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Fairy Tail 43 ❰Epub❯ ❧ Fairy Tail 43 Author Hiro Mashima – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk FACE OFFThe demons of Tartaros are murdering Council members to try to get to a secret weapon with the power to wipe out all who would oppose them in one fell swoop But what is this weapon How could k FACE OFFThe demons of Tartaros are murdering Council members to try to get to a secret weapon with the power to wipe out all who would oppose them in one fell swoop But what is this weapon How could killing ex Council members help them get it And how do they even know Fairy Tail ePUB í about it in the first place Natsu and his friends need to solve these mysteries if they hope to stand up to the demons.

10 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 43

  1. Lissibith Lissibith says:

    Oh boy This volume This volumeFairy Tail has fan service It has a lot of fan service I don't particularly care for fan service but it also doesn't usually bother me I just skim past and get on with the adventure or fight or whatever But wow This may be the first volume of this manga I'd be nervous about people seeing me read in public There are bits of this which would not be easily distinguished from a hentai manga SO much nudity including some really blatant angles Tentacle torture The absolute nonsense that is removing a person's senses including touch and then upping their pain receptors which are part of their sense of touch I mean seriously It was gratuitous and added nothing to the volumeAnd it's a shame because there is some good stuff happening in this volume The bits with Elfman are tense the reveal about one of the Tartaros members was not surprising but definitely cool and the Jellal stuff was good But the bad WAY outweighed the good For the first time ever I'm not particularly looking forward to the next book And that sucks

  2. Terry Terry says:

    AMAZING So much happened in this book I was all tense and upset because Jellal just never seems to get a break in life No spoilers but all his scenes were so EPIC He came back with a badass bang Then tartaros is the first enemy to ever actually make me feel like fairy tail might actually have some losses trying to defeat them and it broke my heart to see my favorite characters being in the situations they were in So much going on with the plot including Gray's dad Natsu was hilarious as always and though many people tend to complain about the fan service I didn't really mind because it made for some really funny moments The entire edition was just the feels all the way Can't wait until the anime version is releasedTo make a long story short or less long

  3. Eva Eva says:

    The Jellal fight was FIVE STARS Just wish his segment was longerI love him Full stop When is he finally just going to hurry up and join Fairy Tail already sighI like the darker turn Fairy Tail is taking and how a lot of the guildmates are now getting involved

  4. Gerry Sacco Gerry Sacco says:

    I actually really liked this volume a lot The strong storytelling continues and the fighting is paced well The art is stellar But it really could do with less fan service It detracts from the series Needs to be toned down

  5. Kanna Ogihara Kanna Ogihara says:

    Good job Kana Kana is one of my favorite character so I have hoped that Kana plays an important role again since the story of Tenryu Island She doesn’t have a strong magic but she always be a great supporter for main charactersOn the other hand Elfmahhhhhhhhhn 😡😡😡 You idiot You sometimes do such as foolish things

  6. Grant Bunch Grant Bunch says:

    English book review by Grant BunchFairy tail is an ongoing series of manga created by Hiro Mashima This man has created a world called Magnolia where some of my favorite character live like Natsu Grey Erza and Lucy Book 43 is far into a segment into a story about wizards currently fighting a group of demons called TartarosIn fairy tail book 43 by Hiro Mashima the storyline is complex Basically the guild of fairy tail has been fighting Tartaros who want to destroy all magic in the world Though the plots events we see events the author’s message that the wizards at fairy tail and the ex council membersleaders of Magnolia are in danger as members in Tartaros show up and bring havoc We understand this theme through events such as when the a member of Tartaros makes Elfman betray fairy tail to save the life of Lizana his sister An important uote from the book reinforcers the theme “In demon’s stories the word mercy is nowhere to be found” This is important because it tells the reader that the demons will fight without mercy until there mission is fulfilled The read was memorable because I knew each of the characters well and cool fight scenes to be add with new magic power like the power to set mine anywhere in one second or get other to to the users bidding The possibility that the book suggest are that face a weapon that could destroy the purpose of the series could be set off if the heros oracion seis don’t make it in time The way I have described the book has now occurred to be action packed and entertaining and I think it is interesting to see the characters get stronger as they developAlthough this was a fast read it was worth the time because I get to see lots of action and great lines from the the characters and it was interesting how the story was driven with plot twists After reading the last page of fairy tail book 43 I was left feeling on my toes to see what will happen I wanted uestions to be answered so I am excited for my next read

  7. Amanda Setasha Hall Amanda Setasha Hall says:

    90% fan service into the main plot now and it doesn't even make sense Natsu even uestioned it Why do they gotta steal our clothes?Good uestion Natsu It made no sense Everyone was nakedAnd there was some character whose beard looked like he had a giant pair of balls on his faceAt this point I'm only continuing to read because I've committed to this series and there's 20 volumes left I'm over 50% through so I might as well finish it off Hopefully it gets better and there's less extremely random fan service throughout the remainder They must've been trying to increase their ratings

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Why is everyone naked? Does it even matter if Mashima can draw them well? Perhaps a little because the outright torture of Erza is decidedly uncomfortable Seeing Jellal in action however goes a long way to making this a better book

  9. Lauren Schnoebelen Lauren Schnoebelen says:

    35⭐️In an effort to protect the remaining ex council members fairy tail starts to learn exactly what Tartaros is after and man oh man it’s not good This volume definitely showed the the skill level and power of Tartaros but I wasn’t exactly a fan on how it was shown Is there really a reason why literally everyone ends up naked? Not sure if the explanation is good enough for me

  10. Jeni Jeni says:

    Well this was a dark chapter Though the chairman was kind of an idiot at the end there It was nice to get a sweet Gruvia moment though which seemed out of nowhere until the whole Zero revealIt's also not nice but good for storytelling to see Erza and Natsu not be invincible for once

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