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  1. Maja - BibliophiliaDK ✨ Maja - BibliophiliaDK ✨ says:

    OH YES ANOTHER AUSTEN FIX JUST WHAT I NEEDED✨ Popsugar Reading Challenge 2019✨ ✨✨A book published posthumously✨✨When researching for this years Popsugar Reading Challenge there was no doubt in my mind that I had to read one of Jane Austen's posthumous novels because she is a favourite author of mine Luckily I found this gem which contains 3 of her posthumous novels Lucky me I say Blurp The Watsons is the unfinished story of Emma Watson who returns home to her family after being fostered by an aunt and now has to re auiant herself with her family Lady Susan is an epistolary novel about the newly widowed Lady Susan who is on the prowl for a second advantageous marriage Sandition follows the life of a wide cast of characters in an up and coming seaside townTHE THINGS I LOVED 🧡Jane Austen 🧡 From the very first sentence I felt at ease and at home Austen's writing is so witty up beat and so utterly recognisable that it felt like rediscovering an old acuaintance The variety The known Austen novels all pretty much follow the same pattern and the same topics These three however truly showed the variety of Austen's genius They were so different in not only writing and subject but in feeling and sentiment as well It truly showed me that had the world not lost this formidable woman so early we could have had many delightful and insightful books from her handLady Susan This book in particular was a deviation from the usual Jane Austen novel We are used to Austen's heroine's being witty bright righteous and kind Lady Susan however was none of these things She was cold calculating manipulative and a flirt But also her circumstances were different from teh usual virginal Austen women Lady Susan was widow with a teenage daughter And then of course there was the style that this book was written in letters uite different from any other Austen novel I congratulate you and Mr Vernon on being about to receive into your family the most accomplished couette in England Mr De Courcy Lady Susan The Watsons My favourite of this collection was without a doubt the unfinished The Watsons simply because it had all the makings of a classical witty and romantic Austen book Emma Watson was witty bright kind and beautiful She moves in good society has many sisters and the attention of some admirable men each in their own way I so wish this novel had been finished Luckily Austen had actually told her sister Cassandra how she intended the book to end and I can only say that reading what she imagined would happen only made me wish even that she had actually gone through with itFOLLOW MY BLOG FOR MORE BOOK GOODNESS

  2. Jennifer (Insert Lit Pun) Jennifer (Insert Lit Pun) says:

    Why don’t people talk about Lady Susan ? I mean I know it’s Jane Austen but I still didn’t expect it to be this brazenly fun The Watsons and Sanditonsurprised by how depressing these were to read I thought I’d steeled myself to the idea of them being fragments but turns out I hadn’t fully Still thoroughly enjoyable and I’m glad to have these characters now populating my head but mostly they just made me sad and resentful of Regency era medicine But at least now I can watch the new Sanditon adaptation which promises to be decadently terrible

  3. ·Karen· ·Karen· says:

    Remarkable that the grease stained pages found down the back of the sofa or stuffed into a drawer or still on the desktop when Jane Austen died should be so entrancing 200 years later And Margaret Drabble's intro is judicious and knowledgeableI have now read almost but not uite everything that JA wrote; her Juvenilia would make me a 'completist' Horrible word It sounds like some Orwellian newspeak term for someone who goes round co ercing people into committing suicideShe may well have been right to abandon The Watsons as it is a bit samey PP all over again but oh boy would I have loved to read Sanditon There are all the signs of a fascinating take on the changeover from visiting friends or family or being formally introduced to their friends and family to the commercial business of tourism

  4. Kathleen Flynn Kathleen Flynn says:

    Watching the absurd miniseries prompted me to reread Sanditon It's not a book I know well because reading it usually makes me sad knowing why she didn't finish it This time for some reason I did not have that reaction Perhaps I can thank the miniseries What I chiefly noticed is how funny it is and how razor sharp its insights about people Nor am I the first or the last person to notice the irony of Austen already suffering from the mysterious illness that would kill her is spending her last months on earth imagining energetic hypochondriacs at a health spa Well irony She was always good at that

  5. ♥ Sandi ❣ ♥ Sandi ❣ says:

    3 starsThis book contains 3 Jane Austin novels Lady Susan The Watson's and Sanditon Sanditon is the reason I got the book and being truthful the only story I have read at least so far and it probably will remain that way Jane Austen books are not my favorite classics and I find that my mind will wander while reading her works However watching movies or TV adaptions of historical works I do enjoy But staying with my past performance I do like to read the book prior to watching the adaptation This was Austen's last manuscript unfinished Critics remark that this writing style is very much different from Austen's normal style and has an open and modern feel in reference to her other novels Not being a fan of Austen I cannot comment whether or not this is the fact It is hard to really like any of the character in Sanditon It is reasoned that Austen already ill did not want to leave her loving characters which she often idealized way past the book she wrote them into so made them unlikable In addition health is a major theme in this book as reasoned to be because of her own failing health This novel also tends to the new not the old and established that most of her other novels are settled in Having adapted other Jane Austen novels to film experienced Jane Austen adapter Andrew Davies completes Sanditon for viewing Austen wrote 11 chapters then titled 'Brothers' and put her work aside before her death Davies finished the story out basing it on the town Sanditon for an 8 episode PBS Masterpiece series

