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  1. Barry Barry says:

    In the entire history of the world the best weight control and fitness advice ever given is Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto It's a 40 ebook available from wwwburnthefatcom Tom's program is also out in regular bookstores under the title The Body Fat Solution Five Principles for Burning Fat Building Lean Muscles Ending Emotional Eating and Maintaining Your Perfect WeightI read this books four years ago while training for my 55th birthday yes I TRAIN for borthdays I had three goals be under my racing weight of 145 lbs below 10% body fat and a sub 30 waist I surpasses all three goals training on Tom's programBuy his The Body Fat Solution at a regular book or the order Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle ebook from Tom's website there are several bonuses that come with it Read the books Follow the program Ignore contrary advice It works Do it Now

  2. Fiya Fiya says:

    I feel I owe this book a review It is that good I have tried numerous programs All the new fad DVD fitness programs classical fitness books and everything in between Some have been good some have been disasters But one thing that they all lacked was this Simple to understand principles that I a fat and unfit beginner could use My problem was that I was unfit I wanted to lose fat and maybe become a little stronger My issue with these new DVD programs was they weren't for me They were one size fits all They will work only if you are somewhat fit to begin with They are NOT for beginners Specially if you are a fat and unfit I used to start with these programs but they would become so hard I used to uitAnd then I found this book The book gives you a thorough understanding of fat loss and muscle building And it gives you a customizable program for it Do what you are ABLE to do The entire book is written in very simple to understand language that has a motivating tone It does not distract you from the bare essentials The key things you need to understand to lose fat and build muscle Once you have read this book you KNOW what you need to do the action plan After this it is entirely upto you how much you apply those principles The you do the fitter you became The benefit of this book? I now know why I am fat I know how to lose fat I know how to maintain my weightAnd here's the thing I lost 18 pounds with this book I got the results PeriodI will recommend this book to anyone who Is a beginner Is fat Is unfit Is confused about weightlossFollow this and you WILL get results

  3. Manal Saad Manal Saad says:

    This book is one of the very interesting books I read about losing body fat It's a manual that maps out the road to those who want to lose body fat and not body weight cause there's a huge difference between these two It stresses the importance of weight training to build up body lean mass in order to burn fat It provides essential concepts to those who want to have a healthy body and mind It talks about the importance of setting goals exercising nutrition and how to overcome plateaus I love this book it has profound information that one read does not do it justice to grasp and apply what it has to offerI highly recommending reading this book for those who want to lose body fat

  4. Mindy Mindy says:

    I'm using the methods and seeing results I highly recomend it

  5. Vivian Vivian says:

    This is by far one of the best books I've read in a long while about losing weight getting fit and becoming healthy in a way that many if not most readers should find doable I gave it four stars instead of five since I'm not the target audience and I don't get particularly inspired by body builders and fitness models whether natural ie no steroids or not But the author makes a good point what community knows the most about how to sculpt your body into the best it can be? You guessed it body builders and fitness models These men and women know what it takes to lose fat put on muscle and get rid of those last 10 pounds And Venuto emphasizes that we all have different metabolisms and different issues to deal with but we can all play with the basic concepts and formulas and by trying things and noting our progress we'll figure out what works for us and can fine tune the specifics as we go alongThe four main concepts he emphasizes are mental training nutritious food aerobic exercise and weight training which he explains in depth before getting into the nitty gritty of his program It all makes a lot of sense and it's all very doable The one aspect he doesn't address except briefly in mental training is how to handle the emotional pull food has for some of uspump 'em up phrases and setting goals sometimes isn't enough to handle the baggage from the past we bring with us in the now But for those ready to seriously tackle their weight and physical health this book gives you what you need to get started Highly recommended

  6. Farhana Faruq Farhana Faruq says:

    Definitely one of the BEST fitness books I've read It's motivational covers than just weight loss exercise and nutritionFor people who are interested in long term success Everything is flexible and not a one plan fits all kind of thingSome of my favorite info was how to keep track of your progress and importantly what to do when it's not going where you want it to go as well as the recommend readingIt's straight no bull shit what can you ask for

