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  • 22 April 2016

10 thoughts on “La Vérité sur l'affaire Harry uebert

  1. Alienor Alienor says:

    OH MY GOD IT'S SO BADSpare yourselves; do not buy this book It was almost physically painful to finish If this is the yardstick by which we measure books these days I'll just lock myself into past centuries and never ever read 21st century books What ON EARTH caused this book to receive such acclaim???So just to get it out of the way the construction kind of stands although I'd have to think about even that It's a little grotesuely baroue with everyone seemingly having had a hand in the murder that 'fateful day' but ok for nowBut the rest In no particular order and with plenty of spoilers probably it's not as if I care writers are NOT interesting main characters and this one in particular takes the cherry; self absorbed vain narcissistic with every sycophantic character telling him how wonderful talented smart 'Magnificent' sic he is and that also applies to the OTHER writer in the book Harry uébert whose 15 year old lover seemed to have been put on this earth only to fawn overpraisemassage his ego The main character 'wants to be a writer than anything else in the world' and there is much inane talkHallmark life lessons about writing Ok but writing what??? What was his 'fabulous first book' all about anyway?? What is his substance?? He sounds just like prepubescent kids who want to be rock stars for the fame and never think for a second about the music It's all about the packaging with Marcus Goldman oh and let's not forget the CROWDS of New Yorkers who mob him with uestions mwahahaha This might happen with A list actors maaaaybe even though New Yorkers are WAY TOO COOL to crowd celebrities thank you very much but WRITERS?? Do we even know what writers look like??? Moving on within the very first chapter we learn he's all about his Italian shoes expensive NY apartment and trophy girlfriend while being a self aggrandizing whiny lying cheating asshole I can't believe there's a rule Hallmark lesson on writing at the end of the book about hooking readers in the first chapter I suggest likeable characters Did he ever read Save The Cat?So a writer writing about a writer writing about a writer God knows I love books but even I found this a bit indigestible laughable secondary characters; we all know Hollywood movies that fall flat because they have competing 40 writers all writing the same script and one of them has to shoehorn comic relief no matter what so you end up with ridiculous formulaic poorly grafted on one liners so here goes the gallery of 1 dimensional buffoons; the Jewish mother the 'frustrated but deep' bar owner the Republican lawyer who has a cash machine where his heart should be the threatening grandiose immoral publisher none of which is deep enough to understand TRU LUV which brings me inevitably to the 'love' sic story Oh please I'm writhing inside While I very much accept that age difference is not an impediment to LUV a 34 year old 'falling in luv' with a teenager because she's 'dancing in the rain' sic sounds like drumroll INFATUATION or LUST Mister bigshot writer which one? Does it matter? should have a way with words but seems utterly incapable of self analysis diagnostic soul searching etc And from there we get the MOST INANE dialogues I have EVER read outside of Barbara Cartland books Even 33 YEARS later the dude wallows in self pity and 'she's the only one I'll ever love' whines that would make me want to smash a baby into a wall Why were you in Luv exactly? 'Cause she made you sandwiches and 'took care of you'??? I kid you not this is what their whole relationship is about and wait for it they only hang out for THREE MONTHS Also spoiler but do you care at this point? the kid is orphaned and suffers from psychotic breaks is there anything that screams 'victim with MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES' any louder to you? And did Harry uébert actually KNOW Nola and these 'little details' about her? Of course not his gigantic EGO was in the way Ach this ‘book’ reminds me of Lars von Trier movies 🤢🤮🤮So ok you may be attracted to someone 20 years your junior But if that someone fits the description above and has massively crushed on you well I've got news buster; you're just exploiting someone's vulnerabilities WHICH IS NOT LUV And the fact that you throw the rest of your whole life away afterwards doesn't make your Luv ' sacred' It just makes you a creep who is unable to deal with reality and leads you to befriend only ONE person for the rest of your life astonishingly ANOTHER creep When Does The Police Ever Let A Civilian Lead An Investigation???? Especially in the US of A???? You have got to be kidding me 🤯😖 oh the writing oh the writing Find me ONE teenager in the 70s who called her lover 'dârling' and said things like 'you're so beastly' It sounds so fucking fake I'll take an inch out of my sting because I read a translated version but still English AND French are my native languages and as I was trying to go back and forth to imagine what the translator could have improved I was left in the dust Oh the maudlin immature 'poor me' waterfalls in this book oh what about the editing the verbatim copies of previous pages oh the psychological characterizations and depth that could fit in a thimble ooohIt was atrocious I can't believe this even got published Maybe because there are publisher characters in there? Maybe because Dicker held someone's mother for blackmail? I simply do not get it Read anything elseEdit; some people are telling me to go fuck myself for this review I can only imagine they’re Joel Dicker in disguise or worse Joel Dicker FANBOYS😂😂😂😂 I didn’t think one could get so low😂😂😂It’s a REVIEW dicker lovers Get a life

