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National Geographic Kids Animal Stories ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ National Geographic Kids Animal Stories By Jane Yolen ➝ – Amazing animal stories that span the centuries come to life in this beautifully written and illustrated book Some are sweet some funny some surprising but all are emotionally powerful the Capitolene g Amazing animal stories Kids Animal PDF/EPUB Ä that span the centuries come to life in this beautifully written and illustrated book Some are sweet some funny some surprising but all are emotionally powerful the Capitolene geese who saved the Roman empire National Geographic PDF \ Balto the Alaskan sled dog Smoky the Bear the passenger pigeon of WWI Cher Ami and the latest internet sensation Christian the lion A collection such as this comes along only once in a generation full of heartwarming Geographic Kids Animal PDF/EPUB » tales that families will read re read and remember.

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • National Geographic Kids Animal Stories
  • Jane Yolen
  • 19 December 2014
  • 9781426317255

About the Author: Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen is Kids Animal PDF/EPUB Ä a novelist poet fantasist journalist songwriter storyteller folklorist and children’s book author who has written than three hundred books Her accolades include the Caldecott Medal two Nebula Awards the World Fantasy Award three Mythopoeic National Geographic PDF \ Awards the Kerlan Award two Christopher Awards and six honorary doctorate degrees from colleges and universities in Massachuset.

10 thoughts on “National Geographic Kids Animal Stories

  1. Martha Martha says:

    This collection of true animal friendship tales from all over the world is a magnificent combination of both familiar stories such as Owen Mazee an Unlikely Pair and Seabiscuitthe Peoples Horseand entertaining obscure tales for instance The Tamworth Two The strong storytelling comes from a collaboration between Jane Yolen and her three children The illustrations done in acrylic and digital media balance the realistic tales with whimsical bold colorful pictures that have a three dimensional uality to them Any one of the tales would work well as a read aloud introducing tie ins to the cultures of the various countries depicted with an annotated map in the back of the book Each story ends with an historical explanation of other animals with comparably fascinating stories In the back there is a timeline connecting all of the stories with short realistic descriptions of each The cast of characters animals in the stories looks like a playbill with each animal's picture and a short but comprehensive summary included Reading a chapter would make a perfect introduction to a unit on animal research The many resources at the end for the book are meticulously recorded with websites and a thorough list of books articles and DVDs used for each story This masterpiece collection of animal stories will demonstrate to children how powerful non fiction writing becomes through extensive research rich illustrations exuisite writing and careful siting for all of it A treasure for all children's libraries

  2. Leah Koch Leah Koch says:

    I chose this book because it is nonfiction but written in a story format Also at the end of each story there is a small blurb of information about the animal in the story This blurb is written like a textbook but I like how students can read the story and get excited about the animal and then read a short paragraph to learn about the animal

  3. Aliza Werner Aliza Werner says:

    Wonderful collection of fascinating and true animal stories from Balto the Iditarod sled dog to Keiko the Free Willy whale Examples of perseverance combined with thoughtful storytelling bring an appreciation of these individual animals to the reader Good opportunity to practice reading nonfiction with you get readers using one story at a time

  4. Cara Byrne Cara Byrne says:

    With beautiful illustrations and narratives about lions elephants and chimps Yolen and Ishida do a nice job telling stories about uniue animalhuman interactions This is a bit of a challenge to read with the preschool crowd as it was difficult to keep their attention but it would probably be successful with an elementary school reader

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    The kids and I really liked this one Cute animal stories with a bit of history and geography mixed in

  6. Whole And Whole And says:

    An incredible compilation of inspiring true animal stories Each short but awesome tale will fill you with awe and wonder of what humans and animals can accomplish

  7. Jen Tobian Jen Tobian says:

    Wonderful collection of animal stories from around the world Great read aloud book Many of the stories also have movies—Balto Seabiscuit and Keiko at least

  8. Becky B Becky B says:

    A collection of stories about famous animals who have been remarkable for their accomplishments friendships or situations Sumptuously illustrated with soft almost animation style pictures in full color Jane Yolen wrote these stories with the help of her three adult children Each person picked animals of interest to them and wrote their own stories so the voice throughout the book varies slightly It also works to give readers uite an assortment of critters From somewhat obscure runaway piglets who made the news and ancient geese who saved Roman soldiers to well known historic heroes like Balto and Cher Ami I found it interesting to read this so soon after I read Historic Animals Some of the stories overlap but the Yolen Stemple clan knows how to weave a story better Historic animals is better if you’re just looking for the uick facts This one is better if you’re looking for a read aloud storybook I also liked the bios of each animal in the back with real pictures whenever available and a historic timeline that shows where each story falls There’s uite an extensive bibliography too showing how much research went into short 4 6 page tales Notes on content No language issues No sexual content Some of the animals are in dangerous situations but there is very little gore Cher Ami's tale mentions that the pigeon was hit and bloodied when landed and lost a leg Keiko's tale mentions that the whale was sick and had sores but that's about it

  9. Kim Kim says:

    It was a great book the stories were interesting I never thought that a dog could save a whole town My favorite story was about Balto I'm drawn to the dog stories as you can tell I love the collaboration of a family contributing to this book makes it all the interesting Living on a farm the story of the Tamworth Two was also uite entertaining I never knew pigs could swim Next time we take pigs in to market I'm going to laugh and think of this storyThe pictures in this book were so beautiful and I loved showing them to my son he's actually reading the book now and going to do a review when he's done Thanks so much for choosing me as the Goodreads First Read Giveaway Winner I will cherish this book and share it with manyK

  10. Samantha Samantha says:

    Short stories about amazing animals across time and place most of them familiar like Christian the lionStories are pretty factually based not a lot of meat to them and they are accompanied by illustrations instead of photos of the animals which I found a little disappointing There are small very small photos in the back matter but they were unsatisfyingI approached this expecting PreK 3

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