  6. K. K. says:

    I wanted to love this I really did I mean it's JANE AUSTEN you know?? And yet here we are I don't think it helped that I was slightly slumpy when I was reading this and that it therefore took me the better part of four days to get through this 200 page book I wanted to love Lady Susan because it was such a uniue way of telling a story But it was so full of horrible characters that I just came out at meh I wanted to love The Watsons but it felt like it was speeding along without any depth and then it just ended I wanted to love Sanditon especially after I thoroughly enjoyed the Pemberley Digital adaptation of it a couple of years ago But OH MY GOD SO MANY HYPOCHONDRIACS I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS NONSENSE And then it just ended because Austen rudely went and died So yeah Maybe my expectations were too high? And I did enjoy seeing a variety of Austen's writing in one book But on the whole this was fine but forgettable

  7. Carina Carina says:

    This book of Jane Austen short stories was a bit of a mixed bag 'Lady Susan' is interesting because it is experimental due to the fact that it is both written in the form of letter entries and the main character is not one of Austen's usual heroinesMy favourite of the stories was 'The Watsons' an unfinished novel it's written very much in the style of 'Pride and Prejudice' and if finished would have been a magnificent addition to her six completed novelsI did not enjoy 'The Sanditons' as much I found it to be full of fussy details and lacking any clear or meaningful storyline I would recommend these stories to a die hard Austen fan but I'm not sure it would interest many other readers 'The Watsons' is really the only story worth merit

  8. Petra Petra says:

    35 stars Lady Susan is a masterpiece but the two unfinished works The Watsons and Sanditon I find hard to review They have a certain echo of sadness into them as the reader can't really tell where the story is going to carry them I enjoyed both of them though especially Sanditon as it talked a lot about hypochondria and sickness

  9. Fatma Fatma says:

    35 starsI've read Lady Susan before and The Watsons was fine but oh my goodness I LOVED Sanditon Sir Edward is hilarious the Parkers are ridiculous and Charlotte is such a shrewd level headed heroine To see it all cut short before the story could really get going broke my heart But I suppose even unfinished Austen is better than no Austen at all 🤷‍♀️

