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  1. David McKendrick David McKendrick says:

    Probably like a few others i discovered this book as a fan of Lore Overall I enjoyed it The story is pretty tight and well told and while believable I felt the main characters could have been developed with a smidge depth at the expense of some of the descriptive prose Additionally I would liked to have read interaction with the supernatural antagonists as Mahnke really knows how to put on the chills That said definitely worth a read

  2. Jeremiah Johnson Jeremiah Johnson says:

    This was a very fun thriller I didn't know what to expect when I started but by the end of the first chapter I was hooked It was a suspenseful book successfully combining natural and supernatural elements Even after the revelation near the end I was still on edge waiting to find out what was going to happen next

  3. Lian Lian says:

    I felt like this book should have been longer to really build the suspense The rising action started off well but cut off short with the characters making connections incredibly uickly and then not running into much issue in the resolution There are also parts of this book I felt dragged a bit dispute the story's length There is an entire chapter which is set at a funeral where it's just all expository dialogue and then the funeral gets one throw away line at the end The killer seemed very obvious initially but then the focus on this other random event in the character's child hood seemed to shift the focus and when it came back around it didn't feel like it made the right kind of sense I also really didn't feel great about the killer being this deranged Native American and just the general characterization of Native American's in this story generally Also the constant references to how warm it was in October was unnecessary to establish that summer was running long It comes up in almost every single chapter to such a ridiculous degree pun intended I do like Aaron's writing overall It is very true to the way that he writes for the LORE podcast and I would be interested in reading some of his other work

  4. John John says:

    If you’re after a uick but enjoyable thriller with a supernatural slant then Indian Summer is for you It’s fast paced and manages to keep it up until the last page Whilst it isn’t Stephen King scary possibly a good thing there’s enough suspense and dark and creepy moments to provide some shivers

  5. Joe Scanlon Joe Scanlon says:

    Loved this Great story and uick read It grabs you from the startI loved the setting The story takes place on historic Cape Ann I'm lucky enough to have married a Gloucester girl and I get to visit often The story reminds me of being there

  6. Amber Amber says:

    spoilersOH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNYSo I decided to read this book because Lore is my most favorite podcast ever and I think that Aaron Mahnke is an amazing story teller which I thought would translate into this novel However it was very poorly edited with many grammatical errors that were uite distracting as well as a few were the wrong word was used excepted instead of accepted for instance Most of the dialogue felt very forced to me as did most of the writing in general There were a few scenes that confused me because they were hard to follow and the fact that there were seven main characters to keep straight right from the beginning was already a bummer for me I never really felt like I got a good feel for any of them All of that being said there were a few action scenes that were written so well that I was utterly terrified and a few that were incredibly engaging which is why it got at least two stars from me I'm going to give his fairytale story a shot but I come away pretty disappointed

  7. Hannah Wales Hannah Wales says:

    Okay I'm going to start with the fact that I love Aaron Mahnke I adore Lore and the books that go with them However this book was really not good From the very beginning it just wasn't super compelling I really had to force myself to read it I found the characters to be unlikable and uninteresting Once we started gearing up for the horror aspect of the book I was pumped However that was disappointing too There was really no suspense and it wasn't thrilling at all Honestly it wasn't even really horror It was basically just the presence of a monster On a nit picky level there were so many spellinggrammar errors It drove me insane It felt like no one proofread this before it got published As a whole I honestly don't recommend If you're into Mahnke just skip this one All of his other stuff is so much better

  8. Katrina Katrina says:

    Gobbled this book up in just over a day Easy read but the story catches you right from the beginning Nice dynamic of characters in the story and their journey to triumph Being a fan of the Podcast 'Lore' loved how there was an element of 'folklore' weaved in whether it be spiritual superstition or creatures it forces you to step out of the box of reality and wonder uestion Excited to start reading my next Aaron Mahnke book

  9. Philippa Philippa says:

    Gave it a shot because I love the Lore podcast Mahnke produces but it didn't live up to expectations It had a lot of potential and I liked the inclusion of native american lore but the plot and 'monster' was kinda lame i didn't much like or identify with any of the characters and there were enough typos and editing errors to ruin the read Sorry Aaron

  10. Greg Manrodt Greg Manrodt says:

    Clearly a first attempt This is clearly Aaron’s first attempt at a fiction novel It is clunky predictable and forgettable The characters are bland and indistinguishable from each other As a fan of Lore both the podcast and the show first season only I really expected

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Indian Summer [PDF / Epub] ☀ Indian Summer Author Aaron Mahnke – The guilt of our childhood can haunt us for decades Twenty years ago a childhood tragedy drove six friends apart But when one of them is found dead in the historic wooded ruins of the New England sett The guilt of our childhood can haunt us for decades Twenty years ago a childhood tragedy drove six friends apart But when one of them is found dead in the historic wooded ruins of the New England settlement known as Dogtown old acuaintances find themselves drawn togetherNow they must work together to solve the meaning behind a message written in blood a series of attacks and the mysterious uills that seem to tie them all together But time is uickly running outIndian Summer is a chilling tale of six childhood friends and the things that haunt them both natural and otherworldly.