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猟銃 [Ryōjū] ❮Reading❯ ➶ 猟銃 [Ryōjū] Author Yasushi Inoue – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A tragedy in three letters the masterpiece of one of Japan's greatest writersA lover her daughter and the abandoned wife three letters by three women tell the story of a love affair's tragic conseuenc A tragedy in three letters the masterpiece of one of Japan's greatest writersA lover her daughter and the abandoned wife three letters by three women tell the story of a love affair's tragic conseuences First Shoko who finds out about the infidelity through reading her mother's diary; then Midori the wife who has always known but never told; and finally the beautiful Saiko the woman who has betrayed her best friend Yasushi Inoue's poised unsentimental novella is a powerful tale with universal resonance Written from three different points of view the story explores the impact of forbidden passion Love death truth and loneliness are all intertwined in this masterpiece from one of Japan's greatest writers.

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  1. E. G. E. G. says:

    The Hunting Gun Afterword

  2. Mariel Mariel says:

    I don't know how to read I'm going to sign up for hooked on phonics after I write this review My mind was in the gutter like I lost to Jesus uintana and his purple balls in a bowling match we have dates on wednesdays and saturdays now My first reading today I'm not a freak This story is only 74 pages the relationship was between a son and his mother In my defense kind jury I really like those shoes They match your understanding eyes extramarital affairs aren't that shocking are they? It SHOULDN'T have been considering how many are like shadows of a table that's always there in the corner The table might knock into some shins on the way out but it's still kinda facts of life always there It isn't anyone here's first time into the table Don't be so hard on Mariel Mariel The Hunting Gun is kinda great and giving a shit about the affairs is going back to the abcs and birds and the bees It should have been incest The sin sin sin was overshadowing the points that splinter and all the kings men can't kiss the boo boo away Soooo close to a treasure hey I did read it twice in one day So what if the hypocrisy of the drama of the sin was distracting Something else was there under the should bes and spelling bees of what people want defined The fault is not mine I know how to sound out the meanings between the lines if you catch my phonetical hook It's knowing what is real that gets me The rifle is pointed at me now Fire Duck Go on without me TellYasushi InoueIlikehim Take this last goodreads review homediesIt's feeling the desire I guess that's a reason to get out of bed in the morning desire to feel the real you with other people that you feel when you're alone It's pretty special that this little book had that ache to get to feel yourself when you're alone with yourself I had that when reading this What's the kind of loneliness you can't warm your fingers by the fire? The feeling of being me with someone else? What do I want ? I think it's important to me to feel me with me and at least a hope of feeling me with someone else The Hunting Gun the poem within the book is a poem of poetic justice The kind that wants to take the place of who it wonders about Walk with me shoot me and I'll shoot you The hunter the poet wondered about writes to him to stand as a bulls eye target Between the eyes kind of being seen Josuke sends his three letters from three different women The him that is himself and not himself with other people I liked that the poet looked to Josuke's handwriting for his impression of him like how handwriting can be a clue It'd be interesting to study that like it's another kind of body language It's a shame that typing has hidden that behind too much clothes or lipstick painting a frown upside down I liked that he watched his big back for what he might be Looking for clues is taking action The trying to understand is when you get to feel yourself when you're not alone Seeing yourself in someone else's eyes and you weren't there in the memory because you don't recognize you If you had a gun you might shoot that outside you That's not me Or is that a time travel worst case scenario? I stepped on a snake in 1944 and now everyone is a snake in 2011Shoko is the daughter of Josuke's lover I had thought she was his sister because she's the kind of girl that would adopt the baby or sister role with whomever she was with Their secret was not hers should not have been hers and she stole it by snooping through her mother's diary Why did she write Josuke a get out of my life letter other than to make something belong to her? I did like this part of her letter I had the impression that mother's own time had been moving through the house the moment I had left it to go to school I felt that if I went in mother would be embarrassed and her face would become sad It was telling that she thought the feeling a bad omen not that her mother should turn without her It's a cruel feeling to not be one's ownMidori the wife keeps flowers pinned and arranged Her letters are a he loves me not convincing variety of what can look almost real in some light or another Her rut is trapped in waiting for someone else to make the move until she makes a move of a step away It's not a moving move that means anything to leave What she would see in the back shape and hand writing on the wall would be something to fit what she wanted to see How lonely The tragedy is living a deliberate lie for the sake of other liars I didn't care about the LOVE because it wasn't love Is it better to love or be loved? The loved not a lover is Saiko She cannot believe in the true self that is loving If that's the case how could she have been happy believing that she was loved? Her husband had cheated on her and she could not get over it to forgive him or have anything that didn't bear the taint of that failure of her should bes It was an incest feeling that having children so someone will love you Is confessing a fear once unshared not being yourself? Are you not yourself unless you're asleep and your unconcious is free to roam around and visit other parts that only come out at night to play? I must be myself a lot because I'm a day dreamer and a nightmarer Saiko didn't feel she was being herself until before her death in that last letter she wrote to Josuke It must have been lonely for Josuke to be so unseen and uncredited seer I love this book because he's unseen by the position of holding his own gun He was supposed to aim and fire When wanting to be seen by the poet it is not his own words he sends but those of the women Aim and fire How is he going to be less lonely when he must want to find some kind of himself to feel in their company? I thought The Hunting Gun was special for making me feel it is important that somebody take a second look at Josuke and not know what they are going to see before they look What do you expect to see before you look at yourself? Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire I hope I know how to read I thought it was special for making me feel me because I wanted to look at them