  2. Manny Manny says:

    La Vérité sur la verité sur l'affaire Harry uebertReading bestsellers is like boxing Marcus They can both cause brain damageBut wait said Gahalowood I still don't understand Why is the book so badly written? Why is the writing so atrocious that every other sentence causes the reader physical pain why is the dialogue so flat and why are none of the characters even remotely credible?I sighed You see I said that's exactly the point The book is meant to be terrible It's evidently constructed as a satire on the modern bestseller That's why it reads as though it's been Google translated from American with minimal cleaning up That's why it's so ridiculously long aren't all these bestsellers way too long? That's why there's all the stuff about the publishing industry That's why the narrator is an author who can't write and doesn't have an idea in his head except that he wants to be a successful writer That's why he constantly underlines that 'successful' today just means getting large advances and selling a lot of copies and has absolutely nothing to do with literary uality One must admit that the book achieves what it sets out to do I'm sure it's put me off reading bestsellers for at least the next five yearsGahalowood nodded thoughtfully Yes he said Your analysis makes sense And at the same time it doesn't After all the author has written a bestseller The book has all the faults he points out in spades Most people read it straight And above all why does the plot make no sense whatsoever with every shred of possible meaning sacrificed for the sake of absurd twists? Why would any author do that?At that moment Gahalowood's mobile rang He picked it up and listened A second later a look of stupefaction crossed his face What I began But Gahalowood waved me away Yes he said to his unknown interlocutor Yes yes I see Yes Thank you He hung upWho was that? I ventured after a moment The DNA laboratory breathed Gahalowood They have the results of Joël Dicker's genetic tests It turns out that he is the illegitimate child of James Patterson and Danielle Steel Of course I said Patterson raped her when she was only fifteen She insisted on keeping the baby but put him up for adoption with a Swiss family and never told a soul what had happened When Dicker found out about his origins you can imagine his feelings He simultaneously loved the bestseller and hated it He wanted to emulate his parents and at the same time get even with them What else could he do but write this book?You explain it so well said Gahalowood You are a genius You need to write a Goodreads review about it it will be the greatest review of all time Everyone will vote for itNot at all I said modestly but I knew he was right And that's how you come to be reading this piece La Vérité sur la verité sur l'affaire Harry uebert

  3. Amanda Amanda says:

    You know that thing when you get your hands on the latest 600 page literary blockbuster full of excitement and anticipation? So you are reading greedily and it’s okay but not completely engaging However in the back of your brain you are very aware of the many international literary awards this book has clocked up the fact that it has been translated into 32 different languages and been reviewed gushingly over and over again so you just know that any minute now you will be gobsmacked by it’s erudite insight and finely crafted wordsSoon you realize that you are 350 pages into it and the much lauded literary merit is yet to smack you between the eyes but perhaps the prosaic writing two dimensional characters improbable plot and editorial oversights are all part of some cunning device that you are clearly not enlightened enough to understandThen you find that you’ve finished it and there was no cunning device just every ridiculous story twist and red herring that the author could possibly come up with Far from great 21st century literature this was just another poorly written poorly edited over hyped shallow potboilerAnd you are feeling seriously short changed because not only did you waste 30 on this but you are past the halfway mark for your likely years on this planet and you’ll never get back the hours you wasted reading this bookYeah that

