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Sayer's Savior (Warriors of the Light #8) [Ebook] ➨ Sayer's Savior (Warriors of the Light #8) By A.J. Jarrett – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM vampires HEAShane Abbott thought being abducted from the hospital he works at was bad until he realizes he’s been kidnapped Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM vampires HEAShane Abbott thought being abducted from the hospital he works at was bad until he realizes he’s been kidnapped by a group of men who claim to not be entirely human Seeing a very pregnant man has him thinking they’re telling the truth To make matters worse Shane finds himself falling for one of them What’s a nurse to doFor the past month Sayer Jennings has been doing his best to move on from his yearlong imprisonment at the hands of a madman It isn’t easy but every day is getting better Then enters the mate he thought never existed Sayer is taken with Shane instantly but fear of losing control has him pushing Shane awayWhen push comes to shove Shane fights for Sayer and won’t stop until he has what he wants But before they can get their happily ever after evil strikes and Sayer just might lose the only thing he’s been living for.

  • ebook
  • 151 pages
  • Sayer's Savior (Warriors of the Light #8)
  • A.J. Jarrett
  • English
  • 22 October 2014

About the Author: A.J. Jarrett

AJ Jarrett is happily married to her best friend and the mother of four yes four children Born and raised in Missouri and loves the area most of the time until it snows a ton She enjoys reading and reads a lot When not reading she can be found propped up in her favorite spot on the couch with her laptop plotting her next story or finishing one of her WIPCan visit her blog or feel free to em.

7 thoughts on “Sayer's Savior (Warriors of the Light #8)

  1. Nessa Nessa says:

    Wow this was a suspenseful and fun Lread I appreciated Shane and his willingness to help Miles pregnancy in a house full of paranormals He was humorous thoughtful and truly cared about his mate Sayer The only thing that left me a little frustrated was the fact that Sayer took so long to communicate fully his story with Shane Once they begin to work on their issues together I then became totally engrossed in this page turner The action was riveting and the relationship between Shane and the baby was truly uniue I loved it Impressive characterization Trevor you've gotta love him D

  2. Leigh Leigh says:

    Sayer is so damaged by his captivity But really it is so understandable It has only been a month since he was recused and killed his maker and torturer But when Shane comes into his life he has hard choices to makeShane a poor human dragged into the paranormal world against his will Oh and the pregnant man is there to help So not really a normal day for him But he actually handles it pretty well mostlyThis two are perfect for each other Shane is a gentle person who cares for others Sayer definitely needs that in his life The fellow warriors have been great to him but he really needs someone special just for him Shane gives him that But it is not easy for Sayer to get past the many fears he has This was touching and a very enjoyable read The way Shane is able to get Sayer out of his shell without pushing is great Sayer is a strong man to have survived all he did but he still needed tender handlingThe dark baddies are at it again also I really want to know what the hell is going on there There are hints about a prophecy in the last few books but no full reveal yet So I am hoping that comes soonThis book just made me happy Sayer so deserved his own happily ever after I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

  3. Hc Hc says:

    While I thought handling Sayer was for the most part tactfully done WHY the rush to get him a mate? He was JUST rescued after a year of rape and torture from William The amount of time can dull some issues andor a person can work through them sometimes given enough time but this was a rush job I didn't see the pointThe edit job Siren has been sucking in the last year to two years on it but this just seemed worse than normal I spotted around 22 errors on STUPID things ok yes it is only 22 But nook says 128 pages so that rounds out to every 6 pages approximately there's some kind of typo And it can be distracting if too close together Don't get me wrong I liked both characters I just didn't like that we got their story right now And still not much of a clue on prophesy and where the baby fits into the picture? How and Why is he able to communicate? When will we get answers? Perhaps the story is gearing up towards the end and building up to tying it all off? The TYPOS and EDITING is knocking my rating down to a Three otherwise I would go with a four

  4. Phaney Phaney says:

    Oh so badly written the grammar is downright atrocious especially tenses and wrong words crop up in place of the obviously intended ones eg self contained does not mean the same as self imposed – yet there is a certain charm to thisWell not to the bad writing but something about the characters or maybe their interactions does appeal to me Of course realism has no place here but that’s a given with this series anyway so it should not be an issue at this pointMaybe the reason this kind of worked for me – at least a lot better than some of the books by this author that I have read recently – lies in the fact that no one really irritated me People were mostly really nice and well meaning barring moments of bad reactions which are only human anywaySo in the end this was a mushy happy little story with the usual amounts of gore and past trauma Not bad considering

  5. Shannon Shannon says:

    Once again I've read out of order so while I remember hearing Sayer's name I didn't know his story That didn't seem to matter all that much though I loved him anyways So scared and stubborn yet totally broken And poor Shane just doing his job as a nurse and he gets kidnapped by the warriors on his way to his car Thankfully it was a nice kidnapping since they needed him to look after Miles during the end of his pregnancy Lots of fighting with the Dark Warriors and of course Sayer had to turn Shane after he was attacked which seems to be a theme in these books I'll admit I'm really loving these guys Now to backtrack to the ones I skipped

  6. Isha Isha says:

    Love Sayer He's been through so much but he was determined to move past it Shane wasn't going to let his happiness slip away so he did what he had to do to keep it

  7. Candice Candice says:

    Editing issues are still horrible but overall this story wasn't bad

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