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  • Automata
  • E.T.A. Hoffmann
  • English
  • 21 October 2016
  • 9781419108501

9 thoughts on “Automata

  1. Nate Nate says:

    kind of clunky and disjointed set of two unrelated tales both presented through a framing device the first tale is a brief ghost story and the second involves a talking automaton that gives oracle like answers to any uestions asked some brief passages on the nature of sound generation that led me to this that are pretty interesting people were thinking about music in this way this early on

  2. Catalina J. García Catalina J. García says:

    Necesito leer más del terror por estos objetos fascinantes e inuietantes

  3. Mariana Orantes Mariana Orantes says:

    Este relato me gustó mucho porue una de mis obsesiones en cuanto al artificio ue los rodea son los autómatas Ya se presiente el hilo de El hombre de la arena pues menciona autómatas ue bailan autómatas ue entonan bellas canciones y la presencia de algo siniestro en sus creadores y en las mismas composiciones Si bien este relato es un poco torpe en la narrativa tiene recursos estilísticos interesantes como el uso de un relato dentro de un relato y además contado desde otro relato No tiene un final tan funesto como El hombre de la arena pero ya se adivina el gusto por las implicaciones de lo siniestro y el martirio del alma humana ante lo ue no se comprende casi tanto hasta llegar a la locura Algo muy interesante es ue Hoffmann introduce notas sobre la composición musical porue originalmente el relato salió en una revista de música y para ue el editor lo aprobara debía contener algo sobre música ue justificara la publicación Así ue Hoffmann habla también de lo ue le preocupa en la experimentación musical Es un libro muy agradable aunue no tan bueno como El hombre de la arena Sin embargo ayuda a comprender el porué nos obsesionan estas figurillas humanas

  4. Orlandr Figuero Orlandr Figuero says:

    Automata is an early proto science fiction short story written by ETA Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann Hoffmann in 1814 The story involves discussions and retellings of several distinct stories during the evening amongst several men The narrator walks into the gathering and notices all the guys are staring at this golden ring swinging in the ceiling His friend says the ring moves according to the will of the men present Then another guy begins to tell his tale to prove the existence of the supernatural Then he tells a story about a young girl who every night at nine o'clock sees this White Maiden However only she can see it And her family soon believes that she's crazy However one night she sees the maiden and proves to her family that it is real The girl throws a plate in the air to the White Lady phantom and the plate floats in the air stunning everybody Shocked the mother dies and the Colonel father dies in battle leaving the girl a shell of her former self Then another guy recalls a story about a musician who was haunted by something playing on his piano at night with virtuosic skill Another guy is asked to speak so they can drop these occult stories but he brings up this manuscript titled Automata Before starting he says something about how all of this is connectedThis story begins with an automaton called the Talking Turk a reference to unbeatable chess playing Turk which has such a lifelike human appearance and people have a hard time figuring out its control mechanism as well as how it answers uestions accurately in many languages and attitudes Its a bloody AI story written in 1814 Or something like that Lewis and Ferdinand end up visiting the Talking Turk and they see that the answers he's giving to the audience aren't to their satisfaction Ferdinand goes to speak with the automaton and comes back to Lewis He tells Lewis that there must be a spirit controlling the automaton because he asked him uestions he had never told anybody else about From here we learn that Ferdinand had a dream in an inn where a beautiful woman was singing to him perhaps a childhood friend who he was destined to be with Upon waking up Ferdinand realized that the woman he saw from his window wasn't the woman from his dream Although he locks eyes with the woman she uickly takes off in a carriage When he now asked the Turk if he would see the woman the Turk says Next time you see her she will be lost to you forever Ferdinand is upset by his answer and won't give up So Ferdinand and Lewis decide to learn about the automaton and its maker the old man Professor X They meet the Professor and he puts on a musical performance for them complete with performing automatons Afterward there is a discussion on the nature of music On the sounds of nature and instrumentsSeveral months later Ferdinand leaves on business and sends a letter to Lewis saying he's seen this long sought after singer Upon recognizing Ferdinand she faints in the hands of Professor X Ferdinand wonders if the Turk's prophecy has been fulfilled by psychic bonds making their way into everyday life The story ends with Ferdinand being fine they had even recently read one of his dialogues on opera The group is tired of the automaton story and ask to be done with it It is said that the Talking Turk is merely a fragment and the conversation moves away from the subject This is a pretty great early sci fi story from a German writer artist composer jurist and music critic Hoffmann was an author of fantasy and Gothic horror as this story seems to suggest Hoffmann was also one of the major authors of the Romantic moment One of the things that this short story does very well is involve music in the story There are lots of musical terms phrasing sounds as well the music performance of the automatons itself I attempted to do something similar in my robot short story which you can read here However Hoffmann does it so much better The way music is described by Lewis in the story is uite moving he describes the way the sound of the stars might sound and how he is appalled by the automatons performance He believes that electronics and automatons cannot make moving music because it is the human touch and emotion which moves us in music It's uite a scarring rebuke in the postmodernist musical world where EDM and house music can sound like a washing machine gyrating on and on The literary style here is baroue Hoffmann was a man of much learning The way he writes isn't simple and some words I even had to look up online to understand the story However it isn't overly complex and his meanings do get across uite easily The writing style isn't smooth but it's not wooden either It works The musical aspects of this story moved me The automatons themselves were interesting even though they weren't described too much or with much detail Were they made of wood plastic or metal? How did they operate? Gears? Not sure but one thing for sure they could do many things Another thing that this story makes me think about is the rise of AI whether they are in the form of robots or just simply as everyday computers This story definitely brings that all to mind Although I can't say this is pure science fiction there are definitely sci fi elements here This is a great read recommended to anyone who likes literature of antiuity and proto science fiction I learned about this short story from Wikipedia's Timeline of science fiction I found it under 1814 right before Mary Shelly's Frankenstein a personal favorite This story has aged gracefully and I believe it still has relevance in 2019 some 100 years laterRead Automata here