  4. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    This is an unusual book and a great mysterydetective story It’s unusual in that it’s set in New England and you would never know that it was translated from the French The Swiss author used to spend his summers in MaineThe story is Lolita ish Thirty three years ago a college English professorfamous author from New Hampshire fell in love with a 15 year old girl But unlike Humbert Nabakov’s predator this author genuinely tried to block his emotions – discouraging the girl from visiting his home; breaking up with her; trying to leave; not seeing her He just couldn’t overcome his feelings The older author lives in a seafront house so we get some local color of New Hampshire especially in a local diner where a lot of the action takes place Then the girl disappeared The older man never recovered emotionally from her loss Then thirty three years after her disappearance the girl’s body is accidentally found buried on the author’s property and still grieving for her he is charged with her murderWhile he is in prison awaiting trial a younger author also a famous writer comes to the aid of his former professor and mentor They are both loners; each other’s only friend The younger author the book’s main character sets out to prove his mentor’s innocence and our mystery begins At first the case against the older author seems so convincing that we start with believing how could the perpetrator NOT be him? Little by little a second suspect emerges and we are led to see how wrong we were But it turns out the young girl led a much dramatic life than we were aware of and now numerous suspects emerge It’s a complex tightly knit plot but we don’t get lost because of periodic discussions on the status of the investigation between the younger author and the lead detective on the case With both main characters being famous authors the older mentor to the younger we learn a lot about the writing process creative inspiration techniue writer’s block etc Most chapters are prefaced with snippets of the mentor’s advice on writing We also get uite a bit on dealing with publishers and literary agents An example that also illustrates the humor in the novel The main character starts receiving threatening letters while investigating to help his friend Since he intends to write a book about the investigation his agent tells him “That’s great That’ll really help sell the book Imagine if someone tries to kill you – you could add another zero to the sales figurestwo if you actually die”“As long as I die after finishing the book”“That goes without saying”The writing is good not great but hey it’s a mysterydetective novel Some snippets I liked“No matter where you go your problems go with you”As the author of a non fiction book published a few months ago I offer this one with trepidation “Only write fiction Anything else will just bring you trouble”“People all over the world take responsibility without even being aware of it for advertising your product on a global scale Isn’t that incredible? Facebook users are just people wearing sandwich boards for free”The book was a huge seller internationally when published in 2012 – than 3 million copies sold On GR it has than 55000 ratings and almost 7000 reviews It’s not critically acclaimed but I think it’s a great mysterydetective read a break from heavier stuff so I’m giving it a 5 and adding it to my favorites Top photo from newhampshirehomescomMiddle photo from careyandgiampacomPhoto of the author from Goodreads

  5. Annet Annet says:

    'How do you know when a book is finished?''Books are like life Marcus They never really end'I just loved this book Grand story and writing uniue in many ways a calm but formidable buildup of the story which makes you want to keep going steady but with a building tension thinking all the time 'what's going on here' great whodunit with unbelievable twists and turns til the last pages remarkable set of characters great setting I just really enjoyed it from start to end And it's not only a crime story it's a book about life love mistakes made 'Learn to love your failures Markus because it is your failures that will make you who you are It is your failures that will give meaning to your victories' small town community living boxing running writing so much and all in such a great story It's about a summer in New Hampshire in small town Somerset when struggling author Harry uebert fell in love with 15 year old Nola Kellergan a forbidden love 33 years later her body is dug up from his yard along with a manuscript copy of the novel that secured his lasting fame 'The Origin of Evil' uebert is the only suspect Markus Goldman student once coached by uebert now a writer and friend sets out to Somerset to investigate and clear Harry of any blame Then the story unfolds be careful not to pick up any spoilersInteresting to see this book is 'controversial' in reviews I see ratings going from 1 to 5 I'm on 45 going on 5 Fabulous book worth every page for me Made me think of John Irving's Garp must be because of the setting New Hampshire but also the sports boxing instead of wrestling but close and the weird set of characters Made me think of Donna Tartt's Goldfinch maybe because of the setting New York and also because of the uirky set of characters Made me think of Twin Peaks yes definitely because of the freaky atmosphere among the various characters From my side Recommended'You see Markus the way it works in our society we are constantly having to choose between reason and passion Reason never helps anyone and passion is often destructive So don't ask me to help you choose'

