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  1. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    The Return of the Rebel AllianceThe New Republic forces have taken Borleias as a staging area for the evacuation of the Inner Core Self appointed Chief of State Pwoe orders Wedge Antilles and gang to set up a defense for evacuees But Wedge Luke and Mara have other plansthe plans for a new way of fighting Meanwhile Jaina the Trickster Goddess explodes onto the scene with the help of some old WraithsNOTE Based on audiobook and novelIf I had to mark a book that began the turning of the tide for the Good Guys Hint Hint Note how I didn't say New Republic it is this book Aaron Allston's return to Star Wars marks a few things 1 a veteran Star Wars writer returning the first since TyersStackpole 2 a shift in the battle and 3 a shift in tone Allston had written many of the X Wing books so he was familiar with the landscape and from his writing it's obvious he is than capable of writing Wedge Luke Mara and even Jaina Also he is allowed to write the Good Guys kicking Yuuzhan Vong tail and this change makes the book far less dark than its predecessorsAllston has a great grasp on characters Wedge Luke Mara and Jaina are all brilliantly written I loved the reunion scene with Wedge and his family watch out You might get teary eyed Luke and Mara were decently done they seem to be a tough pair for some authors to get but Jaina in my opinion really shines I thought Allston wrote her much better than even Cunningham impressive as she is a woman As for new characters there aren't many but Tsavong Lah's father sorry I don't know how to spell his name was very interesting and well done And kudos to Allston for the touching father son scene between the Yuuzhan Vong It's nice to see they aren't mindless uncaring killing machinesA lot of the events in this book are definitely setup for the next book Rebel Stand There is not much if any resolution in this book But while that could be annoying I liked it It truly felt like a spanning novel not a one shot that happened to be tucked into the NJO not that all the other NJO books have felt awkward or bad because they resolve their primary conflict by the end of the novel I liked seeing the further devolution of the New Republic a realigning of who is bad and who is good and who is just plain making matters worseThe exploits of the Trickster Goddess finally make an appearance here which I am glad though it would have been so much interesting to have Dark Jaina play all these pranks I couldn't believe a teenager or barely out of her teens would get command of her own suadron even if it were part of the ploy why couldn't they do like Anakin Ganner from Star by Star? Jaina acts as the leader but someone experienced is the leader However I did like how Kyp Jag and the Wraiths Piggy and one guy I forgot did support her and not all of the trickery was from her own mindThe Coruscant mission seems to be starting great though I am still perturbed that our heroes don't care about dumping their child on the nearest nanny droid The Borleias campaign is also one of the most memorable campaigns for me and I remember fondly drawing pictures of the space battle I didn't even do that for the moviesIf there was one plotline that did make me groan it was the Vii Shesh Tam Danni uee story While I love the idea of a planta spy I get tired of all these guys who are oh so honest that are coerced into spying I would have thought Vii Shesh' time as Bad Guy would have been over And for once I'd love to see something like the following Danni sees that Tam is all awkward around her and she thinks he is hitting on her though terribly when in fact he is plagued by his coersion spying And while that does somewhat crop up Danni is way too easy to penetrate through Tam's facade even though she doesn't know him from BailAfter the tepid Dark Journey and the tearjerker Star by Star Rebel Dream returns us to a Star Wars that many of us who read through the Bantam books are familiar with There is humor; there are characters we love and enjoy; there are big events beginning My biggest complaints are the obvious setup for the seuel some shaky characterization a regurgitation of plot points we've Been there and done that and just not having that mind blown feeling when I finished Otherwise it's fun reading and definitely one of the better books of the NJO

