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Hytti nro 6 [Ebook] ➢ Hytti nro 6 ➨ Rosa Liksom – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Mosca anni ’80 sul leggendario treno della Transiberiana diretto a Ulan Bator in Mongolia due estranei si trovano a condividere lo stesso scompartimento una timida e taciturna studentessa finlandese Mosca anni ’ sul leggendario treno della Transiberiana diretto a Ulan Bator in Mongolia due estranei si trovano a condividere lo stesso scompartimento una timida e taciturna studentessa finlandese e un violento proletario russo dall’inesauribile sete di vodka Nell’intimità forzata del piccolo spazio chiuso la tensione sale Lui è uno sciovinista misogino antisemita avvezzo al carcere e ai campi di correzione ma con l’irriducibile passione per la vita di chi si aggrappa agli istinti bruti per non cedere al vuoto che lo circonda Vede il fallimento del sogno sovietico la deriva Hytti nro PDF/EPUB ² della grande madre Russia ma non può che difenderla con la disperazione di un a deluso Lei è tormentata dai ricordi del suo ragazzo moscovita uno studente che si è finto pazzo per non combattere in Afghanistan ed è impazzito nel manicomio dove l’hanno rinchiuso lasciandola piena di domande senza risposta nella terra che l’ha sedotta È l’anima di uesta terra a pulsare nelle sconfinate distese che il treno attraversa nei villaggi divorati dal degrado e dalla taiga innevata nelle città chiuse dei deportati e degli scienziati nel mosaico di identità e popoli di una Siberia in cui tutto è estremo Con un realismo crudo che trasuda poesia Rosa Liksom racconta l’incontro tra due destini tra l’universo maschile e femminile ma soprattutto il viaggio attraverso la fine di un impero che sembra sciogliersi in fanghiglia ai primi segni del disgelo nel cuore di un popolo disilluso e fiero rude e sentimentale rassegnato e ribelle che vive nella perenne nostalgia del passato e del futuro nell’eterno sogno cechoviano “A Mosca A Mosca”.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Hytti nro 6
  • Rosa Liksom
  • Italian
  • 24 April 2014
  • 9788870915266

About the Author: Rosa Liksom

Rosa Liksom born Anni Ylävaara Ylitornio January is a Finnish writer and artist She studied anthropology and social sciences at the universities of Helsinki Copenhagen and Moscow She won the J H Erkko Award in for her debut novel Yhden yön pysäkki and the Finlandia Prize in for Hytti nro .

10 thoughts on “Hytti nro 6

  1. Tytti Tytti says:

    A young Finnish woman travels from Moscow to Ulan Bator by train in the 1980s I believe the author has made the same journey herself in her youth She shares the train compartment with a Russian man in his fortiesThis wasn't a fast book to read because Liksom uses very descriptive language and even some strange words to describe the nature sometimes I even wondered if she were colour blind The descriptions of the faraway towns in Siberia and the reality of the life in the Soviet Union were believable in my opinion having twice visited one of the poorer areas in Russia and even the Soviet Union as a child The Russian man was an interesting character but I am not sure if I had wanted to share a compartment with him for days or weeks even That made reading the book sometimes uncomfortable I think for me the stories about other people were the most interesting part of the book they felt real and maybe they were and gave a glimpse to the life of the ordinary Soviet peopleThis wasn't a book I personally enjoyed reading and that is why I only gave it three stars but a person who enjoys reading books for their language will probably like it

  2. Daisy Daisy says:

    I liked it for its Soviet ness its uiet heroine its brute of a train companiontour guide random lines I like the smell of muffled talk and stale buns drifted from the coffee shopThe innocent smell of wood smoke drifted into the carriageWe made friends if that's the right word for it I never said a word to him but we petted the same cat every eveningHe was a Party member and one of his favorite sayings was that during Stalin's time this country was the most dangerous unhealthy place in the world for a communist to liveHe rubbed his chin for a moment There are thousands and thousands of truths Every fellow has his own How many times have I cursed this country but where would I be without it I love this countryThat's the kind of friends those Mongols are Their souls are as dirty as ours though not as sorrowfulIn my case the war only lasted five years and we all knew what to aim at but our marriage has lasted twenty nine years and I never know what direction an attack's going to come fromFellows like me when we have to choose between two evils we always take bothShe went straight to the hotel restaurant There were three signs on the restaurant door CLOSED CLOSED FOR DINNER CLOSED FOR INVENTORY The restaurant was full

  3. Liselott Liselott says:

    Even though 'Compartment No6' is merely 200 pages you can't rush this book You will most likely get lost somewhere between Moscow and Ulaanbataar Set in the eighties a sad young woman boards the transiberian railway in Moscow for Mongolia She had choosen a compartment for her own only to find out that she had to share it with Vadim Nikolayevich Ivanovo a hot tempered appalling ex soldier who fills up the compartment with a stench of vodka sweat and foul mouth stories Liksom's writing style is different and unusual descriptive though the main character is referred to only as 'the girl'

  4. Noora Noora says:

    Compartment no 6 is a fantastic novel about travelling the odd kinship formed between complete strangers and about the Soviet Russia The way in which Liksom describes movement is so vivid and compelling that I could almost see the flashing landscape myself The desperation to live and the yearning to die the apathy and passion the poverty and garish luxury the Soviet Union that the novel describes is full of contradictions Even the most despicable travel companion somehow becomes endearing in closed confinement Go read it