  6. Jaline Jaline says:

    This novel reinforces for me why I love big books so much1 They cover a lot of territory without feeling rushed or cramped2 They leave room for many different sub plots to add spice and enhancement to the main plot3 Their expansiveness when utilized properly allows the reader to live thoroughly the experiences in the book sharing space with the characters and getting to know themIn this novel I was completely occupied with being surprised shocked and moved by the characters; sometimes I was busy being upset with them and judging them Only to find out I was wrong And then wrong again And how amazing and liberating to be wrong some yet never for one minute relinuishing the urge to discover about the people involved in this story – and to help solve the mysteries Yes I did feel I was right there in the story with everyone else trying to figure out what had happened And what was still happeningMarcus Goldman wrote a book in his 20’s that made him famous Then he was hit with what is referred to in the book as “the writer’s disease” For almost two years he couldn’t put two sentences together and his publisher is now threatening legal action He even went to visit Harry uebert kuh bear his literature professor from college at his beautiful home in New England Not just his literature professor; also his mentor his master Even that did not help to get him unstuck and past the barrier of resistance that weighed on himShortly after Marcus’ visit Harry uebert is arrested for the murder of Nola Kellergan 33 years earlier Her remains are discovered in the grounds of Harry’s home and Marcus discovers that when his mentor was 34 years old he fell madly in love with a 15 year old high school girl shortly before publishing a masterpiece novel Marcus is determined to clear his friend’s name and restore his reputation which is now in shreds He also asks Harry for permission to write a book about all of this – both to set the record straight and to get some breathing space from his publisher’s pressureThis story is about love Romantic love obsessive love protective love ferocious love fragile love and many other shades of love Here are a few uotes on the diverse aspects of love ”The truth does not change how you feel about someone That’s the great tragedy of love ” ”Love love always love But what is love? It doesn’t mean anything Love is just a trick invented by men so they don’t have to do their own laundry” ”Cherish love Marcus Make it your greatest conuest your sole ambition After men there will be other men After books there will be other books After glory there will be other glories After money there will be yet money But after love Marcus after love there is nothing but the salt from tears” This novel had me under its spell from the very beginning and it kept me there – completely mesmerized – to the very end I don’t think I have ever before read a book that is as dizzy making with its myriad curves and twists and sharp turns The story the writing the seamless integration of various timelines and the characters – all of these together make for one of the most engaging reads I have experiencedWhat’s although this book shows up as 624 pages on my eReader reading it felt like I was flying through the pages This will be the first read of 2019 to land on my Favourites shelf – my ultimate Sixth Star

  7. Tommy Wallach Tommy Wallach says:

    This book is without a doubt the worst thing I've read in many years The fact that it was published at all boggles the mind HonestlyI want my money back Christ but it's terrible Joel Dicker should never publish another novel again Or write anything Even a grocery list Or speak He should go live in a monastery in the woods and never bother anyone again Dear lord Make it stop