  10. Anna Anna says:

    I reviewed each of these separately on my blogLady Susan is a very short novel less than 100 pages by Jane Austen considered one of her “minor works” It was likely written in 1793 or 1794 but it was not published until after her death Lady Susan is an epistolary novel and it’s the only novel I’ve read by Austen with a horrid “heroine” — but that’s what makes her so interestingLady Susan Vernon is a recent widow who had an affair with a married man whose wife’s jealousy along with her efforts to find a husband for her daughter have prompted her to flee and stay with her brother in law and his wife Lady Susan is a very selfish person who acts horribly toward her daughter Frederica who refuses to marry the man her mother has chosen for her In addition to stringing along Manwaring the man with whom she had the affair Lady Susan sets her sights on her sister in law’s brother Reginald much to Mrs Vernon’s dismay While Lady Susan’s close friend Mrs Johnson indulges her despite the fact that her husband wants her to end their relationship Mrs Vernon sees Lady Susan for who she is and takes pity on FredericaI enjoyed Lady Susan and its overly dramatic characters but the limitations of the epistolary novel are evident There is little character development and the primary voices in the book are Lady Susan’s and Mrs Vernon’s though a few minor characters chime in here and there Because the book is written in letters the conversations and actions are being retold after they happened and they lose some of their immediacyStill Lady Susan is highly entertaining I found it interesting how Austen put a woman in the role of a shameless adulterer though Lady Susan’s seeking another husband with a fortune is similar to the storylines in her well known novels However what’s different and intriguing is that Lady Susan is much older than the men she hopes to attract And while I couldn’t like her or have much sympathy for her in the end she certainly was amusing Another must read for Austen fansReview posted on Diary of an EccentricThe Watsons is a fragment of a novel written by Jane Austen in 1804 and is believed to be the only work written by Austen when she lived in Bath The introduction to this edition of three of Austen’s minor works speculates on why she didn’t finish it but in my opinion The Watsons is similar to Pride and Prejudice in many ways and her heroine Emma Watson has characteristics of her other heroinesEmma was living away from her family with an aunt who could better provide for her but when her aunt marries she is forced to return home to her widowed father and siblings The 45 page fragment is mainly an introduction to the characters and covers Emma’s introduction into society through the Edwards family who are friends of the Watsons Some of the characters we meet in addition to the Edwards family are Elizabeth Watson Emma’s older sister; Tom Musgrave who flirts with all the eligible young women and seems to want to inflate his social status by riding the coattails of Lord Osborne; Mr Howard a clergyman who catches Emma’s eye at a ball; and Lord Osborne who is attracted to EmmaThe Watsons are the poorest family seen in a work by Austen or at least among her main characters with Elizabeth caring for their sickly father and handling some domestic tasks As such the need for the four sisters to marry — and for at least one of them to marry well — is a main theme of the book But whereas Elizabeth has resigned herself to the fact that the love of her life has married another and she has lowered her standards for marriage as a result Emma is romantic and insists she would not marry a man she didn’t love regardless of his fortuneI really enjoyed The Watsons and was sad to see it end It had so much potential and had it been completed it could have been a wonderful novel While I didn’t get to know her as well as I would have liked Emma was a delightful character I especially loved the scene at the ball where she asks 10 year old Charles Blake the nephew of Mr Howard to dance after Miss Osborne promised him before the ball that she would dance with him then decided to dance with someone else I would have loved to see Mr Howard and Lord Osborne compete to win Emma’s heart and I would have loved to see who would have become the scoundrel of the novelWhile many readers would avoid reading a fragment because of its abrupt ending The Watsons didn’t leave me entirely unsatisfied Austen told her sister Cassandra what she’d planned for her characters and this information is given at the end of the fragment as a conclusion of sorts If you’re like me and want to read anything and everything by Austen then I highly recommend The Watsons As can be expected her wit is interlaced with entertaining characters and social commentaryReview posted on Diary of an EccentricJane Austen was writing Sanditon when she fell ill beginning the manuscript on January 17 1817 ending chapter 12 on March 18 1817 and dying on July 18 1817 at the age of 41 without having finished it It’s sad that we’ll never know Austen’s plans for her characters an eccentric bunch that I found very amusingSanditon opens with a carriage accident Mr Thomas Parker intent on finding a doctor for Sanditon — the fishing village he hopes to turn into a bustling seaside resort — has driven the carriage on an impassible road And come to find out he and his wife are in the wrong Willingden — the Willingden without a doctor The Parkers are taken in by the Heywoods so Mr Parker can recover from a twisted ankle and the new friendship prompts the Parkers to take the young Charlotte Heywood — the likely heroine of the novel — to see the progress being made in SanditonIn Sanditon Charlotte meets a host of entertaining people including Lady Denham a twice married woman the first time for money the second time for a title reminiscent of Lady Catherine in Pride and Prejudice and Thomas Parker’s partner in developing Sanditon; Sir Edward Denham who rambles on about poetry and novels and views himself as a seducer of women; Diana Susan and Arthur Parker Thomas’ hypochondriac siblings; and Sydney Parker Thomas’ fashionable younger brother who probably would have emerged as the hero Austen was brilliant when it came to providing humorous social commentary In this novel she juxtaposes characters who favor the old way with characters who favor development and showcases hypochondriacs alongside those whose health actually is poor enough to benefit from the seaside airSanditon had the potential to be a great novel Charlotte could have been as wise and strong a heroine as Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice Sydney Parker hardly makes an appearance so who knows whether he would have given Mr Darcy a run for his money Some of the characters were so exaggerated and ridiculous Sir Edward and Diana in particular that I nearly laughed out loud and to be honest when I got to the end of chapter 12 and the book ended abruptly I was sad I’d grown attached to these characters in just a handful of pages and the story hadn’t been developed enough for me to guess how things might have played out I’m glad I knew in advance that the novel was unfinished and I’m not sorry I read it In fact I think it is a worthwhile read for any Austen fanReview posted on Diary of an Eccentric

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Lady Susan The Watsons Sanditon ➧ Lady Susan The Watsons Sanditon Ebook ➭ Author Jane Austen – Together these three works one novel unpublished in her lifetime and two unfinished fragments reveal Jane Austen's development as a great artist Lady Susan with its wicked beautiful intelligent and en Together these three The Watsons eBook ´ works one novel unpublished in her lifetime and two unfinished fragments reveal Jane Austen's development as a great artist Lady Susan with its wicked beautiful intelligent and energetic heroine is a sparkling melodrama which takes its tone from the outspoken and robust eighteen century Written later and probably abandoned after her father's death The Watsons is a tantalizing and highly delightful story whose vitality and optimism centre on the marital prospects of the Watson sisters in a small provincial town Sanditon Jane Austen's last fiction Lady Susan PDF or is set in a seaside town and its themes concern the new speculative consumer society and foreshadow the great social upheavals of the Industrial Revolution.