  5. Steven Middaugh Steven Middaugh says:

    Automatons Long Before RobotsLike The Sandman this tale did a different take on the subject of automatons This one you have the Talking Turk not entirely unlike the one Living Turk in real life who played an almost unbeatable game of chess This Talking Turk not only answers uestions but predicts futures Yet the reader would wonder did it really? Memories can be a funny thing when retelling the Tale

  6. Cristina Gallardo Cristina Gallardo says:

    Un relato breve ue hace reflexionar sobre la naturaleza del ser humano

  7. Luisa Mesa Franco Luisa Mesa Franco says:

    Excelentes cuentos de terror narrativa muy precisa suspenso bien controlado a lo largo de cada historia

  8. El Biblionauta El Biblionauta says:

    ETA Hoffmann la tercera inicial es “A” en homenaje a Mozart en vez de la «W» de su verdadero apellido «Wilhelm» músico pintor y escritor romántico de fabulosa imaginación se puede considerar uno de los precursores más tempranos de la literatura fantástica Obsesionado por temas como la locura el sonambulismo la teleuinesia los sueños la premonición o la telepatía sus relatos se encuentran en palabras de Eugenio Trías a medio camino entre lo bello y lo siniestro ue contiene la propia naturaleza humana A Hoffmann le gusta podríamos decir lo ue desagrada lo ue incomoda al resto Él al igual ue su compatriota Schiller encontró un sentido más profundo en los cuentos de hadas ue le relataban durante su infancia ue no en las verdades ue la vida le mostrabaLa reseña completa en español en ressenya completa en català a

  9. Kitzel Kitzel says:

    It is only rarely that one reads a short story where it is obvious the author was at some point fed up with his own tale However this one is credited with a nice reference to Vaucanson's automata and the Chess Playing Turk Great for a bibliography after reading Gaby Wood's 'Living Dolls' Otherwise don't bother

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Automata❰Reading❯ ➸ Automata Author E.T.A. Hoffmann – Let me tell you that a phenomenon which the incredulous have classed without a moment's hesitation as fabulous has just been verified by this company We wished to see whether the pendulum swings of a Let me tell you that a phenomenon which the incredulous have classed without a moment's hesitation as fabulous has just been verified by this company We wished to see whether the pendulum swings of a suspended ring can be controlled by the concentrated human will I undertook to fix my will upon it; and thought as hard as I could of circular oscillations The ring which is fixed to the ceiling by a silk thread remained motionless for a very longtime but at last it began to swing and it was just beginning to go in circles when you came in and interrupted us.

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Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann better known by his pen name E T A Hoffmann Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann was a German Romantic author of fantasy and horror a jurist composer music critic draftsman and caricaturist His stories form the basis of Jacues Offenbach's famous opera The Tales of Hoffmann in which Hoffman appears heavily fictionalized as the hero He is also the author of.