  3. Alice Lippart Alice Lippart says:

    A little gem of a book Intimate and beautifully written

  4. Maria Maria says:

    This short little book was very Zen slow clear and deliberate The language is simple but powerful It's a family drama described after it's all over in letter form Most of all it's a character study It keeps your attention easily and yet it's so uiet and unassuming In the frame narrative a poet who had a hunting themed poem published are contacted by a man he does not know who was deeply moved by the poem He claims the poem describes him to a tee and that the poet must have known about his situation Then he sends three letters he has received from different female family members and so we get to see their family from three different viewpointsYes there are strong emotions and secrets revealed and there is anger but most of all it is slow and contemplative To write uietly about strong emotions can create a lot of distance but that was not my experience this time The lack of strong flowery language brings us closer not further away And it's wonderful when you find a book that is so powerful and so comfortable to read at the same time

  5. Smiley Smiley says:

    375 starsBought at the Kitazawa Bookstore in Jinbosho during our Tokyo visit there in November 2015 this hardcover has since unbelievably mystified me due to its complex plot so I thought I would leave it at that in other words till I could have any idea worth writing my review to share with my Goodreads friends in Japan and the world Indeed it is one of the two highly acclaimed novels by Yasushi Inoue the other being ‘The Bull Fight’ awarded by the most coveted Akutagawa Prize in 1950 so it is uite uniue and of course worth reading I think I would reread it to redefine my appreciation and understandingEmployed by a techniue used in ‘Rashomon’ the celebrated Japanese film in 1950 the mysterious love affair is viewed via the eyes of three women named Shoko Midori and Saiko who have involved in the tragedy Their viewpoints have been narrated by Saiko the mistress Shoko her daughter and Midori wife of Saiko’s lover Essentially perceived as the feminine triangle the complex conflict and illicit love have started from the focal point that is Josuke the lonely husband loverIntroduced and ended by an anonymous poet who has sent his poem “Hunting Gun” published in “The Hunter’s Companion” magazine since two or three months ago the story intensifies due to his claim of receiving a letter from a total stranger named Josuke Misugi who wrote to him with admiration on his poem surprisingly he found three enclosed letters written by the three key female characters; therefore we have to read each letter carefully and try to focus on its possible facts and feasible conclusions in which we need to keep them in mind In the meantime I would like to present the opening paragraphs of each letter so that we would guess each writer’s tone and mind frame toward Josuke the man himselfLetter No 1 From Shoko the daughter of Saiko the mistressDear Josuke Three weeks have passed since mother died and how the time has rushed by No condolence calls have been made since yesterday and the entire house seems suddenly hushed and now at last I really feel that mother is no longer in this world You must be extremely tired You had the entire management of everything from sending out notices to relatives to taking care of the midnight meal at the wake Besides that since mother’s death was unusual you often talked to the police for me and got through everything with scrupulous care I can’t think of words with which to thank you for all of these favors And now that you’ve gone to Tokyo on company business I’m afraid that you may be worn out after all of these troubles p 23Letter No 2 From Midori the wife of JosukeMr Josuke Misugi When I write your name in this formal way I feel my heart throbbing with emotion in spite of my age I’m only thirty three as though I were writing a love letter I have written scores of such letters during the last ten years sometimes secretly sometimes openly but among all of them not one has been addressed to you Why? I’m being serious not flippant for that realization makes me feel an oddness I can’t explain logically Don’t you also think this strange? p 39Letter No 3 From Saiko the mistressWhen you read this I won’t be here any longer I don’t know what death is but I’m certain that my joys pains and anxieties will not live on after I’m dead So many thoughts about you and so many thoughts coming one after another about Shoko will soon disappear from this world My body my soul everything will disappear p 57From my second reading July 17 2016 I would like to share my notes that suggest light on Shoko Midori and Saiko respectively Josuke In case the names are still confusing to you please refer to the three letters above and remember who is who1 Shoko In her letter she has written six informal salutations Dear Josuke that infer her intimacy or fondness of him she is 20 p 472 Midori In her letter she has written a formal salutation Mr Josuke Misugi that infers her bitter despairing and outpouring feelings so her letter is the longest 1625 pages She got married at 23 and now she is 33 p 39 She has decided to deceive her husband after the Saiko surprise at the Atami Hotel pp 46 48 She was born in 1914 pp 46 473 Saiko In her letter she has written no salutation that infers her hopelessness or lack of love She is 2056 years older than Midori her cousin p 47 Kadota is her former husband p 64Moreover I think to complete the affairs we should know about Josuke as Character No 44 Josuke his full name Josuke Misugi His hunting gun has been mentioned by his wife Midori in her letter p 49 His secretive Saiko affairs last 13 years p 63 From his discourse and action he seems typical as an unfaithful husband having a secret affair with a mistress that is a sin in any civilized society His fidelity becomes problematicI hope this part helps you see and understand on their complicated relationships Finally watching its movie version is recommended by visiting this site