  8. Harris Harris says:

    Yeah I have no idea why this is supposed to be so amazing The plot itself is kind of uninspiring and reminds me of so many dark secrets in a small town stories that Stig Larssen popularized And really it's trying to be The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo just minus the secret Nazis so badly it's kind of laughableThe characters were universally unlikable and honestly the jet set life of the best selling author kind of made me laugh my ass off Maybe I missed when Jonathan Franzen was being recognized on the street? The only reason why I know what James Patterson or Michael Connolly look like is because they showed up on a couple episodes of Castle Also The Origin of Evil is about lovers separated by class? What?Also So Harry uebert basically wrote The Notebook then?And for all that this is about the amazing love affair betwen Harry uebert and Nola SEE IT SOUNDS LIKE LOLA WHICH IS REMINISCENT OF LOLITA AREN'T I MR CLEVER BOOTS?? and we're supposed to sympathize with Harry for his epic tale of love and loss IT IS STILL ABOUT A 35 YEAR OLD MAN HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL I'm sorry I'm just not going to get past the fact that we're supposed to sympathize with an hebephile who thinks a teenager was the love of his life Then there's the dialogue Holy shit The dialogue is atrocious People DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT Even allowing for the differences between dialogue in movies and books and reality the dlalogue is clunky and awkward at best and just down right mindbogglingly bad at worst I'm willing to split the difference in the blame here; this originally was written in French IIRC so there may be something lost in the translation but sweet sufferin' Jeebus if they're going to translate it get someone who doesn't have a tin ear huh?This was awful

  9. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    There’s essentially three stories here Two men’s individual struggle to write a book An older man’s love for a 15 year old girl The mystery surrounding the murder of the 15 year old girlYes they’re all linked – but it sometimes feels like a hodgepodge of styles maybe Jonathan Franzen meets Mills and Boon meets Agatha Christie?It’s long over 600 pages in print and in excess of 20 hours of audio I went the latter route and was rewarded by a competent reading by Robert Slade It’s also slow paced sometimes agonisingly so Marcus Goldman travels to Somerset the New Hampshire town of his college professor Harry uebert to attempt to unlock something that will enable him to write a follow–up to his first highly successful book Soon after the body of a 15 year old girl is discovered on Harry’s property along with a manuscript of his acclaimed novel The Origin of Evil The girl Nolla Kellergan had disappeared 33 years earlier Harry is arrested and charged with Nolla’s abduction and murder and Marcus decides to carry out an investigation of his own in the hope of clearing his mentor He’s also persuaded to write a book about his investigation and accepts a multi million pound advance from his publisher This book was originally written in French and it might be that it’s lost something in translation Certainly for me the telling of the relationship between Harry and Nolla didn’t work at all Harry is clearly an intelligent articulate good looking man Nolla is all child with little to offer in terms of conversation or intellect The verbal exchanges between the two are painful in the extreme We’re led to believe that Harry fell for her after a brief initial meeting at a beach and became obsessed by her thereafter No – not for me I know she’s portrayed as physically attractive but even soMuch better are the conversations between the two writers and those between Marcus Goldman and his publisher These are sharp and amusing And the telephone calls between Marcus and his overbearing Jewish mother are hilarious I kept wishing there was of this and less of Nolla and the other eually dull inhabitants of Somerset Then there’s the fact that nobody in Somerset seems to have been aware of the relationship between Harry and Nolla Well I’m not going to spoil it for potential readers by explaining why I feel strongly about this but there’s a give away clue running through the book that none of the locals seem to have worked out Or have they? In the final section of the book it all suddenly switches up a few gears and it becomes apparent that uite a few of the large cast have been hiding secrets of their own It’s full on from this point to the finish with revelations heaped one upon the other to the extent I half expected a gathering of the town population to be called so that the truth could be walked through in front of the full ensembleThe whole thing is told in jumpy fashion both in terms of the order of events and from whose perspective the story is being told at any given time Though actually this does work uite well once you get used to the style But it’s certainly rambling and uite repetitive and I can’t help feeling that uite a bit of material could have been cut and a finely crafted end result might have materialisedIf you can live with it’s flaws then you’ll probably extract something worthwhile from it I’m not sad I spent some time with this book but I doubt it’ll be amongst the best I read this year