  5. Johanna Johanna says:

    This feels like a book of which I will not remember anything after I´m done I often don´t remember much or not nearly everything but with this one I certainly won´t remember than just a little The book got a big prize in Finland and in a way I can see why I guess all the description is well written but this is definitely not a book for me To me the story what happens in the book is what matters Not how well it is written or how well the characters are written In this book not much does happen in short this is a book about a girl and a man sharing a cabin in a train from Moscow to Ulan Bator The train stops every now and again sometimes they leave the train and head into the city sometimes they don´t The man drinks often and a lot The girl does not speak They get to the destination They leave the train this time for a little longer The endPage 7 34The beginning sounds interesting though I do not know what to expect of this book As Russian man and a Finnish woman in the same cabin of a train from Moskow to Ulan Bator of Mongolia The description of the bathroom in the trainmade me shudder As I keep reading I notice that this book tells about some time in the past like the previous book I read in Finnish this sounds old and there´s something about it I still don´t like And this is true as the man talks about Soviet Union But it feels easy to read Maybe the girl has no idea what the man is saying I don´t recall her ever saying anything Only seeing Like his wife beaten Him stopping her from leaving the cabin when she wanted And the knife He does offer her things to eat and drink I can only imagine how I would feel if I was her Whether she understands or not If she does maybe even worse Since he tells her about how he hits his wifeThis one those books about people meeting and nothing happening I believe There´s these two and actually the reader has not been informed if she actually is Finnish or something else and Arisa the woman who tells what and when to do in the trainPage 35 81The girl is indeed Finnish but she has lived and studied in Russia or was it Soviet Union The man acts like a total jerk she mostly listens and goes with him to where ever he wants her to go I think she must be scared of him otherwise she wouldn´t He once already tried to get her to have sex or do something sexual with him but she left the cabin The train has stopped a few times and they have left the train to visit whatever city they have been at The girl still has not spoken or at least it is not told to the reader It actually doesn´t bother me We do get to go inside her head once in a while when there is a paragraph of her pastPage 82 188He keeps drinking alcohol and at one point he says what I´ve been thinking something like it´s nice to talk to you since you don´t understand anything But did it really mean she does not understand the language he speaks or that she does not understand what he meansThe reader will also learn that the girl had fallen in love with Irina the mother of her boyfriend while he was in a psychiatric hospital because of a psychosis in the end she did speak but only a little They reached their destination and parted This last bit of the book was the one I liked most But this bit was pretty short She got to her hotel and heard that she would not be allowed to go out of the city and otherwise is sounded like a pretty harsh place to be in especially as a woman The book ends when the man brings her back to her hotel she wakes up the next day it is her last day there and then she will fly back to Moscow I can only think how on earth was that trip worth it for her It was over 4000km

  6. Elena T Elena T says:

    A Finnish girl embarks on a journey through Siberia on the world's most famous train and is forced to share compartment n°6 with a chatty vulgar yet friendly Russian man As she travels through sualid frozen towns and stunning forests buried in snow she thinks of who she's left behind trying not to listen to the man's lewd stories a mix of blatant lies and harsh truthsI loved how the book kicked off the vague and fragmented descriptions composed of carefully selected words it all read beautifully in Finnish the endearing repetitions but as the story unraveled the man's chit chat got repetitive and the lack of details slightly confusing By the last pages I was uite bored longing for a story with conversation and a less mopey main character not to mention a less obscene sidekick of sorts Don't misunderstand me though this was an interesting read that tasted bitter and real it just wasn't my cup of tea

  7. Giulia Ginevra Giulia Ginevra says:

    A harsh and disenchanted look upon reality and yet a charming and gentle soul Through the eyes ears and thoughts of a young Finnish girl traveling on the mythic Trans Siberian railway the reader gets the chance to witness the reality of the ordinary people of the 1980s Soviet Russia where sualor and wisdom mix up in the words and life of Vadim an alcoholic Russian laborerA third character completes the dialogues the mute Russian landscape made of wild open spaces and decadent industrial cities It’a a book built on contrasts It’s the story of a naive girl in pursuit of her lifetime dream and an obscene man going back to his gray routine of nature and industry of freedom and totalitarianism of hope and nihilism Yet these contrasts are summed up in the peaceful acknowledgment that life is what it is there’s the evil but somewhere over the horizon there must also be the good And all this is found out not through some wishful thinking but through real episodes feelings and memories

  8. Biblio Curious Biblio Curious says:

    The final page concludes with the story's dust settling all around your memoryThe last time to experience this was Ibsen's play Ghosts Of course Compartment No 6 has nothing really to do with Ghosts But the experience was similar in a very different wayCompartment No 6 has some of the crudest language this side of winter The male character chatters on like a woman but about his conuests while the train almost constantly moves towards Mongolia After some time to breath we can realize all the subtle things this book isn't saying and that's where the story breathsI recommend it for people who enjoy the experience of travelling than the destination

  9. Jeff Bursey Jeff Bursey says:

    35 accuratelyAn interesting premise but the ending fizzles for me More to say later There are some nice passages of descriptive writingHere's a long review

  10. Anna Ietswaart Anna Ietswaart says:

    Nice to read but you're left with a belly full of black tea and wodka and nothing substantial to chew on

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