  2. Scott Rhee Scott Rhee says:

    The New Republic for all intents and purposes has collapsed in the wake of the Fall of Coruscant and the scattering of the surviving members of the Galactic Senate The confused and incompetent members of the New Republic Advisory Council the only remaining governmental body left somewhat intact to issue orders has ordered the fleet to take and hold planet Borleais as a staging area for an attempt at re taking CoruscantWedge Antilles the leader of the fleet knows that the order is merely an attempt for the Advisory Council to slip away to safety While pretending to follow orders he Luke Skywalker Leia and Han Solo forge other plans using tactics and strategies from their Rebel Alliance days The Yuuzhan Vong like the Empire may seem like an unstoppable force but they defeated one unstoppable force before They know too that playing politics and appeasement will only lead to further ruin Force must be stopped with force And the Force of course Apologies to Dr SeussHence Rebel Dream Aaron Allston's awesome contribution to the New Jedi Order series Rebel Dream is the first book in his Enemy Lines duology and it is action packed from beginning to end Allston's novel also doesn't suffer from previous books in the series when it comes to multiple story lines getting muddled and confusing He deftly handles several story lines thanks in large part to his knack for good characterization Allston may write kick ass battle scenes but he also understands human dramaThis is definitely one of the best books in the New Jedi Order series and I look forward to voraciously reading the second book

  3. John John says:

    The aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vongs invasion of Coruscant Luke Skywalker chooses a dangerous mission to try and change the tides of the ongoing war

  4. Wade Schacht Wade Schacht says:

    The mock defense of Borleias is an interesting storyline that I love Pwoe's declaration as Chief of State is so absurd I almost laughed but hey who knows maybe the Star Wars galaxy is a lot like America than we think

  5. Jeff Diamond Jeff Diamond says:

    I had not read anything by Aaron Allston prior to this book and I have to say that I think that I have a new favorite in the Star Wars Galaxy Michael Stackpole is good and has some very engaging battles but Allston has a conversational style More like he is telling you a story rather than writing a story I feel like this can make it so that you feel engaged in the narrative It also allows for idioms and humor The humor part is nice because sometimes I feel like an author tries to get out of our galaxy so much that the writing gets stale Idioms make the language interesting If you don't feel like you can use them then adapt themThe storyline itself is really interesting The characters continue to grow and develop albeit with some little surprises One of the pleasant things that was introduced in this book was a little bit of humor Things like Han Solo asking jokingly if he can shoot C 3PO I don't blame him sometimes but the way the conversation between Han and Leia at this point is very entertaining In the middle of this huge war you have a little bit of happiness It doesn't distract it just adds to the overall feeling of the bookWhen all is said and done Rebel Dream is a great Star Wars book in a great series It takes the characters into new situations which forces them to grow and the style of the writer makes it easier to engage and really really really enjoy the book

  6. Ryan Ryan says:

    So after several books of them being scattered we once again see all of the primary cast of the NJO get brought back together This allows for some good character moments and also allows the action to stay somewhat focused around the events at handAnd action is definitely the word to keep at hand with this book It's fast paced with a lot focus on the ship battles and space warfare than a lot of the other books in this series which is fine for now but could easily get boring if they steer the series in general in that direction The general theme of the book here was kind of Neitzschean especially his warning of he who hunts monsters must ensure that in the process he does not become a monster The core of the former Rebel Alliance decides to take the battle to the Yuzhaan Vong in this volume employing a variety of tactics that can only be described as Imperial and Dark Side in their nature It's all done for the greater good naturally but we can definitely see the path to the Sith being paved with those good intentions

  7. Jim C Jim C says:

    This is now part of the Legends story line and continues the war with the Vong In this one the New Republic has lost Coruscant and this is their answer to that crushing defeatThis book surprised me as I wasn't expecting much It was good to see the whole gang together and I liked the inclusion of other characters from other books The highlight of this book was the characters and how this author portrayed them I was glad to see that not all characters were despondent and dramatic with their situations and this gave the reader some hope that our heroes do have a fighting chance This author should be commended for putting the character Jaina back on track She is dealing with her losses but in a realistic way And that is how I feel about this book It made sense in this story arcThis book has plenty of action and does give the reader that Star Wars feeling with a nice nod to an earlier period The only drawback is that this is part of a duology and this book is of a set up novel