  7. Shanti Shanti says:

    Well I sure did learn a lot about nutrition understanding body types mental training and breaking plateaus and so much This book is full of useful information that a person could start using right away Such as the goal setting and eating the 12 recommended foods and avoiding the 12 worst foods There's a lot of info about measuring body fat and other physical stuff counting calories and weighing food The chapter about the weight training program has good info about how to determine how much and how often to weight train and even how heavy of dumbbells to start with for a basic beginner There's so much here that I would have difficulty following the program to the t since I am a very unorganized person and very shitty at calculating but I will start slow and apply some of these principles and follow it at my own pace and see where it gets me I originally came across this book on Overdrive and began listening to the audio version and then also borrowed the hard copy from the library and I like it so much I am considering buying the book so I can really try to follow the program It would take me a long time to figure out everything and be able to get it right at least longer than the library would allow me to borrow this book Tom Venuto's tone was encouraging and motivational not at all condescending like some other fitness books I've read in the past Update December 23 2015 It's been 90 days since I started reading Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and applying what I learned into action as Tom Venuto puts it So today is also my birthday and for the 3 month or 90 day goal I set to lose 26 pounds instead I have cut 33 pounds as of today I am amazed but at the same time I'm not because it wasn't easy but it also wasn't too difficult Once I understood about calorie deficit and eating the right kinds of foods setting goals etc everything began to fall into place I had already been doing daily cardio for over a year and weight training a couple months before I read this book and had lost about 40 pounds but it was so difficult After applying the principles I learned from this book I started burning off the fat a lot easier and yes I have gained muscle too Even during a minor setback in November where I had injured my knee and my Dr told me no cardio except swimming I still lost 2 pounds that week without cardio I simply adjusted my calorie intake and did seated upper body weight lifting I can hardly believe I have arm and shoulder muscles I also read Tom's other book The Body Fat Solution which I also enjoyed and learned from There is still a lot for me to learn about nutrition and fitness and I still feel like I'm just beginning in this lifestyle change I know that I have to keep this up so that I don't fall back into old habits and regain the fat I am working off The other good news is that my husband whom I may have inspired is taking a fitness trainer course He is already fit he can eat anything and not get fat but he wants to learn

  8. Safaa Safaa says:

    Before reading this book I thought if I stop eating that will make me lose weight which is true but I never thought what was exactly the weight I lost I never knew that doing this was making me lose my muscles or my lean body mass not the fatIt took me a long time to finish this book but it changed my way of thinking about diets and eating habits I'm trying to apply it in my daily life as much as I couldIt's absolutely recommended

  9. Katie Katie says:

    While there isn't anything revolutionary or even all that ground breaking here the layout and the delivery of the content in one place makes it a go to manual for all things fitness It's a dietlifestyleweight loss book on its face but if you dig deeper it's than that It is a book about the science and psychology of getting lean lots of muscle with little fat which is really what most people reading this kind of book wantThe four parts are rarely included in one volume but without all four in place long term success is very unlikely Mental goal setting nutrition cardio and weight training Can you lose weight with just nutrition or just cardio? Yes Can you put on muscle with just weight training? Of course Can you change your body size or composition with just nutrition and working out? Sure But to do all of those things and to have the results stick you need all fourPeople call this the bible of fat loss I can see why The rules haven't changed in years There are tweaks and there are fads but the basics are the same and they still work You can learn them all in these 400 pages

  10. Miriam Downey Miriam Downey says:

    Read my full review here read the new hardbound version of the book Well first of all I am 70 years old and I am into Tai Chi than I am into body building but I have a few comments about Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle I am a lifelong dieter and I know diet gibberish when I see it This book is not gibberish It is solid advice for anyone but particularly for people who are looking at their bodies realistically and thinking What do I have to do to get fit Two of the points the author makes are that Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is not only about looking better but also about becoming healthier and Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a lifestyle not a uick fix Realistically the author says that the program is simple but it's not easyOver a career of many years Venuto has created a comprehensive plan for four elements necessary to creating a healthy fit body They are nutrition cardio training weight training and mental training Venuto uses his body builder secrets to help readers reach their fitness goals He says Almost everyone is missing at least one piece of the puzzle and that's what holds them back He suggests trying this program out for 28 days and seeing what it does for your long term lifestyleAs an example of the usability of this advice here is his list of foods that he believes burn the most fat This is a practical list something most people can plan on usingwhole fresh fruitvegetablessweet potatoespotatoesunsweetened oatmealbrown ricebeans and legumes100% whole wheat or whole grainslow or nonfat dairy productschicken and turkey breasteggs and egg whiteslean cuts of red meatSeen a list like that before? Of course we all have Venuto mentions that some readers who lost over 100 pounds started their body transformation by eating foods from this listFrankly I spent little time in the sections on training primarily because I have little expertise in any training other than cardio walking Zumba and Tai Chi The advice seems sound This is an extremely practical book utilizing a program that Venuto calls LEA N It means Learn Eat Activate and New body It is one of the useful and sensible books I have read on this subject Besides that I have never had a picture of a body builder on my blog beforeA disclaimer The publicist sent me this book to review I probably would not have looked at it on my own Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle website

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