  6. Simona Simona says:

    An astonishingly emotional story of love and betrayal written in an almost cold prose under which everything is full of emotions Anger resentment guilt love bitterness regret all this on 106 pages in the form of three letters of three women about one man who recognizes himself in a poem about a hunter that is troubled by the uestion of how well we know our loved ones

  7. Zak Zak says:

    The writing was good but I just couldn't identify with the characters except the daughter Maybe the subject matter was a big thing at the time but to me it felt like a whole lot of self inflicted grief and melodrama

  8. Jenna Jenna says:

    The Hunting Gun is a mid 20th century Japanese novella with a fairly conventional perhaps even somewhat melodramatically dire plot about infidelity told from the points of view of three women whose voices are all rather too similar to one another not to mention ever so slightly implausible as characters Here is a uote from one of the women apparently intended without humor there is otherwise no humor in this book Seldom does one encounter a man who satisfies even my two most basic reuirements that he tend properly to the hairline on the nape of his neck keeping it fresh as the cut edge of a lemon; and that the line of his waist be as clean and strong as a serow's Another uote later from the same woman speaking about a wife cheated on by her husband A man's lies can sometimes elevate a woman you know to the very level of the divineStill it is all rendered with undeniable brilliance via a series of memorably vivid highly visual painterly yet also symbolism heavy scenes schoolgirls passing notes in class about whether it is preferable to love or be loved; a fishing boat lit on fire watched helplessly from a hotel window; a glass case of exotic snakes displayed outside a doctor's office; a luckless rhododendron abutting a mirrored veranda The symmetry and simplicity of the three part epistolary form the elegance of the little frame narrative explaining why the story should be presented just so also merit admiration I am also intrigued by how war a scene in an air raid shelter an offhand mention of a man being shipped off to the south hovers in the background of the story which was first published in 1949 Finally I was blown away by the surprising weight of truth in a passage wherein one of the women looking back on a love affair realizes that the great myths we formulate and tell ourselves about sin and torment death and desperation are often a cover for happiness happiness that we are unwilling to fully acknowledge to ourselves perhaps because we think we don't deserve it I may have been tormented by an omnipresent awareness of sin a constant refrain of SIN SIN SIN and I lived every day of my life staring down a vision of death telling myself that I would die if possible spoiler removed but all this merely stands as a measure of how irreplaceable my happiness was I wonder if we could lighten our burdens a little by cutting the self flagellation and honestly acknowledging and well enjoying our joy wherever it may find us

  9. Jim Jim says:

    This early novelette by Yasushi Inoue was published shortly after the conclusion of the Second World War It tells the tale of the shattering effect on three lives of an adulterous affair that runs for than ten years The Hunting Gun is published by Pushkin Press in an attractive small pocket sized format that makes for a fast readThe book consists mostly of a framing story and three letters first by the daughter Shoko; the second by Aunt Misugi the legitimate wife of the adulterer Misuki Josuke; and the last by Saiko the adulteress who dies at the beginning of the story The letters get progressively interesting until the one by Saiko is a poignant study in regretI have always loved Inoue's work and am gratified to se he was so good at the beginning of his career

  10. Patrick Sherriff Patrick Sherriff says:

    I enjoyed this brief but telling dip into love and infidelity Japanese style It's a short clever and insightful look at how love can be betrayed and how betrayal should or shouldn't be handled Understated but free of pretension Leaves lots unsaid much like the Japanese language but it's better that way Worth the little time you need to read itDownload my starter library for free here and receive my monthly newsletter with book recommendations galore for the Japanophilecrime fictionEnglish as a foreign language teacher in all of us

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