommend this book It's not because of the subject matter The book tries to portray itself as something sinister and sick and that one may be put off by the subject matter but in all honesty there is not much to do with serial killing in this book There are some glimpses of course but the book mainly deals with the story of an online editor who dedicates an internet site about the Moscow serial killer at hand The site is a catch all for all his crimes in a hope to catch him The editor is 23 years old and into BDSM She naturally gets off on pain and the book deals a lot with her and her relationships at work and her friends and not so much about BDSM So this book teases us with glimpses into serial killing and glimpses of BDSM and their respective mindsets In all honesty when I read books of this nature I want to be surrounded by the blood and gore of what they do and of course how they ultimately get caught This book as it appears to be the norm today wants to preach to me Wants me to identify with the mindset of such individuals As mentioned it does so in an artsy type of way like if I had friends over we would discuss this at length over drinks and the like You know what if I am discussing a serial killer I might make a comment on what a sick such an individual might be but I would not really care about what caused this to happen because there are a lot of downtrodden people living downtrodden lives who never stoop to such levels any conversation on this subject matter would be over uite uickly if I was part of any such conversation it would not be a tea and biscuits conversation Can the root causes of such killers ever be identified so as to prevent it from happening very doubtful indeed I also do not believe the ending to be plausible at all there is just no way the killer would allow himself to be in such a situation I did like references to past serial killers and being Canadian and from Ontario I liked the BernardoHomolka references Everyone always assumed Bernardo was the sick individual so the Crown attorney's got his girlfriend Karla Homolka on board to testify against him However after reaching a deal with her to testify against Bernardo they discovered video tapes with the killings on them including Homolka and Bernardo killing her sister and she a willing participant in all the rapes and murders The Ontario government still honored their deal with Homolka It was a disgrace and the tapes would have delivered any jury finding them both guilty and sentenced to life but hey only in Canada Ps a life sentence in Canada is only 25 years and parole can be had after serving a third of the sentence Bottom line I only finished this book because I always finish what I start I came close to putting it down for good several times It does get better at the end but in no way do I recommend it I rate this book about a 35 out of ten

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