  8. Gordon Summers Gordon Summers says:

    So I can tell we're heading towards the end of the series because the Vong have started to lose to tactics that the New Republic just realized they could use I also thought the whole Yun Harla thing was stupid The only people who seemed to care Jaina was acting like a goddess were on her side The Vong never mention it and still seem to only want her because she's Jacen's twin I thought the point in Dark Journey was that she was being disrespectful of Yun Harla not that she was Yun Harla Why would the New Republic soldiers care if she thought she was Yun Harla anyway? A goddess that no one in this galaxy heard of before or worshipped before? Now all of a sudden they think this girl in their midst is an incarnation of a diety they neither know of or care about and it is exemplified in it's stupidity by the people on the ground being upset about Jaina being treated unfairly well As if the people in universe didn't get it or thought it stupid Doesn't the ruse only make sense if everyone thinks she's a goddess?I also once again am confused why the Vong don't use their black holes offensively It's been demonstrated to them twice now and it can't be countered by shields or laser fire also demonstrated but only the Jedi seem to use them to suck up enemy ships I think this is a major plot hole that has been so far ignored

  9. Rogers Cadenhead Rogers Cadenhead says:

    As a fan of Aaron Allston going back to his earliest RPG designs for Car Wars and Champions in the 1980s I liked this book but felt like his creativity was constrained by the plot reuirements reuired of the 12th book in a 19 book series which I haven't read prior to this installment The novel follows the fall of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong Starfighter suadrons and Jedi commanded by Wedge Antilles must take and hold the planet Borleias to help Coruscant refugees escape and regroup Luke Leia Han Lando Mara Jade Skywalker and Jaina Solo participate in dogfights and one covert mission to set up book 13 Most of the novel's appeal was seeing familiar faces engaged in expected derring do but the Yuuzhan Vong are as appealingly weird a foe as The Borg in Star Trek They loathe tech and instead rely on pervasive and sadistic bioengineering My favorite scenes were told from their perspective Allston who died in 2014 at age 53 was one of the best media tie in writers in SFF

  10. Darryl Dobbs Darryl Dobbs says:

    An entertaining setup to Book 2 this story focuses on the New Republic retaking the planet Borleias almost as a 'lark' and really just to give the people of the NR something positive in this war But when the surviving NR council members charge Wedge with holding the planet for as long as possible he sees through their agenda lose the planet negotiatesurrender to the Vong and adopts old Rebellion tactics So we're left with some unorthodox and sneaky battle methods including building Jaina Solo up as a Vong god Meanwhile Wraith Suadron remember them go with Luke and Mara to the captured Coruscant and into enemy territory This book was a page turning but not exactly riveting Though it was nice to get re acuainted with some characters we got to know a few dozen books ago I'm reading these through the Legends timeline in order

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Star Wars The New Jedi Order Rebel Dream ➾ [Download] ➾ Star Wars The New Jedi Order Rebel Dream By Aaron Allston ➳ – As the Yuuzhan Vongâs spectacular conuests continue unchecked Luke Skywalker Han and Leia Solo and Wedge Antilles are forced to destroy what they have risked their lives to create Scattering like rat The New eBook ☆ As the Yuuzhan Vongâs spectacular conuests continue unchecked Luke Skywalker Han and Leia Solo and Wedge Antilles are forced to destroy what they have risked their lives to create Scattering like rats before the Yuuzhan Vongâs invasion of Coruscant the panic stricken members of Wars The New Jedi Order PDF \ the New Republic Advisoryâs Council pause just long enough to set up a mock defense on nearby Borleiasâa transparent attempt to buy time that fools no one least of all the JediLeia Star Wars ePUB í and Han Solo trek from world to world to foment rebellion against the New Republicâs disastrous appeasement policies But Luke Skywalker has chosen the most dangerous assignment of all to sneak into the Yuuzhan Vongâs stronghold on Coruscant His outrageous scheme to gain entry is either brilliant or suicidal depending on the outcome And bearing down swiftly on Borleias is a Vong invasion fleet determined to destroy the galaxyâs remaining defenders.