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The Steampunk Users Manual [Reading] ➽ The Steampunk Users Manual Author Jeff VanderMeer – Steampunk the retro futuristic cultural movement has become a substantial and permanent genre in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction A large part of its appeal is that at its core Steampunk is a Steampunk the retro futuristic cultural movement has become a substantial and permanent genre in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction A large part of its appeal is that at its core Steampunk is about doing it yourself building on the past while also innovating and creating something original VanderMeer’s latest book offers practical and inspirational guidance for readers to find their individual path into this realm The Steampunk MOBI :Ê Including sections on art fashion architecture crafts music performance and storytelling The Steampunk User’s Manual provides a conceptual how to guide that motivates and awes both the armchair enthusiast and the committed creator Examples range from the utterly doable to the completely over the top encouraging participation and imagination at all levels.

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  1. Donna Donna says:

    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway which didn't influence my review The Steampunk User's Manual is a well made high uality book that is beautiful to look at from cover to cover with plenty of glossy photographs in between highlighting the various components of the steampunk culture It is also very informative taking the reader on a grand tour of the imaginative world from which it came Before reading this book I only knew of steampunk as a sub genre within fantasy that inspired artwork in two and three dimensions I knew nothing about steampunk as a mindset and a way of life for those immersed in it This book features all the basic areas in which a person can express an interest in this retro futuristic universe The book is divided into sections showcasing art and architecture music and performance fashion and storytelling Leaders and innovators in these fields provide instruction and encouragement to the reader to pursue his dreams and create something original within steampunk bypassing the cliches that come to mind from their overuse Whether the reader is an expert on steampunk or a novice he can gain insights and inspiration from this book with the energy coming off all the creative people interviewed encouraging others to join in I also liked the history lesson included in the book of steampunk's origins and the analysis of its appeal to so many people I don't know if I'd be up for creating any of the projects featured in this book but the excitement surrounding them was infectious making me want to create something I recommend this book for creative people of all kinds who are interested in being original and stretching their limits in whatever genre or whatever form that takes A good companion to this book is The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer

  2. Beth Cato Beth Cato says:

    I won this at the book's launch party at World Fantasy in Washington DCAs a steampunk author I often have to explain what steampunk is to family or other folks I wish this book was a bit portable because it would sure be nice to flip it open to any page and say 'See this? Steampunk' This is really a coffee table sized volume full color and packed with photographs and artwork It's truly a feast for the eyes and the text is likewise illuminating The title might mislead some to think this is a DIY book for makers It does include step by step instructions on several fascinating projects but the subject matter is much broad It elaborates on steampunk as a phenomenon within literature clothing music and stage and where these artists find their inspirations The pictures alone are great for a newcomer to steampunk even though the overall content might overwhelm them I really see this as being for someone who is familiar with steampunk and wants to know andor to have a downright gorgeous book to keep on display

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    This was a really interesting book to flip through but again I picked it up in the hopes that I would see something creative and simple that would inspire a teen program It was a great book all about Steampunk and the history how it is expressed in art design costume architecture etc Plenty of great color pictures of professionally created pieces but not a whole lot of actual DIY directions for the average Joe like me Hence the 2 starsSome of the projects that I thought were awesome was a steam powered orrery because of course most people have the tools to laser out the various gears from a plank of pressed board But it did look uite impressive I really liked the collaged steampunk stand up greeting card which is eerily similar to an adult program I am already planning this summer It consists of cutting out Victorian like images and creating a 3 dimensional collage like a photo of a woman then gluing buttons and tulle to her to make a skirt etc But the one I really liked and was also a bit terrified of was the giant bean bag seating made to look like 20 foot long suid tentacles I'm charmed but also frightened But that's exactly the combination of emotions bean bag seating should arouse right?

  4. Xerxes Grant Xerxes Grant says:

    I thought this was a wonderful book but it was above my lexile so I only understood some of it I love the topic of the book It helped me understand the culture and what steampunk actually is It mentions a lot of Steampunk artist and Authors in this book which is a good way to get books to read I also like how the book was set up It was set up so if you wanted to only read about steampunk music or steampunk fashion you could do thatThe people who would enjoy this book the most would be people who already know a little about steampunk but not a lot It isn't so much for people who know absolutely nothing about steampunk because it sort of jumps right into things This book has wonderful pictures and art in it and the cover is very eye catching So its a very beautiful book about steampunkOverall I really liked this book but there were some bumps in it where it was hard to read or it got boring So thats why I gave this book The Steampunk Users Manual three stars

  5. Sarah Capps Sarah Capps says:

    Beautiful artwork and illustrations are found in this book The Steampunk User's Manual offers a sound overview of many of the different disciplines within steampunk and is great for those new to the genre as well as the old hand I thoroughly enjoyed paging through this reading the hints and tips and contemplating whether or not I could pull off the featured DIYsI received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway

  6. Didem Didem says:

    I always had a thing for slightly dark neo Victorian things whimsical machines retro futurism post gothic art black lace and corsets Turns out this is an artistic movement called steampunk as I recently learned Apparently a lot of the stories I relished belong in the steampunk genreWith this realization I wanted to learn about steampunk and read this bookIt was mainly about DIY steampunk art and design and I have absolutely no interest in creating similar things but I still read it with interest The book also had a chapter about steampunk novels and storytelling which I thoroughly enjoyedThe book opened me a new different world that I didn't know had a name and I learned a lot about it

  7. Valorie Valorie says:

    This look at the world of steampunk is a great start for the uninitiated This manual celebrates the aesthetic of steampunk and dives beneath it examining the way the leaders of this subculture see it moving Included inside are several how tos and craft projects including a beautiful rococopunk jacket and a moving steam powered orrery If you've ever been curious about this work start with this collection of essays and thoughts by the leaders within steampunk

  8. Matthew Kresal Matthew Kresal says:

    Like The Steampunk Bible before it an interesting look for novices and fans alike into this fascinating genre Whereas that volume offered an overview of the works of the genre this volume focuses on the fans and DIY aspects As a result readers' mileage with the book will likely vary greatly depending on where their interest lies For example I found the storytelling ie novel and short stories section of the book to be the most interesting as that is my creative field but other sections covering artwork fashion and music all had something of interest If you're a fan of the genre or have just been curious about it this is well worth giving a read

  9. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Jeff VanderMeer this time collaborating with Desirina Boskovich presents another curious insight into the steampunk genre Contributors new and old tell how the genre inspires them and their creative process The book is divided into chapters covering different elements of steampunk these cover art and making design writing and music It’s all as fascinating as the book’s predecessor The Steampunk Bible In fact this book is very much a fitting companion piece As an aspiring author I obviously found the writing section the most useful and inspiring The advice from established writers is very useful some of which are actually friends of mine which added a personal touch for me The Steampunk User’s Manual feels almost like a college prospectus of steampunk as a whole and is very much designed to inspire readers to go and create their own steampunk ideas There are a few projects for you to try; they are clearly described and easy enough to follow However I feel that it is a book much committed to inspiration and advice than acting as an instruction manual

  10. Lisa Ahlstedt Lisa Ahlstedt says:

    For anyone who is interested in the Steampunk movement this is an invaluable book The authors have interviewed many artists who are active in many different areas including music art design storytelling and the book includes many beautiful photos of their work The book is also very useful and inspirational for people who want to create their own works with such topics as coming up with ideas incorporating Steampunk into your own area of interest and developing your skills There is no shortage of ideas and inspirations included in the book The last part of the book asks for big ideas from various artists asking them to describe their dream if money were no object projects As someone who is not at all creative the ideas and photos in the book are really amazing I received a copy of this book from Goodreads First Reads

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