  10. Denisse Denisse says:

    I've always had a weakness for mystery books In this story every character matters every subplot is related and Joel Dicker creates one of the best modern dark novels It is than just a Who killed Nola Kellergan? and yet that is the uestion that will travel with you through all the pages A novel that will swallow you completely A story about sickness love sadness books and hidden pasts A victory for the writer Well done Dicker «Todo el mundo sabe escribir pero no todo el mundo es escritor» Me encantan los libros donde por la primera mitad de la historia no sabes ni ue jodidos esta pasando y en las últimas páginas absolutamente todas las piezas encajan perfecto Ese es el ejemplo de un libro hecho a conciencia y con verdadera dedicación Tuve la buena suerte de nacer siendo una lectora muy paciente porue así pude disfrutar de La verdad sobre el caso Harry uebert a mis anchasLa pluma de Joel Dicker me encanto Tiene una forma de narrar ue hasta el pasado del personaje secundario más aburrido parecía sumamente interesante Además ue es bastante neutral Me refiero a ue el romance y los horrores cometidos por algunos personajes no se leían de forma ya juzgada si no como acciones y te deja a ti el beneficio de interpretar a cada personaje como te guste y eso me encanto «No existen bosues suficientes en proporción al número de malos escritores ue pueblan este pais » Como estamos hablando de una novela negra hay ue entrar sabiendo ue todos o casi todos los personajes tienen algún tipo de problema o trastorno social Pero a pesar de eso Robert uinn Travis Dawn y Perry Gahalwood fueron mis favoritos Nuestro principal Marcus “Markie” también es un muy buen personaje «La gente compra cada vez menos libros excepto cuando se trata de historias espantosas ue los ligan a sus más bajos instintos» La historia empieza con una trama muy básica y conforme avanzas salen a la luz tantas subtramas tan interesantes ue directa o indirectamente estarán ligadas con nuestro caso UIEN MATO A NOLA KELLERGAN? Es un libro sobre la tristeza de dejar pasar el tiempo la soledad por no decir lo ue se siente la felicidad encontrada donde tal vez no deberías la angustia por las malas acciones echas por instinto el miedo por haber callado los libros como arte y como marketing Hay algo en este libro ue te va a gustar Altamente recomendado Para cualuier verdadero amante del misterio en su forma más cruda La verdad sobre el caso Harry uebert tiene mucho para dar Una novela ue va más allá ue un caso policiaco de entretenimiento Arregla tu agenda de lectura si lo piensas leer porue las últimas 100 páginas te las uerrás devorar de una sentada

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La Vérité sur l'affaire Harry uebert❴EPUB❵ ✼ La Vérité sur l'affaire Harry uebert Author Joël Dicker – Fyrsta bók Marcusar Goldman skýtur honum upp á stjörnuhimininn En hann á í basli með næstu bók útgefandinn er orðinn óþolinmóður og hótar málssókn Marcus leitar ásjár hjá lærifö Fyrsta bók Marcusar Goldman skýtur sur l'affaire ePUB ☆ honum upp á stjörnuhimininn En hann á í basli með næstu bók útgefandinn er orðinn óþolinmóður og hótar málssókn Marcus leitar ásjár hjá læriföður sínum hinum þjóðþekkta rithöfundi Harry uebert sem skömmu síðar er sakaður um að hafa myrt Nolu La Vérité Kindle - Kellergan unglingsstúlku sem hvarf sporlaust þrjátíu árum fyrr Marcus hefur eigin rannsókn á þessum gamla harmleik og smám saman afhjúpast flókið net ástarsambanda leyndarmála og lyga Málið tekur hvað eftir annað óvænta stefnu – áður en dramatískur sannleikurinn í máli Harrys uebert er leiddur í ljós Vérité sur l'affaire MOBI ò Sannleikur um mál Harrys uebert eftir Joël Dicker er margverðlaunuð ástar og glæpasaga Hún kom út í Sviss og Frakklandi haustið og hefur farið sigurför um heiminn síðan Friðrik Rafnsson íslenskaði.

About the Author: Joël Dicker

Joël Dicker was born in sur l'affaire ePUB ☆ in Geneva Switzerland where he studied law He spent childhood summers in New England particularly in Stonington and Bar Harbor Maine The Truth About the Harry uebert Affair won three French literary prizes including the Grand Prix du Roman La Vérité Kindle - from the Académie Française and was a finalist for the Prix Goncourt Dicker lives in Geneva.